4/29 NY Yankees 4 @ Baltimore Orioles 0

I didn’t watch the game last night. I tried to watch the Encore broadcast, it started at midnight, so I didn’t see it all. I didn’t see it because I had to go to church, on the way I stopped at the drug store to get the Sports Illustrated with the ‘Core Four’ on the front. They didn’t have it, just the NFL Draft issue and swimsuit issue. Nick was with me so I told him after we had to go to Barnes and Noble, which we did, and they didn’t have it either. They did have “Maple Street Press ~ Yankees 2010 Annual”. So I picked it up. This morning I picked up the Sports Illustrated at Grand Central Terminal.


Started this post while watching the game. I turned the TV on to see Robinson Cano hitting a home run. This was after he made an amazing defensive play. He hit two home runs one in the 4th inning and one in the 8th. In addition to that, in the 6th inning he hit a double, then Marcus Thames hit a double and Robbie scored. He is certainly hot this April. 
A.J. pitched eight complete innings, three hits, no runs, one walk and four strikeouts, he threw 116 pitches, 77 of them were strikes.  A really impressive outing. 
Tomorrow Kasey and I are going to be at the game, that makes the third game we will have gone to this season. Andy Pettitte is starting pitcher. 

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4/28 NY Yankees 8 @ Baltimore Orioles 3

Not really doing a post tonight, didn’t watch the game, and now have to sleep. Just some links to some articles. 

NY Times

Posada Leaves Game After Being Hit

Yankees’ Swisher Finds Himself at Home at Camden Yards

Yanks’ Dave Robertson Is No Stranger to Bad Luck

A Bad Hughes Is Still Pretty Good

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4/27 NY Yankees 4 @ Baltimore Orioles 5

The Yankees seem to never do well the first game after they fly across country. I hope that is just the case and they come back tomorrow night. Kasey’s dad always says, on any given day the worst team in the league can beat the best team in the league. That is what happened tonight. I can only hope that is what happened here and tomorrow they will bounce back. Someone on Twitter said they looked tired. 

After Nick Swisher got on base and he made his little sign, he didn’t look happy, looked a little scruffy for lack of a better word. 
Repeat after me, its still April, there are 143 games left to play. And they are still in second place, behind the Rays who are amazing this year. 

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I am obsessed

as I am sure anybody who reads this blog knows by now. I also have obsessions inside my obsessions. For instance, I am obsessed with baseball, and every time something happens (Alex runs over a pitcher’s mound, Teixeira runs over a catcher) and people start talking about it, then I have to read everything I can find on it. I was even reading the California papers today. My whole thought on what happened with Teixeira and the catcher is if the manger (Angel’s) says it was a clean play and the catcher says Teixeira wouldn’t intentionally hurt him, since he knows Teixeira, being a former teammate and all what business does anybody else have passing judgement? Of course they do though, which is why I get obsessed.  Trying find out every little detail I can. 

In another example, I was telling my boss about the Yankee show I watched on Elston Howard, of course he wasn’t really interested in what I had to say (since he is a total sh*t) and then told me that Elston Howard was the only African American Yankee ever. Of course he was kidding, but I spent the rest of the afternoon racking my brain to come up with every African American Yankee player I could think of. 
By the way the show was very interesting, if you ever get the chance you should watch it. Yankeeography: Elston Howard

4/25 NY Yankees 4 @ Los Angeles Angels 8

Enough with the Javy Haters! Even my best friends husband was talking him down, I asked him, would you rather have Joba as starter? That shut him up, he hates Joba. 

So I appreciate the paper’s that wrote the Angels beat up on Javier, I don’t like the one that wrote, he had a stinker of a game or something like that. Here are some headlines for you.
OK, so this isn’t about the game, but it’s Mo!!
The Understated Elegance of Mariano Rivera

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4/24 NY Yankees 7 @ Los Angeles Angels 1

Andy Pettitte has done it again. Pitched 8 great innings, only letting up 1 run. I had a nice post typed up and then had to go to the laundry mat and lost everything. Now I cannot remember anything I wrote. I was upstairs while the game was on and so I didn’t blog during the game like I prefer, but I was tweeting during the game. Game was almost a shut out, it was a win anyway and the Yankees have a chance to win this series and that will mean they have won the first 6 series of the season.

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4/23 NY Yankees 4 @ Los Angeles Angels 6

Blogging during the game again, right now it is 4-4, been kind of an exciting ball game. Mark Teixeira got hit by a pitch, then running into home ran over the catcher. He’s out with a concussion and injured ankle. Then Hunter ran into Mark at first base. A.J. has not been pitching his best. But my sweet Nicky hit a home run. Then his next at bat he got hit by a pitch. Not nice, but then A.J. has hit some too. Bottom of the sixth right now. 1, 2, 3 inning, Yankees up.

New pitcher up for the Angels. A.J. seems to have settled down, Jorge Posada is catching, they are working well together. Joba Chamberlain lets Matsui get on base, then the next batter hits a home run. Swish did his best, he climbed up the wall, but it was gone. Angels are up by 2 now.

Last inning and the Yankees need to score 3 runs or it is a lose for us. 2 runs will tie it up, but I really want to go to bed. So I am hoping for 3 runs. Instead I get 3 outs. See you tomorrow.

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4/22 NY Yankees 2 @ Oakland Athletics 4

The winning streak is over, Yankees lost to the A’s tonight. They won the series but they didn’t sweep. C.C. did not have a good night. I was at work so I didn’t get to watch the game, just follow along on Twitter. When I got home I watched the taped replay on YES. I got to see the triple play by the Yankees. Which only kept the A’s from winning by a big margin. Anyway they have now won their first 5 series. Which I believe is some kind of record. Below are the standings so far, copied from the MLB.com website.


New York 11 4 .733 8-2 L1 5-1 6-3

Tampa Bay 11 4 .733 8-2 W1 3-3 8-1

Toronto  9 7 .563 2.5 2.5 4-6 L1 4-6 5-1

Boston  6 9 .400 5.0 5.0 4-6 W2 3-6 3-3

Baltimore  2 14 .125 9.5 9.5 1-9 L3 0-6 2-8

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4/21 NY Yankees 3 @ Oakland Athletics 1

I am sitting here watching the game and my mind is completely blank, no idea how to start this post. It is the eighth inning and Phil Hughes has not given up a hit and struck out 10. He has retired 20 straight batters, oh as I typed that they got a hit, but only cause they hit the pitcher. Now I feel guilty. I’m sorry Hughes! Now that the no-hitter is gone he is concentrating on winning the game, Yankees are only 2 runs ahead and there is a runner on base.

Hughes is done, Joba is in and gets an out straight off. Inning over no runs for the A’s.

Yankees get a run in the top of the 9th, an insurance run for Mariano. Granderson was on second and Gardner batted him in. His ball went over the head of the third baseman, it was sweet. If the Yankees win tonight, they will have won their first 5 series.

And the Yankees win. Good-night.

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4/20 NY Yankees 7 @ Oakland Athletics 3

Game in progress, 2 outs, Mark hits a ground ball double, Alex and Robbie walked. The Yankees seem to always get going when there are two outs. Posada up, not what you want with the bases loaded and he singles and the Yankees score. 3 runs after the second out. Those pesky Yankees. 

Javier Vasquez is starting with a 3 run lead. And he makes it through the inning, whew, I was worried, I so want him to do good. And in the end of the 2nd inning he gets out of a jam, catches the line drive and throws to Mark. Double play. He has now made it through the 3rd inning, and he fielded the ball correctly, not like the A’s player that let Jorge get to 1st base. 

@BloggingBombers says the fourth inning will be the telling one. It is starting now. So far Javy is pitching a shut out. 

Fifth inning, Johnson and Teixeira walked, A’s bring in their 2nd pitcher and Alex hits a 3 run home run. I haven’t been talking much about offense, cause they haven’t been doing much, it looks like whoever said Alex’s home runs comes in bunches was right! And Javier makes it through the sixth inning, allows a home run, makes the double play. NYY 6, A’s 1.

Just showed a clip of Chad Gaudin and Edwar Ramirez getting their rings. Both are now sporting some facial hair. Edwar is a skinny little thing.

Holy miscommunication! The pop up fly just fell between Curtis, Robbie and Derek. And then a home run, so now its NYY 6, OAK 3. That does it for Javier Vasquez. A two run home run, but one of those home runs was not his fault. 

The home plate umpire got hit by a foul ball off the bat of Kouzmanoff and just took himself out of the game. Game delay, then Boone Logan finishes the inning, still 6-3 Yankees. So Jorge owes his two RBIs to sloppy defense by the A’s, as everyone says, can’t make mistakes when playing the Yankees, they will make you play, NYY 7-3. Then Logan loads up the bases with 2 outs, Joba comes in, next 3 batters he faces he strikes out. Never thought I would say this, but good job by Joba.

For the ninth inning Damaso Marte is coming in. He walks the first batter and then Mariano Rivera comes in, its a non-save situation, so I don’t know what they call it. Yankees got 7 runs on 5 hits. The big play of the game was Alex’s 3 run home run, and when he hit it, you could see by the look on his face that he knew it. 

Now I have to go to bed.

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