5/17 NY Yankees 11 vs Boston Red Sox 9

If this was not the best game I have watched so far this season, it was certainly the most exciting. After being up by 5 runs, the Yankees lost the lead in the eighth inning. No I am not kidding. I watched as the Red Sox chipped away at our lead, 1 run in the fifth, 3 runs in the 6th to Yankees 1 run, 1 run in the seventh, Yankees were still ahead by 1 run, then in the ninth inning the unthinkable happened, someone gave up a 3-run home run. I was sick, I was heartbroken, I was ready to turn off the T.V., blaming myself for watching (see last post). It was painful. I looked at Nicky (my sweet Nicky, who is out with a bicep strain) looking so sad in the dugout, not being able to play and help his team. 


Boston is thinking they have won the game, Papelbon came in for the ninth inning, one out, Gardner comes up, gets on base, I don’t remember if it was a walk or a hit, I think it was a hit, then Alex comes up, hits a home run to tie up the game, Boston starts thinking they would have to keep playing, then Frankie gets hit by Papelbon, and with two outs,  Marcus Thames comes through with a HOME RUN! I was jumping and screaming and tweeting! It was so so sweet, all the boys came running out of the dugout, made sure the path was clear to home plate, then proceeded to jump all over him, and was there pie? Well of course there was! Yes I know, this is Mark Teixeira, its the only pie picture I could find.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote