Baby Bombers II

The experience at the Staten Island Yankees game was so much fun I went back the next night. Actually I heard they were giving away free jerseys and Brett Gardner was going to be there (they were retiring his number). So I left work, rode on the ferry to Staten Island and bought a ticket, then stood in line. Brett was there, but he didn’t sign autographs, nor did he throw out the first pitch. Probably not allowed to.

The way they do it in Staten Island, you get a voucher for the jersey and then you go to get your jersey in the ‘giveaway’ section of the ballpark. I get over there and there is another line, but I have a voucher! So I can wait to get my jersey. So I got something to eat, went to my seats, watched the baby pitcher warm up and sign autographs (maybe that’s why these seats are more expensive), and then I thought, “What if they run out of my size?” I ran back up to the ‘giveaway’ section where there was a tiny line and a tiny amount of jerseys and yes, no more Adult Mediums. So I got a children’s XL, which fits. Which leads to the question, am I that skinny or are kids that ……..

The Staten Island Yankees won 10-1, one player hit a home run, at this park the home runs go over the fence into never never land, actually I think there is a road back there, but no seats, the seats end at the foul pole line. Weird. Then after the game, fire works! I didn’t know about the fireworks. Then another ride on the ferry, which had a lot of people wearing black jerseys.