5/7 NY Yankees 10 @ Boston Red Sox 3

I’ve been meaning to write a get well letter/post to Curtis Granderson, after all I was at the game when he pulled his groin muscle, but now there are some other players to add to the list, Jorge Posada got “plunked” by Jeremy Guthrie, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte are suffering from minor aches and pains. Nick Johnson is headed for the D.L. with wrist problems. Despite them being missing, Yankees kicked butt tonight, outscoring their rival by 7 runs.


Now you would think with the score like it was, I would be happy and all that, but I am a little annoyed with Josh Beckett who tonight “plunked” Cano and Jeter. Of course everyone says it wasn’t intentional, I mean why would it be? What reason could he have? I don’t know the answer to that, beside the fact that he is just a mean-spirited, small-minded little man. I will tell you what I do know, when Cano got hit, and yelped and started limping around, Josh Beckett had this devious little smirk on his face, like a little kid that lied to mom and dad to get his little brother in trouble. That’s exactly what it looked like. And the other thing is, he had great control up to that inning, and he suddenly had a melt down? Or did he get his feelings hurt cause Nicky() hit a home run off him? Here’s his mugshot picture, just in case you want to … well put a face on the doll … that you stick pins in.

Cano is now day to day, Posada and Alex almost came out of the dugout, but were held back, then the first batter up for Ortne the next inning got plunked. Unintentionally of course. Hughes just lost control, for a pitch. If that didn’t really happen, then it was what I dreamed happened. Like the other pitcher with his control lost it in the 6th inning. Ortne deserved to lose this game.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote