Are you ready? ~ Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~~ Yankees 9, Indians 2 ~~

As I am sitting here trying to come up with a title for this blog post, something other than, “CC gets run support again!” the song for the Lotto commercial keeps running through my head, “Are you ready? Are you ready? Get set, Ready get set lets go!” Or something like that. I hate the commercials, I think they are totally ignorant, but the song is catchy.

No one was really worried about this game, even with Cervelli catching and Jorge playing first base, since CC was pitching. The general consensus was, oh the Yankees will throw up about a million runs with Big Stoppa on the mound, and they did. Win #12 for the big guy. I don’t have the average number of runs the Yankees have scored with CC pitching, but I know its high. Like I said, the more confidence the guys have in the pitcher, the better they play. I just hope Phil Hughes gets support his first game back.

The last time the Yankees faced Carrasco was on June 13th, it was the day Jeter got injured and ended up on the D.L. He held the Yankees to 5 hits and no runs. This was a completely different story as the Yankees got 10 hits and 6 runs in 4 innings. Two of those hits were home run number 24 and 25 for Curtis Granderson.

Derek Jeter got two hits and two RBI’s, the second hit went all the way to the wall. So he is now 4 hits away from 3,000.

The line from today’s game was: Yankees, 17 hits, 9 runs. Indians: 7 hits, 2 runs. The two runs were off Lance (Pants) Pendleton, everyone on twitter was freaking out, how he ‘ruined’ CC’s shut-out. Do you think CC really cares? He pitched great, he got the win, everybody knows he’s an All Star even though he didn’t get picked for the team, but instead he gets to go to the Bahamas with his beautiful wife and oh so freaking cute kids. For this game he got to sit in the dugout and watch his team mates run circles around the Indians. So Lance loaded the bases, Posada came over to talk to him, gave him time to take a breath and calm down. I don’t like to speculate on what Jorge said, Probably wasn’t, Dude if you mess this up for CC I will freaking kill you, cause he settled down, two runs, two outs and then a strike out. So I had to tell him, ‘Baby don’t worry, you got this, you can do it’ before the last strike. I really don’t mind. I love all my Yankees, even the brand new ones.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛


Sometimes, the headlines are pretty funny ~ Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~~ Yankees 12, Rangers 4 ~~

This this one: “Job well done: Yanks solve righty Ogando”. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a play on words, I’m a little bit clueless. I suppose they are referring to the fact that coming into this game Ogando hadn’t lost a game. The Yankees sure showed him who is boss of the Bronx, he gave up 6 runs in 1.2 innings. I would feel sorry for him, but he plays for the wrong team.

After not hitting much on Monday, the Yankee bats were really hot on Tuesday, Swisher, Granderson (hey Jose, Curtis says HI [stolen from @The_Stace]) and Cano. Curtis is now tied with Jose for most home runs. Gardner stole his 14th base of the season.

CC pitched and gave up 4 runs in 7 innings, not a problem with the twelve runs the Yankees scored (part of me wonders if A.J. is making a CC doll, just out of jealousy, or maybe putting ex-lax in his cocoa puffs?, Nah ….. ). There is a problem with me typing all my posts on one day, my thoughts just all run together and the games start to mesh, not to mention I am watching the encore showing of the current days game so things could get a little confusing, just bear with me. Ayala and Pendleton pitched scoreless innings, no Mo, these guys are just hitting to many runs.

And Texas likes to hit our batters too, I didn’t realize it was open season on baseball players.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Yankees decide to place Jeter on DL
Martin remains out with stiff back
Nunez ready to fill in while Jeter is out

This is more like it ~ Friday, June 10, 2011

~~ Yankees 11, Indians 7 ~~

This past week I had a terrible nightmare, I dreamed the Sox swept the Yankees, wait …. The Red Sox are now ahead of the Yankees, in first place. Do I need any other reason to hate them? Oh yes, their pitchers like using our hitters for TARGET PRACTICE!!

Apparently, some other teams (cough cough) seem to think they can get in on the fun. Granderson hits a home run in the 2nd inning and the next pitch hits Mark in the upper back. He jumps up and yells at the pitcher, Joe runs out and then everyone runs on the field. No pitches were swung, but things were tense.

The box score says Orlando Cabrera got ejected in the 8th, I don’t know why, but it was by the home plate umpire, so probably arguing strikes and balls.

Mark, Brett, Derek and Curtis all stole bases this game. Things got a little away from the Yankees after Ivan left the game. He only gave up 2 runs. The rest were by the bullpen. Rivera came in to close the game out.

Yankees win.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees ~ Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~~ Red Sox 11, Yankees 6 ~~

Boston continues to hit the Yankees hard, even their pitchers. Yes Tim Wakefield hit Robinson Cano. He is a knuckleball thrower and Derek said, he doesn’t think even Wakefield knows where the ball is going. He gave up 5 runs, and the reliever Aceves, who used to pitch for the Yankees gave up one. You would think that six runs for the Yankees would be enough. Except that A.J. gave up 8 runs, 7 earned and if that was enough, Lance Pendleton gave up another 3. Rough night for us Yankee fans.

The commentary on this is short because I didn’t watch the game. I was at church and when I got home and saw the score I just kept track on my computer. It is less painful that way.

So once again the Red Sox have won the series with Ortiz, Crawford and Drew each hitting home runs. I heard Ortiz didn’t do his bat flip, not that I care. I am just don’t want another sweep.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

No sweep, for the Mariners, Yankee bats come alive ~ May 29

~~ Yankees 7, Mariners 1 ~~

The third inning was fun, after the bases were loaded Andruw Jones hit a bases clearing double, then Nunez hit a triple driving in Jones. So the Yankees scored 5 runs in that inning, then another in the fourth. The Mariners scored 1 run.

Which is why we call CC big stoppa, picked up his 6th win and maintained his streak of wins in Seattle. He pitched 8 solid innings and then Lance Pendleton pitched a scoreless ninth. So if that bum hadn’t hit a homerun, CC would have had a shutout.

He made an amazing fielding play, he caught the ball, threw it to Cervelli who tagged the runner and then threw the ball to Mark for the double play.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Beat the Mets, Yankees beat the Mets

~~ Yankees 9, Mets 3~~

In yesterday’s post I forgot something, not really surprising, I tend to forget something every time, usually I remember too long after to mention and then I get annoyed. Jose Reyes got booed every time he came up to bat. Booing loud enough to drown out the cheers from the Mets fans. Today when I mentioned it to Kasey, she said there is usually one evil player on each team. Jose Reyes on the Mets, Jose Bautista on the Blue Jays, Josh Beckett or Ellsbury or Adrian Gonzalez or Jed Lowrie or Dustin Pedroia or Youkilis of the RedSox, most of those guys cause they are ugly.

So the Mets were ahead until the 7th inning, they were probably already chilling the champagne for the celebration, wait, this isn’t the World Series! Then as David Cone said, “They had all zeros, till the seventh inning and now the Yankees have a snow cone (8). For all of you saying the Yankees are hitting too many home runs, the only home run hit in this game was in the first inning. The 8 runs in the seventh were base hits. A walk, a hit by pitch, a dribbler across the infield. Alex said, I was more lucky than good. A bunt that was bungled, a blooper that fell between the players, everybody got a turn to play, fun times in the Bronx.

Nova pitched well, unfortunately he doesn’t get the win since the Mets were ahead when he left the game. He got an ovation however and the Yankees did the win the game. And if the Yankees win the World Series, he will get a ring. Got to look at the big picture. Ayala gets the win, Lance Pendleton pitched the ninth inning.

It really bothers me that the Yankees are being greedy. Scoring all these runs so Mariano can’t get anymore saves on his record. Greedy little buggers. Attendance tonight was 48,293.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Will they win it? ~ May 8

This is my version of “Live Blogging”. I’m sitting in my basement watching this game, I saw Derek hit two home runs, one by Curtis who also made two run saving catches. The Yankees were ahead by two, now only one. Joba, you can pump that fist, Yankees are still in the lead, and that run was not your fault. Alex needs a head slap, Gibbs style.

This game has been riddled, just riddled with errors. 4 errors by the Yankees, the type of game that people (the kind of people I like to BLOCK on twitter) say the Yankees didn’t deserve to win. I say, a win is a win is a win. Down 4-0 now leading 12-5.

O.M.G! Neither player hit the bag! Too funny, umpire gave it to Swisher.

Posada with a base hit. YAY Sado.

Gardner swings at the first pitch and gets a single. Bases loaded.

Cervelli just hit a freaking GRAND SLAM!! Shut the eff up all you Cervelli haters!!

Bronx Bombers are no longer bombing in Texas, they are hitting bombs. Mark Teixeira with a 2-run home run.

Swisher up again. And makes the last out.

9th inning: Gardner with his third hit of the day.

Jeter with his 6th at bat.

With a 7 run lead Girardi puts Lance Pendleton in for the 9th

Ian Kinsler flies out to Brett Gardner. #1
Elvis Andrus with a base hit. Andrus to second, defensive indifference.
Michael Young walks.
Adrian Beltre pops out to Cano. #2
Mike Napoli strikes out swinging. #3

Ballgame over, Yankees win. Michael Kay’s new saying, “Put it in the left side.”

~~Yankees 12, Rangers 5~~

To recap: C.C. with 6 innings pitched, 5 runs, he came out and pitched to one batter in the 7th then Joba came out ended the inning scoreless, then Rafael for the eighth and Pendleton for the ninth. C.C. gets the win.

Jeter, Granderson, Cervelli and Teixeira all hit home runs. Jeter hit two, Cervelli hit a grand slam, the first of his pro career and in the same inning was Teixeira’s two run home run. This was also the second home run of his career.

In all the Yankees got 12 runs off 16 hits and committed 4 errors. 2 of them by CC. For series this season they are 8-3.

Tomorrow is a day off, next Saturday Kasey and I will be at the game.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Sending the White Sox home

~~Yankees 12, White Sox 3~~

Once again the Yankee starter went deep. This time it was C.C. Sabathia pitching 7 innings, the only runs the White Sox got were unearned.

The first two runs the Yankees got were without a hit, then in the 5th Gardner started with a home run, he also got the first out. In all there were 12 batters, the inning was 32 minutes and six different hitters drove in runs. Then in the 7th inning Nick Swisher hit his first home run of the season. Actually on his first base hit of the game he had the biggest grin, like he felt things were turning around.

Lance Pendleton came in to pitch the last two innings. Not a save situation, but he pitched two scoreless innings.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Split the series

After last nights miserable loss, this game was a delight. Watching Bartolo Colon pitch I was thinking, ‘Phil better get his shit together or he’s out of a job.’ (Yeah I went there.) 6 almost perfect innings. His numbers: 6.2 innings, 5 hits, 2 runs and 7 strike outs. His ERA has come down to 3.50 and he now has 20 strike outs. He left the game with Yankees ahead and today, the bullpen did not let him down, well Pendleton almost did and Soriano ‘made things interesting’. I’m sure Joe told him, ‘Nice you got us the save, but DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!’ And Soriano picks up his first save of the game.

~~Yankees 6, Blue Jays 2~~

I didn’t get to see all the game, which is why I am now watching the encore presentation, I don’t know how I’m going to manage getting up tomorrow. Anyway, when I was watching the highlights I saw two plays that made me go “WOW”. One Robbie caught the ball, tagged the runner going to 2nd and threw the ball to Mark. Robbie was so quick, in one smooth movement he caught the ball, and just kind of came forward put his arm out and got the runner. It was WOW. The second was a long fly ball to Swisher that he threw in and Mark caught, and for some reason there were two men on third base. So he ran across the diamond and tagged both of them. That was funny, Ken Singleton said, “Only one man allowed on a base in major league baseball.” Mark hit three doubles and most of the runs in this game were not by home run.

And I have a theory about why David Robertson is so cool, calm and collected when he comes in. If he comes in with bases loaded, any runs scored by those men on base are the previous pitchers responsibility. So it doesn’t count against his E.R.A. I’m not saying he doesn’t care about winning, but since it doesn’t hurt him personally, he can be a little more settled in his head and that makes it easier for him to do that magic thing with his fastball and curve.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛