The Yankees won?

Not wanting to stay in this hot apartment today (July 4, so yesterday actually), I have AC but whenever it is on I see dollar bills floating up and away, far far away, I decided to walk around the city. So after I dyed my hair (such an exciting life I live) I left and headed toward the park, actually I was headed toward Beard Papa’s but it’s on the other side of the park. I made it through the Park without ending up on the same side I started on. That is more difficult then it sounds, normally I make a big loop when I walk through Central Park, starting on 5th Ave and ending up a few blocks up or down, but still on 5th. I have a tendency to ramble while walking and writing blog posts.

The game was on my mind, but since the Yankees ALWAYS lose in Tampa, (don’t yell at me, can you say 9 game losing streak? I’m not giving any credit to the Rays, hate hate HATE) I decided not to watch, not to follow on Gameday, just walk around, maybe catch a minor league game, but there again, SO HOT TODAY. Of course there is always Twitter, one of the beat writers keeps us apprised of the various hate trains (I have his tweets sent to my phone). So I knew pretty much what was happening. Phelps was pitching amazingly, not as amazing as David Price (can’t really blame that on the Trop I guess), the Rays got a run in the 4th, one run for Phelps. Then a home run from Teixeira in the 7th, tied game. Then the tweet: Logan kicks the dirt …. I didn’t really need to read more.

When it’s really hot, like it was today, I have this tummy issue, and for some reason beer helps make it go away. So by this time in the game I was looking for a bar, the first place was recommended by someone on twitter, I walked up the stairs and put my hand on the door to go in and got rained on. Fine, the ceiling leaked, water I hope, so I ran out and went down the street down about a block. I found a Korean place that serves Korean food and American craft beer. Standing at the door I looked up at this huge TV screen with baseball players running across home plate. Players that did not have ‘Rays’ on their chest, it was now 4-3 Yankees, top of the 8th. I walked in to get a beer and watch the rest of the game, still thinking, they could lose this, they always lose at the Trop. Well not today. And here is another example of wins not being a true indicator of a pitchers worth, the pitcher that gave up the go-ahead runs to the Rays was the same pitcher that got the win.

Two more things, for those of you on the Russell Martin hate train, don’t stop here you are not welcome. You think Stewart should be the everyday catcher? Are you on crack? His defense is not up to Martin’s numbers, Martin has 4 errors this year and so does Stewart who has played a third of the games Martin has. Yes he has a better ratio of throwing out runners stealing bases, he also has caught a lot of games for just one pitcher, and how much of catching a base stealer has to do with the speed of the ball to the plate? Don’t runners go on the pitch? They are typically running on the pitcher, even though the catcher gets the stat, it’s not all on him.

The other thing, if you have a sports blog check out Sportsrantz it is a network of sports blogs and a social site to share blog posts. They invited me to bring this blog over there, more exposure I guess. I wonder if they have actually read this blog. 😛


Season ends with a bang

~~ Rays 8, Yankees 7 ~~

For the Rays, who swept the Yankees and are going to the post-season. They will be playing the Texas Rangers. Yankees will be playing the Detroit Tigers.

This was a crazy game, by the 5th inning the Yankees had scored 7 runs. The Rays didn’t even start scoring until the 8th inning. Then they tied it on the last strike of the ninth inning. Extra innings and a home run to score it. Before this happened, the Baltimore Orioles had come from behind to win their game in the 9th inning. This knocked the Red Sox out of the playoffs. In the National League, Atlanta was 1 strike away from winning their game, and lost it. I’m only sorry about that because my friend Gersh is a Braves fan, other than that, I hate the Braves. Almost as much as I hate the Red Sox.

Mark Teixeira hit home runs 38 and 39, bringing the total of my Harlem RBI donation to $585 for the regular season. I plan to continue making donations into the post season. Andruw Jones also hit a home run.

Nunez has a grand total of 20 errors for the season.

Pretty sure this blog post sucks. But I’m too tired to think right now. See you in the post-season.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Wednesday, September 28, 2011 😛

Record setting rookie

~~ Yankees 8, Orioles 3 ~~

It feels strange to be calling Nova a rookie, since he pitched last season, but that’s what he is, he made his major league debut on May 13, 2010. So he’s been in the big league for over a year, maybe you’re a rookie for two years? I don’t know, but he has now won 7 straight games and the one before was a no-decision and two wins before that.

Baltimore scored runs in the first two innings, but then Granderson hit a 2 run home run in the third to take the lead, only to see the Orioles tie it in the bottom of the third, then the game stayed tied until the 6th inning when Cano, Swisher, and Andruw hit home runs, consecutively. You could have stuck a fork in the Orioles then, but Granderson wasn’t done and hit another home run in the 7th inning.

Then in the 8th Nova let two men get on base. David Robertson was called in and because he really likes to work under pressure, he let another man get on base. So now it was bases loaded, no outs. Finally when and only when the conditions were as Dave likes them he struck out the next three batters. Noesi threw 11 pitches in the 9th to end the game. Nova gets win #14.

On Twitter, someone said Noesi was Nova’s twin, I don’t see it, do you?

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

NYY at Minny ~ Thursday, August 18, 2011

~~ Yankees 8, Twins 4 ~~

The big man steps up and gets it done (17). Holding the Twinkies to 4 runs. Robertson and Wade also got it done with their scoreless innings.

The bats helped with Mark, Nick and Andruw each hitting a home run.

Nunez is up to 16 errors.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

New York Yankees at Kansas City ~ Monday, August 15, 2011

~~ Yankees 7, Royals 4 ~~

There are boxes all over my apartment, and as I unpack I keep discovering I need things. This night it was plastic bags to store my winter stuff in. I don’t know what I will do with them when winter is here. That is why I was watching this game in a little Italian restaurant on Lexington. As I ate dinner AJ lost the lead, I was mad and said, “He’s gonna lose the game.” Before I left the restaurant however, the Yankees regained the lead, and never lost it.

So A.J. gets his first win in August as a Yankee. I am so glad to see he got run support, from Brett, Derek Andruw, and Mark. All of them with RBI tonight.

First game of the series goes to the Yankees. Good start.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Double Header ~ Game 2 ~ Saturday, July 30, 2011

~~ Yankees 17, Orioles 3 ~~

Of the 17 runs scored in this game, 12 were in the first innings. The Yankees set a franchise record in this game, they have never scored 12 in the first inning before. This was also the second game of a double header. Yeah, they were supposed to lose this game. I guess they didn’t get the memo.

Despite having a (to start) 12 run lead, Nova pitched like the game depended on every pitch he threw only giving up 2 runs, Ayala gave up one and Soriano, fresh from the D.L. pitched a scoreless 9th.

Cano went 5 for 5, Swisher and Jones went deep. It was kind of fun keeping track of all those runs.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

CC comes through ~ Saturday, July 16, 2011

~~ Yankees 4, Blue Jays 1 ~~

As expected CC held the Blue Jays to 1 run and got enough run support to win. Big Stoppa stopped the losing streak. I still think the fake grass is affecting them though.

CC pitched 8 innings, once again saving the bull pen and now has 14 wins this season and Mariano picks up his 23rd save.

Jones, Nunez and Jeter all brought in runs, Brett Gardner is up to 24 stolen bases and Nunez now has 12 errors. *heavy sigh* Oh and Cervelli also stole a base. No Cervelli hate here, not allowed.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Oh Colon ~ Thursday, July 14, 2011

~~ Blue Jays 16, Yankees 7 ~~

It is one of those sentences that can have two meanings, depending on how its said. It can mean you did good, or it can mean the total opposite. This was not a good oh Colon, this was more of a Oh Colon wtf is wrong with you? Although in his defense, of the eight runs he gave up in the first inning, only two were earned, which means the defense sucked. Kasey blamed the astroturf, our boys are used to playing on real grass and dirt. Whatever the reason, Colon was not sharp and the boys seemed to be sleeping. 3 errors in the game by the Yankees.

Colon didn’t even last the first inning, Ayala came in, then Noesi, both gave up runs, but in the 3rd inning the Yankees started a rally with a home run from Andruw Jones. By inning 6 the Yankees were within 2 runs of the Blue Jays. Then it all fell apart.

You know I love the Yankees and will defend the players, most of the time. Mitre is awful, I don’t know why the Yankees got him back. I almost agree with the people who say Sergio in, GAME OVER. 5 hits, 4 runs in less then two innings.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

No haters or blame casters ~ Friday, June 3, 2011

~~ Angels 3, Yankees 2 ~~

Yes, the Yankees lost and Nova gets the loss but let’s not just blame him. I get so sick of people who have to blame someone. Giradi is to blame for letting him stay in too long, or taking him out to soon, or for consulting his binder when he should have gone with his gut. Or Girardi doesn’t know baseball and shouldn’t be managing a team. I mean he only managed them to one world series!

Or it’s the offense, no one is hitting the ball, or they’re not hitting hard enough, or they’re hitting it in the wrong spot! Or it’s Swisher’s fault, he’s not hitting enough home runs, or doubles or triples. Let’s send him to the minors, or back to Chicago or make him fold towels. And put Dickerson in right field instead of Swisher, put Swisher on the bench he’s useless! I actually read a comment on that said, “dump posada.swisher,jones,jeter,and get at least one reliable left hand releiver.” Like none of them are doing anything and Logan is unreliable. I know Logan’s ERA is high, but there is time for him to heat up.

Nova did not pitch great, but as David Cone said, Young pitchers have to get experience pitching in the big leagues. Yankees are not 10 games behind, so now is the time to let him pitch and get his experience. And he is getting better.

The bottom line is, the Yankees lost because they scored 2 runs and the Angels scored 3 and that is the end of the story. Losses happen, like shit happens. You get up, pull up your big girl panties and go on. Tomorrow is another day and another game.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

No sweep, for the Mariners, Yankee bats come alive ~ May 29

~~ Yankees 7, Mariners 1 ~~

The third inning was fun, after the bases were loaded Andruw Jones hit a bases clearing double, then Nunez hit a triple driving in Jones. So the Yankees scored 5 runs in that inning, then another in the fourth. The Mariners scored 1 run.

Which is why we call CC big stoppa, picked up his 6th win and maintained his streak of wins in Seattle. He pitched 8 solid innings and then Lance Pendleton pitched a scoreless ninth. So if that bum hadn’t hit a homerun, CC would have had a shutout.

He made an amazing fielding play, he caught the ball, threw it to Cervelli who tagged the runner and then threw the ball to Mark for the double play.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛