What I forgot

Whenever I put off posting, I always forgot the highlights I was going to write. I’m just a fan and I concentrate on how I feel and view the game, but I like people to know that I am watching.

I was going to mention how Granderson crushed the ball in the first game, Alex in the second. OH well.

Today the Yankees played the Phillies. I didn’t watch, I was working and this time the Phillies won. The final score was 9-3. Most notable was the 6 run sixth inning. Bottom of the 6th started with the Yankees ahead 2-1, it started with the regular outfielders being replaced and Adam Miller came into pitch. It started off all right, Molina threw out Juan Pierre trying to steal second, one out. And then Miller started walking batters. He walked the next three batters. Then a single, then he hit the next batter. OUCH, and the Phillies take the lead. Juan Cedeno came in to replace Miller and the Phillies scored 4 more runs. The next inning with Cedeno still pitching the Phillies got 2 more runs. Not a good outing for the two. I don’t know anything about them, I didn’t even get to see them pitch so I have no idea how they looked. The numbers are terrible. But then again this is spring training, this is when you find out how everybody looks. I was actually laughing at the score, just spring training, time to get back in the swing. If it had been a regular season game however …..

Two pitchers that I wanted to see debut and didn’t were Michael Pineda and David Robertson. Pineda because I heard so much about him, then when I read he got Hunter Pence out, I tweeted “I think I love Pineda”. Although I think it is a little early to be calling Hunter Pence a “Yankee killer”. I wanted to see David’s debut because, well, just because. Of course he walked a batter. It happened to be Rollins and it cost him, and the Yankees a run. I’d like to say he’s getting it out of his system, but we all know how David is.

So that’s it for today. See you later.


Spring training

Baseball is back and I for one am very happy. I know this is ‘JUST’ spring training, it is still my Yankees on my TV. Yesterday was their first real spring training game, they played Friday but that was an exhibition game. Yesterday they played the Phillies at their park, today they are playing their ‘home opener’ of spring training, also against the Phillies.

My plan was to blog during the game like I do sometimes during the regular season, but as sometimes happens, something happened and I didn’t. I’m watching the game right now, all the starters are out so now we get to see what the new guys, the ones we might see if someone gets injured or later in the season. It is now 7-3 Yankees. The Phillies are dropping balls all over the place. Hunter Pence of the Phillies scored 2 runs. He also scored 2 runs yesterday. The first 2 runs yesterday both with a home run. Hunter Pence is my new least favorite player.

In off-season news, AJ and Jesus Montero were traded. AJ is now out for 8 to 10 weeks with a broken orbital bone. He hit it during a bunting contest. Why the Pirates let him participate boggles my mind. Jesus Montero was hit in the face during the first spring training game and had to leave the game. Coincidence or curse?

So this is my first official post of the 2012 season. Off to a great start!

6/18 NY Yankees 0 vs NY Mets 4 ~ My Heart ♡ Bleeds

for Javier Vazquez more so then for Andy Pettitte. Andy Pettitte pitched last night against the Philadelphia Phillies, score was 1-7. Which is a bigger loss you could argue, but Andy didn’t start the season to boos. Andy’s record is 8-2, and has an E.R.A. of 2.47 while Javy is at 6-5 with an E.R.A. of 5.43, on April 25th (if I’m reading the website correctly) his E.R.A. was 9.00. He has worked hard to bring it down, tonight he goes out and pitches his heart out, 7 innings and gives up 1 run. And what happens? No run support, bullpen gives up 3 runs in 2 innings and he gets the loss. If I was Javy, I would be saying F.M.L. right about now. I don’t think he would though, I think he would say, “Yeah sure, I’m disappointed, but that’s how it goes sometimes. You just put it behind you and go out the next time and try to win.”

He is a professional, when the defense makes an out he pats his glove like he’s clapping, runs to cover first base when Mark has to go to the side to catch a ground ball. And that is why, I’m not so sad at the Yankees losing tonight (still tied for first place) as much as I am sad that Javy got the loss.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

6/16 NY Yankees 3 vs Philadelphia Phillies 6 ~ Does A.J. have an evil twin?

I think he does. I really do, anyone who saw him pitch this game is most likely thinking that too. So instead of bad A.J. and good A.J., it A.J. and his evil twin. We just have to find out the name of this twin and figure out how to keep him off the mound.

The problem is, how do we determine if it A.J. or his twin before he starts to pitch? Identical twins have the same DNA so there goes that, sometimes they have different fingerprints (I learned that on Forensic Files). We need to fingerprint them to find out. Other then that I don’t know anyway to tell. What is weird is they have identical tattoos. That is pretty creepy.

If anyone has any suggestions, let me hear them.

Game #65; 41-24; .631; Tampa Bay lost so Yankees are still tied for 1st place.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

6/15 NY Yankees 8 vs Philadelphia Phillies 3 ~ The Doc Needs a Doc

Everyone said it would be a ‘classic’ pitchers duel, you know the kind of game where the batters are retired one two three, each inning and you read your book, or type on your blog or drag out your knitting, the first inning was that, then the top of the second, when the Yankees came up to bat bottom of the second, Yankees get on base and Brett Gardner hits a two run triple. Next inning, Curtis Granderson hits a home run, this just after one of the commenters stated Roy Halladay had never given up a home run to a lefty. Then in the same inning, Swisher() hits a 2 run home run, putting the Yankees up 5-0.

Fourth inning was not a good one for Sabathia, still, Phillies only got 3 runs off him, and that was it, while the Yankees went on to get 3 more, one of them a homer by Mark Teixeira on a pitch from Halladay and the final two runs batted in by Frankie off the Phillies reliever David Herndon. That was 3 homeruns against Halliday and he only lasted 6 innings. His second shortest outing. CC pitched 7 innings and got the win. Dave Robertson was in for the 8th and Chan Ho Park for the 9th.

I got the details here (the heart is my own) from Mark Feinsand’s live blog at Blogging The Bombers

Now for the personal stuff (well it wouldn’t be fan blog if I didn’t write about me). I missed my train, not a big problem since there is another won 20 minutes later, except it meant missing the first part of the game. As I was going to catch the train, I wanted a cookie, I decided a beer would have less points. (First week on WW) I got my light beer, told the vendor I didn’t need it opened, and a man standing there said something like “Gotta love a woman that carries a bottle opener.” I said to him, “Its a Yankee opener.” (Its my key ring, and are you surprised?) He said, with a grin, “Even better.”

When I got home the game was on and after I put my stuff down stairs I came up to watch, Curtis was up at bat, Halladay has never given up a homer to a lefty, the ball went into the stands. A few batters later, Swish comes up to bat, 2 run homer. I was so happy that as someone tweeted to me “Your Nicky waited for you!” Once again the heart is mine. When Mark hit the home run I came upstairs to high five Kasey. When Cervelli came up I asked if he ever hit home runs. Kasey said, he doesn’t need to, and no he didn’t.

Ninth inning, Ball game over. YANKEES.WIN.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

Those balls are coming fast

Another player hit with a ball, this time Yankees left-hander Damaso Marte, but he appears to have dodged serious injury. The ball was hit by Ryan Howard straight up the middle. It was interesting how MLB.com worded it “Ryan Howard singles on a line drive to first baseman Mark Teixeira, deflected by pitcher Damaso Marte.” Since he is not seriously hurt, just appears to be bruised, I will give it a lol.

damaso-marte-new-york-yankees-107jpg-f96e5223187358ba_large.jpgTuesday, March 16 was an evening game, but it was not televised here, not only that but I had to do something which meant I couldn’t even follow the tweets. Yankees won that game against Houston 4-1. Today’s game against the Phillies, Yankees lost, 6-2. Andy Pettitte started, then Damaso Marte, who faced four batters before he got hit, then Joba Chamberlain pitched 4 solid innings, giving up one run.

Next game is Thursday, March 18 at 7:05 p.m. against the Tampa Bay Rays I don’t know if it is being televised, but I won’t be home anyway. Javier Vazquez will be making his third start in Spring Training and Chan Ho Park is scheduled to make his first appearance.

~~and that’s all she wrote~~

Dear New York Yankees, (the team)

Yes all of you, listen up! You know I love you, all of you (OK so I have my favorites, doesn’t everybody?) And everyone tells me that Spring Training games don’t count, which is a good thing since the Twins not only shut you out they scored 11 runs in the process. But they do MATTER, they matter to me and I’m sure they matter to other fans too.

Then the next day in a split squad you did good, shut out the Pirates 6-0 and beat the Phillies 7-5. Yesterday’s wasn’t to bad, even though you lost to the Pirates 12-7 it wasn’t a curbstomping like before. But with a split squad you beat them! What’s the problem, are you having difficulties playing nice together?

Today you play the Tigers, Johnny Damon won’t be playing, he stubbed his toe (?) and I would like you to win. If you don’t I will just repeat my new mantra, Spring training games don’t count.

Love, your devoted fan ~ Foxx

~~and that’s all she wrote~~

World Series Game 5

Yes I know this is a late entry about game 5. The series is over and Yankees are champions for the 27th time. 

I really wanted the Yankees to win this. But A.J. just wasn’t on his game tonight. I just had to post though, because of all the nonsense about bad calls.
The first was when Victorino (?) got hit by a ball, and everyone kept saying A.J. hit him with the ball. Well, I saw the pitch over and over again and when he went to bunt the ball he moved his hand in front of the ball. So I don’t think it was A.J. fault, but he still got blamed for it. 
Second was a double play and Yankee runner at second (I don’t remember who) was called out, but the baseman was straddling the bag, he never tagged it. 
So I hope no one faults me for being late but I was upset after the game and just didn’t feel like posting. I will be back for the Game 6 post, but I have pictures to include.

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~ 

World Series Game 4

So I was wrong about Yankees in four, but it might end up being Yankees in five. 

The game got off to a good start with Jeter and Damon getting on base, then with Teixeira getting a hit and Derek scoring. Alex got hit by a ball (again!). Despite chants from the crowd, “Yankees suck!’ Posada hit a sacrifice fly and Damon scored, Yankees 2, Phillies 0. Phillies scored so at the ending of the inning, 2-1 Yankees.
Score stayed the same until the fourth inning, thanks in large part to Mark ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ Teixeira. Then the Phillies tied it up, but the runner never tagged home plate. Umpire called him safe though. In the fifth inning Swisher scores, then Cabrera scores, he missed home plate running in, turns around and stepped on the plate. End of the fifth, 4-2 Yankees.
Home runs in the 7th and 8th tied the score 4-4. Then the Yankees battled back, with two outs in the ninth inning Damon got on 1st base. Mark Teixeira was the next at bat, Damon stole second, with the player off the base and no one covering third, he kept running to third base. Then Mark got hit by a ball. So we had runners on 1st and 3rd. 
Alex Rodriguez came up to bat, through the TV screen I told him to hit the ball, and he delivered! Damon scored, Mark advanced to third, Alex on second. Then Posada came up and hit a line drive, Mark scored, Alex scored, Posada was tagged out at second. 7-4 Yankees. Mariano came in to close. Yankees 7, Phillies 4. Yankees one win away from World Champions!
World Series 2009
Phillies 1, Yankees 3

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~ 

Thoughts on Game 3

I like watching the video clips on MLB. Not to see if the umpires made bad calls (cause we already know they do). I just like watching some scenes over and over. Like this one. 


I was trying to figure out how Swisher ended up rolling over his head like that. So I just kept watching the video clip until I figured it out. When he slid in, he ended up with his leg over the catcher’s and when the catcher stood up he just rolled Swisher butt over head. It didn’t seem to bother Swisher as he went on to hit a home run later.