Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

Another rain delay, this time I was not in the Audi club, I was walking around the stadium with Sarah and not finding any place to sit. I don’t know how Andy and P. dwelt with it. Our seats were also in the bleachers which meant they were wet. We had these beach mats (promotional) and the kids put one down to sit on. However, they did not dry the seats first so we got wet butts. I would have preferred to go to Tuesday’s game, the almost no-hitter, but didn’t have tickets.

~~ Yankees 3, Rangers 2 ~~

The Yankees scored all three runs in the 3rd inning, no home runs, not that I’m counting or anything. When Josh Hamilton hit his home run in the 4th inning the guys behind me complained about Freddy. Oh excuse me, a solo shot by Josh Hamilton, who has hit 30 home runs this season and you are blaming Freddy? Then when Hamilton hit his second home run in the 6th inning, they cursed out Freddy. I almost punched them. He hits home runs, those two runs were the only runs Texas got that night, and you’re calling Freddy names? How about the fact that he didn’t let anyone get on base before the home run? How about the fact that the Yankees WERE NOT HITTING THE BALL? Idiots like that make me rage.

As it turned out, the Yankees didn’t need anymore than 3 runs thanks to Boone, David and Rafael not giving up any runs. And now Josh can say, “Hey, I finally hit a home run in Yankee Stadium! Two in fact.” The kids left early, they had to catch a train home before midnight. I stayed until the last out, with my wet butt and got to take a wet beach thingy home.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›


Post season nerves?

First game of the Post-season, actually the second, (Tampa Bay Rays 9, Texas Rangers 0) and I am sitting here wrapped up in my Jeter blanket while the game is delayed. The Yankees are tied with the Tigers. While we are waiting:

  • Yesterday, since there was no game, I updated my Yankee record page, take a peek at it. I am done with it, it is just for regular season numbers. I also figured out the number of strikeouts per inning for each pitcher with more then 30 strikeouts.
  • All this season I have been donating $15 to Harlem RBI for each home run Mark Teixeira hits. Today I got a phone call from Harlem RBI, they noticed how much I donated, or rather how many times I donated. She told me that was unusual, most people don’t come back and make donations like I was doing. I explained the “$15 per home run” and her response was, “I’ll pass that on to Tex, he’ll get a kick out it.” Thud ~ DEAD

So now I am going to take a little break and drink some tea and wait for the game to start.


Game has been postponed. I’m going to publish this and come back tomorrow.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

A rain soaked fan

~~ Orioles 5, Yankees 4 ~~

Since I didn’t have to work this Wednesday I decided to go to the game. First off I spent way to much money. Not on the tickets, tickets were cheap, I bought a shirt from Bald Vinny (@baldvinnyย “My heroes aren’t frozen”), I told him I have a collection of anti-Boston shirts. He says you can never have too many. Then after going in the stadium I got suckered talked into having my picture taken. Not a great shot, but consider the model. Then I bought a pin (#4) and a watch. I am wearing the watch now. I also ate too much, hot Italian sausage, cheesy garlic fries, potato chips and drank some beer.

It was cold and raining off and on. I should have worn my rain coat, I ended up buying a rain poncho. I was also glad I had bought that shirt from Bald Vinny, I put it on over the shirt I wore to the game so I wouldn’t freeze. It worked.

All afternoon the weather was icky, sometimes raining, sometimes just a mist. I ended up soaked and cold and late for my nail appointment. I also almost stabbed this loudmouth in my section. Every mistake a player made was a reason for him to be shipped out, he also hated Girardi and Cashman.

Since I had a nail appointment I had to leave after the ninth inning, so I missed out on the free baseball. As I was making my way through GCT, still wearing the poncho, a policeman stopped me and asked me if they won. It was tied when I left I replied. Rats! was his response. I wonder what his response was to the fact that they lost.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Wednesday, September 7, 2011 ๐Ÿ˜›

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

~~ Yankees 5, Orioles 3 ~~

There was a four hour rain delay, can you believe it? All the Yankee fans (ok, me and one other, maybe two) are blaming Buck. When you think about it, if the Orioles had agreed to the double-header on that Friday, Yankees would still have a day to play a make-up game and wouldn’t have had to play yesterday. It is what is, can’t change it now. So the delay was longer then the game. I went to bed, couldn’t take it anymore.

Phil Hughes gave up 2 runs in six innings. Not great, not terrible and Logan gave up the other run. The rest of the bull pen kept the Orioles to three runs and Mo picked up save number 39.

Posada, Cervelli and Gardner each hit home runs. That Cervelli is proving all the haters wrong! What a little firebrand.

The rain helped and hindered both teams. In the end, Yankees win.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Tuesday, September 6, 2011 ๐Ÿ˜›

Score some runs will ya!!

~~ Orioles 2, Yankees 0 ~~

When I got tired of watching Hurricane Irene I turned on the game, the first thing I saw was Bartolo pitch a 6 run inning. Sexy! Yes they are. However, the O’s pitcher’s kept the Yankees down to 0 runs and Colon let the O’s get 2 runs.

Michael Kay said the Yankees were playing like they had spent the entire day before watching movies, which they probably were, but the Yankees playing half asleep should be better then the last place O’s! This is kind of my way of giving credit to Britton, without really doing it.

However, this is the first game of a double header, tonight Nova is pitching tonight and the Yankees should (better) win.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

The Yankees make history, again

~~ Yankees 22, Athletics 9 ~~

The score was 7-2 in favor of Oakland and I was disgusted, leaving work and muttering to myself, saying I wasn’t going to watch the game, wasn’t going to watch the Yankees get swept by the A’s, the Yankees paid me back for being a bad fan. I say I was a bad fan because even when I saw the score was 7-6 I thought, “So they’re going to lose by one run AGAIN!” I turned the game on anyway, so I guess I’m not a terrible fan, to see Russell Martin walking up to the plate with the bases loaded. I got that feeling I get, like the time I was sitting in the stands and Alex walked up to the plate, stuck at home run 599. Or when Teixeira was walked and Alex comes up with bases loaded. Martin hits a grand slam. Second of the game.

I’m not going to say Phil was terrible, or awful, or really really bad. I’ll just say the bullpen and the home runs saved his ass. You can infer what you want from that statement. The bullpen kept the A’s from scoring any more runs until the 8th inning, then it was a “Whee! We have twice as many runs as you!” pitch, because after the home run, Luis Ayala strikes out the next two batters. Then in the ninth the A’s got another run so that was 9 to the Yankees bajillion runs.

But in the bottom of the 9th, the A’s loaded the bases again, for the 37th time (I might be exaggerating), Brett singles bringing in a run (bases are still loaded), Derek Jeter strikes out (bases are still loaded), Curtis Granderson comes up to bat, hits Grand Slam #3 of the day. With one swing he makes history. Then Andruw Jones comes up to hit the last home run of the game.

There will still be people who tell you the Yankees leave a lot of men on base, I will repeat what I have said here before, they leave a lot of men on base because they get a lot of men on base. The A’s walking 13 batters certainly helped, but if the bases hadn’t been loaded up as many times as they were, the Yankees wouldn’t have had the opportunity to hit 3 grand slams.

Another thing that has never been seen before is Jorge Posada playing 2nd base in the big leagues. He got the last ground ball and bulleted it over to Swisher, who caught it and fell over, all the while keeping his foot on the bag.

In summary: Martin hit 2 HR (1 grand slam), Cano hit 1 (grand slam), Granderson hit 1 (grand slam), and Jones hit 1. 14 runs by way of evil home runs.

Granderson is now over 100 RBI.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

The Yankees are a history making team

~~ Yankees 6, White Sox 0 ~~

After a rain delay, with no rain, all eyes were on Phil Hughes. To say he pitched good is an understatement. It wasn’t a no-hitter but it was a shut out. His line: 6 IP, 3 H, no runs, no errors, 4 K’s, his ERA is inching its way down to 6.93, then the rain came down. So Phil pitched a complete game.

While everyone’s attention was focused on Phil, Russell snuck in with a home run and Mark set a new MLB record by homering from both sides of the plate for the 12th time in his career.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Game 2 ~ Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~~ Reds 10, Yankees 2 ~~

As usually happens with a double header, the games were split and Red won the second game. However, I wasn’t expecting such an uneven score. Oh well it happens.

Gorden gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, then Boone and Cory had scoreless outings. Then Noesi came in. Dear sweet Noesi who had such a fantastic debut and has pitched so well for us, came in and blew the game wide open. 8 hits and 6 runs. Maybe he was chanelling John Lackey. Yeah I went there. Luis came in and also had a scoreless outing, but by this time the Reds had 10 runs.

Swisher hit a home run in the second inning and that was all until the 8th. We could have won it! Then 3 more runs in the 8th, no stick a fork in it.

However Yankees did win the series and since Boston has lost their last two games are now only half a game out of first place.

Go Yankees! Enjoy your day off.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Game 1 ~ Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~~ Yankees 4, Reds 2 ~~

Since last nights game was cancelled due to thunderstorms, today the Yankees and Reds had a double-header. Twice as much fun. The teams were given the choice of playing today and tomorrow, or two games today. The players chose two games today. Makes sense to me, this way they have all day tomorrow to rest. Friday the Yankees play the Rockies in the Bronx. Yankees won the day game.

Freddy Garcia pitched well holding the Reds to 2 runs. David Robertson pitched a scoreless 8th inning and Mariano got his 19th save of the season.

Posada hit a two run home run in the 7th putting the Yankees ahead and securing the win for Garcia who now has 6 wins.

Sometime during the day Kasey sent me a text, “Quick, do you want to go to Sunday’s game with Sarah? It’s old timer’s day.” Since I was planning on going to the city with Sarah on Sunday anyway, I said sure. One of the teacher’s has bleacher seats. I think the seats are 6 rows behind the dugout. If you hear about someone hanging over the wall waving and yelling, “HI MO!!” …..

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Friday, August 13, 2010 ~ Girls watching baseball

~~Royals 4, Yankees 3~~

I had my score sheets all ready to go. Names printed on them, boxes made and the bottom row with a diagonal line in the boxes for Runs/Hits. It was fun, writing down outs and hits and runs and … oh no, the wrong team is getting the hits! Wait, we just caught up. And then the rain came down, then stopped, then started again. The first delay was about 30 minutes and the second was 2 hours and change. I decided to go to bed. When I got up this morning, the score was the same as when I went to bed, so I figured they had called the game.

The game wasn’t called, they waited out the rain for 2 hours, then started play again. I couldn’t believe it, it makes no sense to me. The player have to be getting stiff after just sitting around for that long. Not to mention that makes for a very late game when they have to play the next day. Also it means that both teams have to go to their bullpen because the pitchers don’t come back after that long of a delay.

Back to scoring, with the score sheets I can glance at them and see the Dustin Moseley had a bad 2nd inning, giving up 3 hits and 3 runs. Then I can look at the other sheet and see that Kyle Davies had a bad 3rd inning giving up 5 hits and 3 runs. Then there was the home run, that put Kansas City in the lead. Yankees were unable to score any more runs after the second delay.

On another note, there was this commenter talking about two women at a game that were talking through the entire game. He speculated they were talking about shopping and other such things. Needless to say, he is very popular right now. I mean to say, a lot of people are talking about him. Writing blogs posts and such. I’m not going to go in the reasons I watch baseball, I already covered that in a previous post. I wanted to pose a question, why is it that we (meaning women) feel the need to defend ourselves in these situations? Someone suggests that a woman talking with another woman at a baseball game can’t possibly be talking about the game and all of a sudden we rise up in mass to protest (I am not condemning this behavior, as you can see from the post I referenced I did it myself) the statement. I freely admit I am not an expert on baseball, if you see me talking at a game there is no telling what I might be saying. I might be talking about the game, I might be talking about what I plan on doing after, I might be talking about my favorite rock star. I will probably not be talking about batting averages and OBP and such. I’m not really a student of such statistics. I enjoy watching my boys play.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote