5/16 NY Yankees 3 vs Minnesota Twins 6

Another series that the Yankees won but did not sweep. I will take the series win. It was actually a historic day, Mariano Rivera walked a batter with bases loaded and then gave up a home run, also with the bases loaded. Which is how we went from a 2 run lead to losing the game by 3 runs. As I said, a historic game, just not the history we wanted to see. 

If I was a superstitious person, I would say I am bad luck, since the only game of this series I watched they lost, and for a while it seemed they only hit home runs when I wasn’t watching. But then I think back to the games I watched that they won, and realize its not so. However if I watch tomorrow and Red Sox win, I will never watch a game again. I am willing to make that sacrifice so my boys will win games. 

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote