Thursday, July 29, 2010 ~ Seven for Seven

~~Yankees 11, Indians 4~~

No not 7&7, I’m not drinking, 7 for 7, as in the Yankees scored 7 runs in the 7th inning. It started with a home run by Robbie, and with 2 outs. That seemed to wake things up and the Yankees went on to score 7 runs in the inning.

In total, the Indians walked Yankees batters 12 times and used 7 pitchers, the last one a position player not a pitcher, and he pitched a scoreless inning. He even struck out Swisher. Yea, my sweet Nicky whiffed. He got some teasing about it. Alex didn’t get #600, but he did get 3 RBI, bringing his total to 85. Gardner got his 29th stolen base of the season.

Dustin Moseley started the game, he had a rocky 1st inning throwing 31 pitches and giving up a run. If I remember correctly, it from the bases being loaded, a couple walks, so 1 run was actually not bad. In all he pitched 6 innings and that was the only run he gave up. Dave pitched a no hit 7th inning. After the Yankees had scored 7 bring the score to 9-1. Then 2 more runs in the 8th brought the total to 11-1.

Chan Ho Park pitched the 8th inning, he cannot pitch 2 inning in the same game, in the 9th inning he walked 3 batters, and they scored 3 runs. Marcus Thames cannot play 3rd base. Fortunately the Yankees were 10 runs ahead.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010 ~ Rain Delay can be good, or not

~~Yankees 12, Royals 6~~

I had someplace I had to be today so I thought I would miss the game, especially since I was someplace where I had to turn my phone off. When I got home the Yankee game was on a rain delay, it lasted 2 hours and 32 minutes. I got to watch the last 3-⅔’s innings.

Hughes pitched 5-⅓ innings and gave up 3 runs, then the rain started. I saw on T.V. it was raining buckets. When the game restarted Boone Logan came in with the score at 5-3 Yankees. Then Joba came in walked a batter then gave up a home run. Fortunately by that time the Yankees had scored two more runs, then in the bottom of the 8th Yankees scored 5 runs.

The last run for K.C. was ruled a catching error on Jorge, which he and Girardi argued, to no avail. Granderson hit two home runs, Alex didn’t, not only that he was hit by a pitch on his last at bat. The crowd was very upset, after sitting through the game, a rain delay, they were looking at possible 600th home run and a grand slam. Tomorrow’s game is in Cleveland. The wait for #600 continues. Time: 3:13 (2:32 delay). Attendance: 47,890.

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7/18 NY Yankees 9 vs TB Rays 5 ~ Andy Pettitte on the D.L.?

Another game where the starting pitcher got pulled early due to injury. Today it was Andy Pettitte with a pulled left groin muscle in the 3rd inning. David Robertson, Chan Ho Park, Boone Logan, Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera all came in to pitch, most for a little over an inning. D-Rob finished up the inning Andy started and the next inning with no runs. Mariano came in to get the last guy out and pitched one pitch. The commenters were wondering it that was the only one pitch save ever. It wasn’t really a save, since the NY Yankees were ahead by 4 runs, but I think Girardi just wanted the game over, so when Joba gave up a run, he called Mo in.

A.J. says he will make his next start, it is possible Andy may be out for a while. He was diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain, Curtis had a Grade 2 and was out for a month. He is also a whole lot younger then Andy. Now some people are saying with A.J. and Andy the Cliff Lee deal doesn’t look so crazy huh? OK, I may be wrong about this, but it the Yankees had gotten Cliff Lee in a trade they would have had to get rid of a pitcher, so even if they got Cliff Lee, right now they would still be down a pitcher. I don’t anticipate the next few week to be easy without Andy, but I would rather they give him the time now so he is healthy for the play offs.

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7/10 NY Yankees 1 @ Seattle Mariners 4 ~ Boo Hiss

Yes I know I said I never boo, especially my own players. I was so freakin’ mad last night (this morning) when Joba loaded up the bases and the next batter hit a home run. I still am a little steamed , but not totally pissed off. After all, we did win the first 2 games, and Javier pitched outstandingly, I mean outstandingly. He gave up no runs, of course part of the credit goes to Ramiro Pena who made a simply amazing catch, one of those hits that pops over the infields head and drops in front of the outfield. He jumped and caught it. Just like that.

The one run was a home run hit by my sweet Nicky, right past Ichiro and to the disgust of King Felix. (Gag, who comes up with these names? Cause he can pitch a complete game? He should stop strutting and waving his shirt around and shake Joba’s hand for losing the game.) Remember all you disgusted fans out there, Yankees are in first place, Mariners are in last place in their division.

7/8 NY Yankees 3 @ Seattle Mariners 1 Wrap

7/9 NY Yankees 6 @ Seattle Mariners 1
Mark Teixeira hit two home runs, one in the first inning, and one in the ninth inning. He hit from both sides of the plate. Kind of sneaky of him don’t you think?

Hughes was the starting pitcher, he is now 11-2. He pitched 7 innings, gave up one run and his ERA is now 3.65. David Robertson pitched the 8th and Chan Ho Park pitched the ninth, no runs.

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6/13 NY Yankees 9 vs Houston Astros 5 ~ Can Jorge do it again?


Sarah and I were watching the game, Astros up by one. As we watched Teixeira yelling from the dugout, that YES I GOT HIT, and the umpire disagreed, then watched a bad call on Swisher, Sarah turns to me and says, “If you want to go for a walk, I’m coming, I can’t stand watching these bad calls.” So we left, walked to Ron’s and back. Almost home and I checked my phone, Robinson Cano had hit a home run and tied the game. When I walked in the door, Yankees had now scored 3 runs.

As I watched the 5th inning, with bases loaded and 2 outs, and Jorge comes up to bat, I looked at Kasey, she looked at me, “Jorge can do it, he can hit another grand slam.” That’s exactly what he did. I imagine the Stadium was just going nuts. It got pretty crazy Saturday when he hit a grand slam, now he had done it two games in a row. Posada became the first Major Leaguer to hit grand slams in back-to-back contests since Carlos Beltran in July 2006 and the first Yankee since Bill Dickey in 1937. Even more special? Sunday’s slam came from the opposite side of the batter’s box as Saturday’s. No Yankee had pulled that trick on consecutive days before. And Bill Dickey was a catcher tool. Mark Teixeira had his first error of the season. I think he had three last year. It’s O.K., don’t sell him.

Then the rain started, Phil Hughes gave up 4 runs in the 6th inning. Wasn’t his fault, the field was wet, the ball was wet, their gloves were wet. The only consolation was the Astros were having to deal with the same weather conditions. And the Yankees came back to score 2 more runs in the bottom of the 6th.

Phil Hughes numbers for today: 5.2 innings pitched, 7 hits, 5 runs, 5 ER, 2 BB, 6 SO, 1 HR, 3.11 ERA. Damaso Marte came in to get the last batter out. Then Chan Ho Park pitched the next inning. Then Joba for the 8th and Mariano for the save. OK, 9-5 is not exactly a save situation. But he pitched like it was.

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5/31 NY Yankees 11 vs Cleveland Indians 2 ~ A-Rod hit a Grand Slam for Andy

2 months into the season and this is the 5th game I have been to. This was a great game to be at. It was D, Kasey and Andy. It was Andy’s first ever. I was walking around trying to find Monument Park, which I did find, after it was closed. I was following the signs and ended up in the bleachers, so I walked back to the other side of the bleachers and walked down some stairs and saw another sign for Monument Park. So followed the arrow and walked down this corridor, past the Monument Park Store, and ended up in another seating section, turned around and came back down the hallway where I finally saw the sign for Monument Park and the door with a sign saying it was closed. So I went to the store and got a blue Yankee monkey puppet for Andy. Nick pointed out today that it was made in China which means that Andy now has a Chinese Blue Monkey puppet, all this time he was really a Yankee fan. 

YankeeGame 100531.JPGWhen I got back to the seats I attached the monkey to Andy’s neck, he was not thrilled.

Yankees took the lead early, then the Indians tied it up in the second, then in the 4th Yankees got one more run. 
It stayed that way until the 7th inning, then the bats woke up. Derek Jeter hit a single, then Curtis, Ramiro Pena came in for Derek (he got hit by a pitch in the 2nd inning) and then Mark Teixeira was intentionally walked. This is one of the reasons I like coming to games, there was a hush over the crowd, like everyone was thinking, Oh no he didn’t, and wondering if A-Rod would hit a grand slam this time. Then when he did, the crowd went absolutely nuts. Robbie was up and he hit a home run too. And we still weren’t done. Nick hit a double, Juan Miranda hit a single, Nick went to 3rd base. Frankie hit a sacrifice fly and Nicky scored. 
Yankees weren’t done. They went on to score 3 more runs in the 8th inning. Meanwhile, Andy Pettitte held the Indians to one run. Chan Ho Park pitched the 8th and 9th innings. In the 9th the Indians got one more run then Frankie got the last batter out with a throw to first.
I love going to games, no announcers, outside in the Grandstand there is shade, and the breezes never quits. And there is the energy of the crowd, the ohs and ahs and boos, (umpire made a bad call)

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5/20 NY Yankees 6 vs Tampa Bay Rays 8

Another up and down game ending in defeat. Andy Pettitte gave up 7 runs, Chan ho Park gave up 1, the boys rallied, but is was too little too late. Yankees standing right now is 25-16, .610, 5.0 out of first place. Still in second place, but Toronto is creeping up on us. However, it is May, we have June, July and August before we need to panic. Next series is an inter-league against the ONYT.


Since I have decided to not blog about this game and just move on, here is a video I found. I just love watching this cute little boy.

Its not all bad, my sweet Nicky () is back and says he has no pain in his arm.

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Yankees 3, Boston Red Sox 1

The first series of the season is over and the Yankees are in the lead. I am happy but not crazy happy, it is still just April and there are 159 games to go. But it is a good start to the season. Friday they play the Tampa Bay Rays.  

Andy Pettitte was the starter, he did a good job only allowing 1 run in the 3rd inning, he did bean Youkilis in the 5th and then the start of the next inning John Lackey hit Derek Jeter. Neither player was injured, but it seems like the Ortne pitchers have been aiming for Derek. After six innings Chan Ho Park came in to pitch. In the 7th inning Jorge got on base and then Nick Swisher (AKA My Sweet Nicky) singled and Jorge scored. So the game was tied up at 1-1, and it stayed that way till the 10th inning.     
Curtis Granderson hit a long fly ball into the right field stands. Then Brett Gardner was walked. Derek Jeter was at bat, course Papelbon couldn’t really pay attention to Derek with Brett dancing up and down the base line. Someone should just tell these pitchers, ‘Look, he’s gonna steal second, just don’t worry about it and let him.” Sure enough he stole second, Derek walked. Next batter Mark Teixeira grounded out, Brett was crossing the plate at almost the same time and the ball was being scooped up to throw to first. 
With the score at 3-1, Mariano was called in to do his thing. And he did it, Granderson did his job, Gardner did his job and the Yankees walk away from their first series 2-1.
Someone on Twitter made this sign. I love it!
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Yankees 2-1

Those balls are coming fast

Another player hit with a ball, this time Yankees left-hander Damaso Marte, but he appears to have dodged serious injury. The ball was hit by Ryan Howard straight up the middle. It was interesting how worded it “Ryan Howard singles on a line drive to first baseman Mark Teixeira, deflected by pitcher Damaso Marte.” Since he is not seriously hurt, just appears to be bruised, I will give it a lol.

damaso-marte-new-york-yankees-107jpg-f96e5223187358ba_large.jpgTuesday, March 16 was an evening game, but it was not televised here, not only that but I had to do something which meant I couldn’t even follow the tweets. Yankees won that game against Houston 4-1. Today’s game against the Phillies, Yankees lost, 6-2. Andy Pettitte started, then Damaso Marte, who faced four batters before he got hit, then Joba Chamberlain pitched 4 solid innings, giving up one run.

Next game is Thursday, March 18 at 7:05 p.m. against the Tampa Bay Rays I don’t know if it is being televised, but I won’t be home anyway. Javier Vazquez will be making his third start in Spring Training and Chan Ho Park is scheduled to make his first appearance.

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