Marc Anthony sings God Bless America and people are dumb

At the All-Star game Marc Anthony sang “God Bless America”. Probably during the 7th inning stretch, I don’t know since I was watching at a bar with friends and wasn’t really paying attention to anything but the game. I didn’t know he sang it until I read about the racist backlash on twitter. Since then I have watched the below video. I would LOVE for the Yankees to get a tape of this and play it at Yankees Stadium every 7th inning. Pretty hot ……… Where was I?

Oh yes, racist backlash on twitter, specifically people being outraged that a Mexican was singing AMERICA’S SONG at AMERICA’s PASTIME. For more WTF tweets check out Public Shaming. My only complaint is the title refers to baseball fans being super angry which could give some people the impression that all baseball fans are racist, which isn’t true.

Let me think about this, suppose Marc Anthony is Mexican (he’s not), isn’t Mexico in North America? No, it’s in Central America, isn’t that still America? So technically he would be an American if he was Mexican, except he’s not, he was born in NYC. His reply to these stupid comments was, “There’s no one more New York than me. I was honored to be asked to sing.” But he’s of Puerto Rican descent, which doesn’t change anything, even if he had been born in Puerto Rico he would still be considered a citizen of the U.S.

Did these people forget that the U.S. is a country of immigrants? “God Bless America” was written by Irving Berlin, born Israel (or Isadore) Baline who immigrated with his family to New York from Temun Russia in 1888. And America’s game? The Home Run Derby was won by Yoenis Céspedes who is from Cuba, who learned to play baseball in Cuba. The MVP of the All Star Game was Mariano Rivera, who besides being the greatest relief pitcher and closer in baseball is beloved and respected by most people. I’ve even had Red Sox fans (who hate the Yankees) tell me, “Even Red Sox fans respect Mariano”. Mariano Rivera is from Panama, he learned to play baseball in Panama. Cause guess what? Baseball is played in other countries, some close like Cuba and Panama, some far away like Taiwan and Korea.

By the way, this post was written by an American of Spanish descent.


Andy Pettitte vs. Bryce Harper

This game wasn’t really a ‘contest’ between Andy and Bryce, but the fact is that Andy is twice as old as Bryce Harper. And Bryce Harper is the young phenomena and Andy Pettitte is the ‘old guy’ making a come back. Someone even mentioned, Andy’s kids probably tweet with Bryce Harper. He is only a couple of years older then Andy’s oldest son.

Of course the beat writers, couldn’t let this go, one of them kept up a theme during the game.

Could you see this? Alright son if you hit this baseball you’re grounded and I’m taking away your allowance!

Two times facing Pettitte, two strike outs. Is 40 the new 20?

Now this implies that they are in the same grade, or that Pettitte is a bully, or maybe Harper is the brash young kid being set down and taught a lesson by a seasoned veteran.

Andy can drive you anywhere you need to go.

Actually he just showered and left, declining to talk to reporters. Knowing what stupid questions some of them ask, I don’t really blame them. Joe gets tired of the clown questions, and Bryce is a rookie with a lot less patience than Joe.

And one more thing, the Yankees didn’t hit any home runs this game, and it took them 14 innings to win it. I prefer games with home runs.


As I sit here browsing around on the web, I’m not really waiting for the game, since I have to go to church and will miss part of it, but I read this tweet from a while back. I tweeted it during the game, I remember tweeting it.

Someone else had given Moustakas the nickname “Moosetacos”. But as I was looking at his picture I got the image of a cartoon mouse. An angry cartoon mouse. Just the way he has this fuzzy facial hair, it’s dark against his fair skin and is scowling. If you are reading this and shaking your head, I understand. Well anyway, I have things to do, so I am going to sign off and set my DVR.

Not crying

This post is not about the game. A horrid I don’t want to even think about it game. Want to know what happened? If you’re a fan why weren’t you watching?

Before I turned on the game my phone buzzed and there was a tweet:

I started scrolling through my timeline, it looked like Mariano had twisted his knee, that’s what I read, I watched the clip, it didn’t look good. He was shagging fly balls. Something he does with regularity. He has even said he could play center field. Others have said he is great at it. Stepping off the grass onto the dirt he took a misstep he fell, he had to be carried off the field.

This was all being talked about during this game where Phelps gave it his best and the offense was, just not there. WAKE UP YOU SLACKERS!! We heard nothing. Twitter was buzzing that this was not a good thing. Twitter was right, sometimes I hate it when Twitter is right. A torn ACL and he said meniscus. I’m not a doctor, but I know both are not good. The prognosis is he will be out for the season, it may be the end of his career.

After the game most of the questions were about Mariano, I remember Alex’s the most, he was out there, on the video you could see him yelling for Joe and Steve Donohue, when asked about what happened, he said he saw Mo go down, he paused, “I don’t want to talk about it.” That is something I’ve noticed about Alex, whether he admits it or not, he know what is going on. I remember when Jeter crashed into the seats after catching a pop-up, Alex was the one calling for the trainer. Kasey told me he keeps track of who gets his first hit, making sure the ball is retrieved. He’s a detail kind of guy, but with the “I don’t want to talk about it.” You also see he is a feeling kind of guy too. Then he said, “We’re the NY Yankees, nobody is going to feel sorry for us, we have to still go out and get it done.” That’s a thought I am carrying with me.

Nobody is going to feel sorry for us as fans. We have already seen some of the hate on twitter, which I won’t repeat here. I did say I hope they DIAF, which I don’t really mean. So we have to carry on, like the team is going to do. Jeter said, “Nobody else can be Mo. What they can do is their job.” With Mo gone, now someone has to step in and fill that role. David says he doesn’t know if he’s ready, he doesn’t pitch like Mo, he has his own style. Well his style is pretty damn effective. I have faith in him, I have faith in the Yankees. They will find a way to get it done.

One more thing, anyone who doesn’t have respect for Mariano, when asked if he was going back to New York tomorrow he said, “No, I’m going to stay here a few days I want to make sure the guys are all right.” That is the time of man he is, and even though he would not approve, those people can just go DIAF.

Get Well Soon Joba Chamberlain

Since I am a girl who loves her Yankees, I of course follow all the Yankee players and the Yankee Beat Writer and YES Network, and Yankee PR twitter accounts. I have some sent to my phone. Today I received the following tweet:

YIKES! My first thought was, “Surgery on a dislocated ankle? That’s gotta be a bad injury.” I then proceeded to click on the link for further details. This article on YES says its an “open dislocation of his right ankle while playing with his son at a local kids’ center.” I had no idea what an open dislocation was, and before I read this article I also didn’t know his son was with him. All I knew was he had dislocated his ankle, he had surgery, and it happened on a trampoline. I don’t know if that last part is true. Even so, I knew from the very first tweet it was serious, just not how serious. Even Brian Cashman appeared ‘shaken’ when informing the media.

However, some people decided it was open season on Joba, calling him stupid for ‘jumping on a trampoline’, ‘what were you thinking fatty?’ Some of these may be paraphrasing, I put them in quotes because they are not my thoughts. Even if it was a stupid thing to do, it is certainly not the most stupid thing a person has done. Now that we know he was playing with his son, we should be even more sympathetic because a little boy saw his dad get hurt, a five year old has been traumatized and people are calling his dad stupid. We don’t even know how the accident happened and people are judging. It leads me to say irrational things like, “I hate people. I hope they DIAF.” Not everyone of course. Some people are tweeting good thoughts and well wishes to Joba, some are expressing their anger at people, one even tweeted:

Now that we know that this was a life threatening injury, he could still lose a limb because of the nature of the injury, his season is probably over and possibly his career, I hope everyone that was ridiculing and judging feels really good about themselves.

Tampa Bay Rays at NYY ~ Friday, August 12, 2011

~~ Rays 5, Yankees 1 ~~

What do Casey Kotchman, Kelly Shoppach, Johnny Damon, Elliot Johnson and Evan Longoria have in common? Besides all playing for the Rays, they also each hit a home run off CC this game, making this his second loss in a row and win #10 for David Price. Who despite having an awesome twitter, is now on my list.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

It was time ~ Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time for what you say? Time for the Yankees to hit a home run at Wrigley field. This was posted on Twitter,

@BryanHoch RT @YankeesWFAN: Last Yankee to hit a home run at Wrigley Field–Robin Ventura.

If this is right, that was in 2002/03, since that was the only time he played for the Yankees. Of course, I think that is the last time the Yankees played at Wrigley Field. The announcers kept talking about Alex’s home runs and that he had NEVER hit a home run at Wrigley (he still hasn’t by the way), he’s played maybe three games at Wrigley, before this series.

Since I had no idea who Robin Ventura was I went on MLB and did a search, he played for the White Sox from 1989 to 1998, Mets from 1999 to 2001, Yankees in 2002 and then with the Yankees and Dodgers for 2003. While I was searching for his stats, I found this video, and since I absolutely love Nolan Ryan (cough cough), I had to post the link. It is an epic clip.

Ventura challenges Ryan

~~ Yankees 10, Cubs 4 ~~

Gardner was the lead off hitter and his first at bat he hit a home run. Just boom, into the stands. Then the Cubs tied it up, in the 3rd the Cubs hit CC hard and got 3 runs off him, by the sixth inning the Yankees had managed to tie the game, CC was holding the Cubs to four runs. Then in the 8th inning, with 2 men on base, Swisher came up to bat. His dad played for the Cubs, and BOOM went the baseball. Swisher doesn’t usually show off, but he just dropped his bat dramatically before he started around the bases. We were up by 3 now, in the ninth inning Mariano started tossing the ball around. This was after he made a little kid a fan for life. He went over to the wall and was talking to him, signed a baseball, shook his dad and his hand. The kid was just beaming after.

Then in the ninth Yankees added three more runs. One of them was a long fly ball that just missed being a home run, except it didn’t go out, it fell right in front of the wall and rolled into the ivy, and the two fielders were standing there looking at it. I was laughing. I laughed harder when a ball bounced off Ramiro Pena’s chest and Nunez picked it up and threw it in the dirt. Cano was standing there giving him a WTF? look.

So no Mariano, but as someone said, we only get to humiliate the Cubs every six years or so. Marquez came in for the ninth inning. Missed a catch at first base, but that was his only bobble. In fact, I think the next batter hit into a double play. Maybe not.

Whatever, CC gets the win, Yankees win the series.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Sometimes, the headlines are pretty funny ~ Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~~ Yankees 12, Rangers 4 ~~

This this one: “Job well done: Yanks solve righty Ogando”. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a play on words, I’m a little bit clueless. I suppose they are referring to the fact that coming into this game Ogando hadn’t lost a game. The Yankees sure showed him who is boss of the Bronx, he gave up 6 runs in 1.2 innings. I would feel sorry for him, but he plays for the wrong team.

After not hitting much on Monday, the Yankee bats were really hot on Tuesday, Swisher, Granderson (hey Jose, Curtis says HI [stolen from @The_Stace]) and Cano. Curtis is now tied with Jose for most home runs. Gardner stole his 14th base of the season.

CC pitched and gave up 4 runs in 7 innings, not a problem with the twelve runs the Yankees scored (part of me wonders if A.J. is making a CC doll, just out of jealousy, or maybe putting ex-lax in his cocoa puffs?, Nah ….. ). There is a problem with me typing all my posts on one day, my thoughts just all run together and the games start to mesh, not to mention I am watching the encore showing of the current days game so things could get a little confusing, just bear with me. Ayala and Pendleton pitched scoreless innings, no Mo, these guys are just hitting to many runs.

And Texas likes to hit our batters too, I didn’t realize it was open season on baseball players.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Yankees decide to place Jeter on DL
Martin remains out with stiff back
Nunez ready to fill in while Jeter is out

Someday I’ll Learn ~ Saturday, June 11, 2011

At Tuesday’s game against the Red Sox, I was wearing my jacket, and I was sweating even when I took it off. As I was coming home I was thinking I wanted to go to bed but I couldn’t because I was so sweaty I had to shower first. At this game I wore a t-shirt and shorts, (long shorts, past my knees) and I was freezing! I was so cold I bought a sweat jacket. The only one I could find had rhinestones on it. At least the jacket is not covered with rhinestones and the jacket is not pink.

Someday I will come to a game dressed appropriately, but for pities sake it’s almost the middle of June! It shouldn’t feel like October! It wouldn’t have been so bad, but besides being on the chilly side, there was also this mist, so everything was damp which added to the cold feeling. Kasey had a jacket, and I had my new one, but our legs were freezing, so Kasey went out to find a solution. So now I have another Yankees piece of clothing, I also have another Yankee hat, that was the giveaway that day and Kasey has a Yankee beach towel. The towel worked great to keep our legs warm. 65°F and cloudy.

~~ Yankees 4, Indians 0 ~~

Colon was dominant as is his way, keeping the Indians shut out. Alex, Curtis and Teixeira all hit home runs. There was this Indian fan behind us, when Alex struck out his first at bat, he said, “Feel that breeze!” When Alex hit the home run, I almost turned around and said, “Did you feel that breeze? As the ball sailed over the wall?” But I was nice. That home run was in the 4th inning, and in the 6th, after Granderson hit a home run, Alex got hit by Talbot. He was thrown out immediately, as I was watching Alex get up and walk to first base, I noticed he was walking off the field. Then Alex walked off but on Twitter everyone was saying his batting helmet was still on, and he did come back until the 8th inning. Then Nunez came in for him.

Then in the seventh inning Colon ran to first to get the out, Kasey looked down and when she looked back up everyone had crowded around Colon, she asked why, “Oh” I said, “He was limping.” Ach oh. So he was out, later found out a pulled hamstring muscle, 15 day DL for him. Robertson came in got a couple hits, with two men on base the umpire called a balk and the runners advanced. Now the runners were in scoring position. I though Dave was done for, but he got out of it.

Then when Boone came in Kasey was all in my face, “Why? Why is Joe bringing in Boone?” At the time I had just noticed an umbrella discarded behind the trash container and was trying to take a picture of it for the Better of Soaked blog, I really couldn’t be bothered. No way would Joe let the game get away from Boone. Like the other day, the game was over by the time I got down to the great hall and Frank was singing.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛