5/23 NY Yankees 4 @ NY Mets 6 (Why I'm Afraid to Look at my Twitter News Feed)

I left my phone downstairs while I was upstairs watching the game. When I came downstairs I looked at the number of tweets. 52 tweets. That is not even everybody on Twitter that I follow. So now I am afraid to open my Twitter account. Does anyone think I am stupid for believing that with that many unread tweets my computer will explode? How about my head?

Yankees were down 6 runs by the 7th inning, 7th inning they scored 1 run, 9th inning 3 runs. So they rallied, too little too late again. Kasey says she figured it out, they are afraid of getting hit by pitches. I think they are just a little worn out, not used to playing everyday and have to play 17 or 18 days in a row. One might argue that they had a day off in there, but the next day they had to pitch a double header!

I sincerely believe that when they get their second wind, they will be fine.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote