5/4 NY Yankees 4 vs Baltimore Orioles 1

A.J. was a beast tonight, an absolute beast. And I have no idea why that is considered a good thing, but it is. He is now 4-0 for the season, his ERA is 1.99.

In addition to Curtis being on the D.L., Posada was out with calf tightness (or as someone said, his calf was barking) so Cervelli was catching tonight and what a phenomenal job he did. And Mo has pain in his side, he says not like during the Series when he had a pulled muscle but bothersome. He threw some in the bullpen but Girardi didn’t really want him pitching in the game, so Joba came in for the save and got the job done.

Cervelli made some great offensive plays but what was really neat was going for a pop up foul he fell into the dugout, kind of slid down the railing the coaches all grabbed him and he help up his mitt, there was the ball. Afterward he said he knew they would catch him.

Since Curtis is on the DL an outfielder, Greg Golson was called up. I have never heard of him. Anyway, A.J. was taken out in the eighth inning, I forget who was pitching and the batter hit a long high fly ball to center field, Golson caught it in the warming track, then they showed A.J. in the dug out, watching the ball, go go go get caught, he laughs then big whoosh of relief. Almost saw his win go bye bye, or at least get tied up.

On a personal note, I finally figured out what the numbers mean when the reporters give the starting line up, for example, todays lineup, Jeter DH, Swisher 9, Teixeira 3, Rodriguez 5, Cano 4, Thames 7, Gardner 8, Cervelli 2, Pena 6, Burnett 1. Jeter is the Designated Hitter, but I couldn’t figure out why Swisher was 9, Teixeira 3 etc, then I figured out the number is the position they are playing. 1=pitcher, 2=catcher, 3=1st base, 4=2nd base, 5=3rd base, 6=SS, 7=left field, 8=center field, 9=right field (I know I am probably the last person here to figure this out, just let me have my moment), now that I have that figured out, now I understand with they refer to a double play as a 6-4-3 or 5-6-3, they are SS to 2nd base to 1st base. I just love it when I can figure these things out.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote