Monday, September 27, 2010 ~ I was truly sad

~~Blue Jays 7, Yankees 5~~

A.J. Burnett was the starting pitcher. His numbers for the game are: 2.1 innings pitched, 7 hits and 7 earned runs. No I’m not kidding, after him Albaladejo (or as Kasey’s boss calls him ‘Apple-a-day-o’), Moseley, Robertson, Logan and Gaudin managed to hold the Blue Jays to those 7 runs. But watching the 3rd inning, A.J. serving up fast balls to the home run hitting Blue Jays, I felt sick to my stomach. I would have started yelling at the T.V., but I was at the gym and didn’t want to get thrown out. My first thought for a title was who do I hate more? A.J. Burnett or Jose Bautista?

But of course I don’t hate A.J., he’s one of my boys and while he does disappoint, especially when I look at the pitching match up and tell myself, “He’ll do good this time, I know he will.” Then he does this thing and I wonder if one can be in an abusive relationship with a sports figure that you don’t even know.

When I got out of the shower I checked my phone, Curtis Granderson ♥ had hit a 2 run home run. That made me a little happy, then when I stopped to get a latte and my phone went off, Mark Teixeira with a 3 run home run, Toronto 7, Yankees 5 and I thought, they could win this! They have two more innings to score 3 runs! My boys will win this for me! ♡ It was not to be.

Here’s hoping they win tomorrow, err, later today.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa 😛


Sunday, September 26, 2010 ~ A win is a win is a win

~~Yankees 4, Red Sox 3~~

Bottom of the tenth inning of a tied game with the bases loaded. And he walked him, so the last run was walked in. I for one do not care, it’s a win for us and a loss for them no matter how the winning runner was able to cross the plate.

The best way to watch the games when they are on ESPN is muted. So that’s what I did. Actually I was watching video’s on my laptop with the game on my T.V. I was paying attention to what was going on. In the 7th inning I glanced up and saw Alex coming up to the play and thought, he looks like he’s ready to hit a home run. The next time I looked up, 2 run home run by Alex Rodriguez. #612 to go ahead of the Red Sox. By the 9th they were up a run and Robinson brought in the tying run. Then with the bases loaded, Red Sox shut us down. In the 10th when the bases got loaded, Juan Miranda came up to bat and … walked.

Phil Hughes pitched instead of Moseley, I mean, when you definitely want a win who would you go with? Unfortunately he didn’t get credit for the win, but he knows he pitched well and so does everyone else. The other thing that helped was I went to take a shower in the 10th inning. Those boys (for as much as i love my boys, they like to do great things when I’m not watching) scored the winning run before I got back. I also posted my little pep talk earlier in the day. While I know they probably (definitely) don’t read it, it is therapeutic to write it.

In other news, the Tampa Bay Rays lost to the Seattle Mariners. For the Red Sox to get the Wild Card instead of the Yankees, they would have to win every game and the Yankees would have to lose every game. I like those odds.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa😛

Saturday, September 4, 2010 ~ Still bringing my boys luck

~~Yankees 7, Blue Jays 5~~

When Kasey and I got to the train station she turns to me, “I hear a train whistle.” She was worried, I said, “It’s across the river.” She grinned back at me, “You’re right.” Across the river from the MetroNorth station is another railroad track, the train whistles carry across the water, you can tell by the tone of the whistle though, especially when you hear them every day.

We had originally planned to go downtown first but since we got started later then planned we went straight to the Stadium and decided to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, which is also a Rock Music museum, while waiting for our table I was looking at pictures on the wall. There was a picture of Bob Dylan which I read and learned that Bob Dylan wrote a song about Catfish Hunter (I have since bought it and put it on my iPod). We took a quick walk by to say Hi to @SimplySmoov who was busy working. I took my scorebook, which lead to an interesting encounter while waiting for the D train. It got messed up right away, since I wrote Yankees line up while on the train and it was changed by the time we got to the stadium. Swisher got scratched and Thames was put in right field, don’t know why him and not Kearns, maybe for his bat?

The Jays took an early lead, then the Yankees tied then went ahead, then the Blue Jays tied up the game again, all by the 5th inning. Vazquez was the starting pitcher, was taken out in the 5th inning and Moseley came in and first pitch was hit hard and the Blue Jays scored the two runs that tied the game, all the runs were charged to Javier, not a good day for him. Then in the 7th inning Marcus Thames hit a two run home run. The rest of the relief pitchers held the Jays to no runs.

At the end of the eighth inning Kasey turns to me and says, “Is it Mo time?” And it was. Being at the stadium when Mo comes out to pitch is an electric experience, like none other. At the second out, the crowd stands and just waits. Mo did not disappoint, with 10 pitches he was done.

Sometime during the game they showed hi-lights from yesterdays game, they showed the last out, a pop-up in foul territory, Pena comes down from 3rd base to catch it, Mo came over to catch it, and almost runs into him, he pulls up at the last minute and his shoulder were shaking, like he was laughing.

Some personal notes: Jose Bautista was booed every time he came up to bat, the last time he was called out and he got mad, started arguing with the umpire and was promptly thrown out. The crowd just went crazy, waving their arms at him, shooing him back to the dugout. Sitting near us were some Jays fans. We could tell by the Canadian flag this one guy was wearing as a cape. The guy behind me was a real loud mouth, the woman next to Kasey kept bumping her with her elbow, and there was this old lady a couple rows away from us clapping her hands and yelling like she knew something (she didn’t).

Kasey called Thames home run. Don’t know how she could see he was antsy from our seats but she did and said this is it. Boom into the bullpen. Then waiting for the 4 train, the man behind me remarked that we had the same scorebook. I didn’t show him how messy mine was, but he and his wife (?) are from the San Francisco Bay area, but are Yankee fans. They come out every year for their vacation, schedule it to attend 5 or 6 games. That is my idea of a vacation. I wonder if my mom would take me to Yankee games when I visit her in Seattle.

It was a beautiful day for a ballgame, and a perfect evening to be walking around Manhattan. After the game we went downtown, sort of to do shopping, but instead we walked around. Went in a few stores found nothing then stopped to eat at Madison and Vine. We both had been wanting to eat there.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa 😛

Monday, August 30, 2010 ~ Someone please explain this to me

~~Yankees 11, Athletics 5~~

My co-worker manages a softball team. He had a game this night so he offered me his tickets. Kasey, D and I met there, I came from work and they came from home. I got there at about 5:30 or so. I took the subway, normally I take the MetroNorth train and I will never take the subway again, at least not if I am coming from Grand Central. Maybe from another part of the city. Ugh

While waiting for Kasey and D, I did some shopping. I was really looking for a Cervelli shirt for Kasey(which I found and bought), but then I saw some things I liked. I got the Alex Rodriguez pin because I was at the game when he hit #600 and the Retired Number pin because I like pins and this was the only number they had. I have never seen Munson play. at least I don’t remember ever seeing him. I have seen him on Yankee Classics and I hear he was a great Yankee and a good guy.

Here are my other pins, World Series, Derek Jeter Jersey Pin and a Red Dress for Go Red for Women’s Heart Health. This hat is my Rob Thomas hat.

So we were in our seats when the game started, Moseley had a pretty rough first inning, walked a few batters and had 3 earned runs. Between innings the people next to us showed up and right away started annoying me. First the man was asking me, “How did they score 3 runs?” Well maybe if you had been here . . . And they had brought their baby with them, probably about 2 years old and we were sitting at the top of the stadium, Kasey and I were looking at this little girl and expecting her to tumble down the stairs and any moment, since the man and woman were more interested in talking to their friends and drinking their beer then watching her. And every time something happened they were asking me, “What happened? Why was that a home run?”

Why would you bring a child that age to a game, not get a seat for said child, and sit in the grandstand? She did not understand what was going on, was not interested in what was happening and just wanted to run around. Not a safe thing to do where we were sitting.

As for the game, it was a blowout, Teixeira, Cano and Thames hit home runs, Swisher hit a couple of doubles, and there is a cool picture of him that goes up on the view screen, he’s in a tux with cool shades with “Swish-a-licous!” In 4-⅓ innings Dustin gave up 4 runs, then Javier came in and pitched the rest of the 4-⅔ innings giving up one home run in the 8th inning. Since the Yankees were up by 7 runs, the crowd was kind of like “Eh”. Interestingly, Javier and Dustin ended the game with identical ERA’s. The crowd was quiet, it wasn’t a hushed, edge of your seat quiet, more like a “this game is over and we’re bored hush”. Not surprising, considering the A’s were playing like the season is already over.

In rout of A’s, Yanks mar Cahill’s surge

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 ~ Who’s Stomping Who Now?

~~Yankees 11, Blue Jays 5~~

After a game, I usually go to the Yankees site and read all the articles about the game, just something I do. I try not to read the comments after the article, I usually end up severely mad at people I don’t know. The comments after last nights game were no exception, I’ve pasted some of them below along with my comments to them, that I didn’t make because I don’t really see the point. Haters don’t want to be told they are haters and it is best not to feed trolls.

ole zeppy’s gonna have a good game today. so far he has been good bad good bad and i guess today will be good. we see. prediction 6-2 jays 🙂

Shouldn’t have crowed about this, now you have to eat crow.

nova is a whiny b*tch sit down yankees were gona sweep you

Nova is whiny? Bautista is the one who started complaining about the pitch, Nova stood his ground. And Jays are going to sweep the Yankees? Nope, not happening.

Too much… Hockey boy? Still living in Canada? Accusations of steroid use? The Jays have had the Ysnkees number all year and out come the school boy insults. Who can’t take the heat? If your team was that good then you should be stomping this team that is ‘next to last in the standings’ but you are not. Don’t you agree “World Series Champions”? Factis that the Yanks cannot match the Jays this year head to head. Yankee Stadium, Rogers Center, we beat you at your house and at ours. Yankee fans are the worst. Now Bosox Fans!!! Those are ball fans. 🙂

We are that good, did you never hear, on any given day, the worst team in baseball can beat the best team in baseball, Yankees are “World Series Champions”, and despite the fact we haven’t won any series against the Jays, we are still tied for first and you are in 4th place.

Yankees fans dont seem to take losses too well. Better get used to it. It’s going to happen all the time at the Rogers Center!

Yeah, I guess we don’t, we’re not used to it. Just like you don’t handle winning without turning into gloating fanatics thinking you have a chance at the post-season. And those balls flying into the stands today? They were off the Yankee bats.

They were also commenting about steroids, ‘petite (sic) on roids’, “Um no he wasn’t”, making it sound like he (and others) were on them for years. And when I corrected his spelling and said, “He was never on steroids.” I get a snarky response back, ‘i don’t care how its spelled (because you have no respect) and yes he was’ (no he wasn’t, check your facts), he admitted to receiving 2 shots of HGH and when he got them it wasn’t a banned substance. This is why I shouldn’t read the comments. Just make me mad and then I write blog posts like this one. So instead of talking about how great Moseley pitched, 2 runs in 6 innings, compared to how sloppy Gaudin pitched, 3 runs in 2 innings or how Kerry Wood came in and took care of the Blue Jays 1, 2, 3, I’m on a rant.

And it was a thrilling game, Yankees hit 5 home-runs starting with Mark Teixeira, Marcus Thames and Jorge Posada in the third inning and Curtis Granderson and Derek Jeter in the fifth. 8 of the runs were off of home runs. Can you say “Total Domination”? Gotta go now, gotta think of what to say for my next blog post.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 ~ Taming the kitty cats

~~Yankees 9, Tigers 5~~

The Tigers were rowdy tonight. Apparently in the last play of Monday’s game (which we lost) Gardner slide into the 2nd baseman and now he is on the D.L. (the Tiger’s player, not Gardner). Tonight, after a scoreless first inning by the Tigers, Gardner is in the lead-off spot and gets hit. Intentional? Retaliation? Some say yes, some say no. Some say Gardner’s slide was ‘dirty’, some say it was the SS fault because of the way he threw the ball. When asked Gardner said, “I don’t know, I don’t care. They want to put me on base that’s fine with me as long as I don’t get hurt.”

Teixeira made them pay. With Gardner still on base he hit a home run. Then Cano hit a home run. 0-3 Yankees. Then Cabrera of the Tigers hit a home run and at his second at bat, another home run. The Yankees struck back with 3 runs in the 4th bring the score to 2-6 Yankees. It takes a lot to tame kittens, especially tiger cubs. They came back with a 2 run homer. That was it for Moseley. Curtis got one of the runs back with his own home run. That made it 3 home runs for the Yankees and 3 for the Tigers. 4-7 Yankees.

Moseley pitched all right. But coming out early meant a lot of work for the bull pen, Joba, Logan, Wood, Gaudin, D-Rob and Mo all pitched. Wood had to get out a bases loaded, 1 out and Cabrera coming up the 3rd next pitcher. A home run hitter coming up with bases loaded? No, just no. He struck out the next two hitters. D-Rob had to do the same thing, only in his case Gaudin had loaded the bases. He looked so nervous, and when he threw the ball to Mark for the last out, after only giving up one run, he looked so happy. This inning started with Cabrera coming up to bat and getting plunked by Gaudin. That’s when things started to get ugly. The Tiger’s manager came out and started yelling, about what I don’t know. He wouldn’t answer any questions after the game. Then Jeter was walked, and one of the balls went behind his back.

Was it intentional on Gaudin’s part? I don’t think so. Yankees were up by 5 runs, so they had already proved their point, and I don’t think Gaudin is a good enough pitcher to intentionally hit someone like that. Oh and that nice Johnny Damon? Who got such a nice ovation, and told Michael Kay how much better New York is then Boston, he was one of the ones saying Brett’s slide was dirty. Maybe he is little bitter.

This post was possible because I started keeping score. These are my score sheets. This first one is for Detroit. Noticed how I colored in the boxes with brown pencil? That’s because I don’t like the Tigers and I don’t like brown.

This one is for the Yankees. Notice the blue boxes? And the darker colored boxes are purple, that is where the home runs are. Because I like blue and I love purple. I love my Yankees and I especially love home runs.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Friday, August 13, 2010 ~ Girls watching baseball

~~Royals 4, Yankees 3~~

I had my score sheets all ready to go. Names printed on them, boxes made and the bottom row with a diagonal line in the boxes for Runs/Hits. It was fun, writing down outs and hits and runs and … oh no, the wrong team is getting the hits! Wait, we just caught up. And then the rain came down, then stopped, then started again. The first delay was about 30 minutes and the second was 2 hours and change. I decided to go to bed. When I got up this morning, the score was the same as when I went to bed, so I figured they had called the game.

The game wasn’t called, they waited out the rain for 2 hours, then started play again. I couldn’t believe it, it makes no sense to me. The player have to be getting stiff after just sitting around for that long. Not to mention that makes for a very late game when they have to play the next day. Also it means that both teams have to go to their bullpen because the pitchers don’t come back after that long of a delay.

Back to scoring, with the score sheets I can glance at them and see the Dustin Moseley had a bad 2nd inning, giving up 3 hits and 3 runs. Then I can look at the other sheet and see that Kyle Davies had a bad 3rd inning giving up 5 hits and 3 runs. Then there was the home run, that put Kansas City in the lead. Yankees were unable to score any more runs after the second delay.

On another note, there was this commenter talking about two women at a game that were talking through the entire game. He speculated they were talking about shopping and other such things. Needless to say, he is very popular right now. I mean to say, a lot of people are talking about him. Writing blogs posts and such. I’m not going to go in the reasons I watch baseball, I already covered that in a previous post. I wanted to pose a question, why is it that we (meaning women) feel the need to defend ourselves in these situations? Someone suggests that a woman talking with another woman at a baseball game can’t possibly be talking about the game and all of a sudden we rise up in mass to protest (I am not condemning this behavior, as you can see from the post I referenced I did it myself) the statement. I freely admit I am not an expert on baseball, if you see me talking at a game there is no telling what I might be saying. I might be talking about the game, I might be talking about what I plan on doing after, I might be talking about my favorite rock star. I will probably not be talking about batting averages and OBP and such. I’m not really a student of such statistics. I enjoy watching my boys play.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

Sunday, August 8, 2010 ~ Win number two

~~Yankees 7, Red Sox 2~~

Dustin Moseley started instead of A.J. Burnett who had been having back spasms. He pitched only 6 innings but he did an outstanding job, only giving up 2 runs. In the 5th inning, Beckett gave up 5 runs. He kind of decompressed, at least he only hit 1 batter this time. So no brawls.

The rest of the pitchers, Chamberlain, Logan, Robertson and Rivera gave up no runs, Joe was being very careful, pulled Joba after 1 hit and 1 walk, he was taking no chances. And the Yankees win. 🙂

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

Thursday, July 29, 2010 ~ Seven for Seven

~~Yankees 11, Indians 4~~

No not 7&7, I’m not drinking, 7 for 7, as in the Yankees scored 7 runs in the 7th inning. It started with a home run by Robbie, and with 2 outs. That seemed to wake things up and the Yankees went on to score 7 runs in the inning.

In total, the Indians walked Yankees batters 12 times and used 7 pitchers, the last one a position player not a pitcher, and he pitched a scoreless inning. He even struck out Swisher. Yea, my sweet Nicky♡ whiffed. He got some teasing about it. Alex didn’t get #600, but he did get 3 RBI, bringing his total to 85. Gardner got his 29th stolen base of the season.

Dustin Moseley started the game, he had a rocky 1st inning throwing 31 pitches and giving up a run. If I remember correctly, it from the bases being loaded, a couple walks, so 1 run was actually not bad. In all he pitched 6 innings and that was the only run he gave up. Dave pitched a no hit 7th inning. After the Yankees had scored 7 bring the score to 9-1. Then 2 more runs in the 8th brought the total to 11-1.

Chan Ho Park pitched the 8th inning, he cannot pitch 2 inning in the same game, in the 9th inning he walked 3 batters, and they scored 3 runs. Marcus Thames cannot play 3rd base. Fortunately the Yankees were 10 runs ahead.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

Saturday, July 24, 2010 ~ Too Hot for Baseball

~~Royals 7, Yankees 4~~

According to the NY Times, the temperature in Central Park got up to 97°F (33°C), with the humidity factored in, the heat index was 102°F (39°C). According to the thermometer at the stadium, it was even hotter there. What that means is, it was effin hot in the city today, to hot to be playing baseball. But of course they did, and it seems the boys from K.C. handle the heat better.

Didn’t help that Sergio Mitre gave up 7 runs in 4 innings, oh I’m sorry 2 of those were errors. They don’t really count. And the Royals would have still won without those two runs. “I’m playing into their game instead of being up in the count,” Mitre said of falling behind with ball one. “You can’t really do much.” I believe that is MLB speak for, “I really sucked out there today.” I don’t handle the heat well. It is just the heat. Dustin Moseley came in to pitch from the 5th inning on, 1 hit, 0 runs.

Nick was still out with pain in his Achilles tendon although he did pinch hit, and Brett was out with “acid reflux”, Girardi said he had a test at the hospital under anesthesia, from the description, I’m thinking he had an endoscopy. Not fun. Both expect to be playing Sunday. We’ll see.

Mark and Jorge both hit home runs, both in the 4th inning, then Mark in the 5th inning with Granderson on base. The last out of the game, Mark was called out running to first, it would have loaded up the bases for Alex, except he wasn’t out. I guess after the last two times they argued and were immediately thrown out, Mark didn’t want to risk it. They have won the first two games of this series and if they win tomorrow they win the series. If not its a split and then its on to Cleveland. Time: 2:53. Attendance: 48,138. Compiled by MLB Advanced Media

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote