The most wonderful time of the year.

Today I downloaded the regular season calendar to my phone, for the second time. Fortunately I figured out how to delete one.

Unlike previous years, this download does not include spring training games. Opening day for the Yankees is April 1, April Fool’s day. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.

In an attempt to be more regular in my blogging I am trying to not worry about how good my writing is, just going to do it and not stress over it.



Whenever I see a Yankee hat I wonder “Are they really a Yankee fan or are they just wearing the hat for a fashion statement?” It is the best known brand symbol in the world and maybe some people think, since they are in NY they should identify themselves as Yankee fans, even if they are not. After all, the hats can be found pretty cheap if you know where to look.

Before you think I am an arrogant Yankee fan, I asked some friends of mine who live in London, as in, they have lived in the UK all their life, why most people from England are either Yankee fans or Red Sox fans, and he told me, Those are the only two teams I know. Sort of proves my point about how well known the Yankee logo is known.

Philthy Phil

Most of the time I don’t go to Mets vs. Yankees games. Mainly because as a general rule Mets fans are obnoxious. There are of course exceptions, I do know some nice Mets fans, like I know some nice Red Sox fans etc. When a friend called asking me if I wanted to go to the game, I said Yes, of course. I don’t usually turn down invitations to the game, especially from this guy since his tickets include the Audi club and Mohegan Sun Sports Bar Access. At this point I should probably say, my win lose ratio going with this friend is more losses then wins so I was a little apprehensive since Phil was pitching. I know he pitched a complete game shut out in Detroit, but I was wearing my lucky #52 Ravens shirt during that game.

However, I really like going to games so at 4:30 I headed up to the Bronx to meet my friend. We went in around 6 and walked to the Mohegan Sun Sports bar. It was Military Appreciation night and the Golden Knights were parachuting in, from Mohegan Sun you can see right out into center field so we got a good view of them landing. It was thrilling as always. Then on to our seats for the game.

Yankees scored first, then when a Mets player hit a home run the Mets fans went crazy. Like no one has ever hit a home run off Phil Hughes before? Been there, seen that, next page please. Phil gives up a home run almost every game. The game was now tied and in the 6th another home run by the Mets put them ahead 2-1. The Met crowd went crazy again. It didn’t last long, Mark Teixeira hit a two run blast in the bottom of the 6th to put the Yankees ahead. Then a home run by Curtis in the 8th put the score to 4-2 Yankees. I was happy about this, so often when a team loses the pitcher is blamed even when he pitched well. Even when Phil pitches well, but gets no run support and I hear, “He’s no good.” Even my date said, “Would you trust Phil on the mound?” Yes I would (followed by a punch). He only got a little run support this time, but it was enough to win, because he only gave up 2 runs. The fact that the two homers were single shots means he wasn’t letting anyone on base. He was doing his job, the bats need to pick it up and do their jobs! I can say this and not be blamed for throwing anyone under the bus because I am a fan and entitled to my opinion. However biased it may be.

We ended up the game in the Audi club, it was humid in the seats. I wanted ice cream but they don’t serve sweets in the Audi club. The bartender is a friend of my date’s so she gave me Girl Scout Thin Mints and a little mini cupcake. I tried the Sangria which was supposed to be really good, alas it tasted to much like wine. My date was annoyed that they let ‘fans of other teams’ in the Audi club, I guess he’s a little more hard core than I am. Overall I had a good time and it was a good game, if a little nerve wracking at times. However in close games I kind of like it when the Yankees take the lead in the last half of the game, less time to lose it. There was one other thing I didn’t like, before the game I saw this tank top outside a store on River St., it was grey and cut away in the back so my tattoos will show. I didn’t pick it up because I wanted to make sure I had enough money for the game, then after the game, it wasn’t out there anymore so I couldn’t get it. Hopefully it will still be there next game I go to.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Off day

The Yankees were off today. Nick was posting quizzes and polls on Facebook, Curtis was looking for soul food. I don’t know what the rest were doing.

After work I went to Target to get shampoo and cat litter, that is where I saw these. That is why the Yankees are such a financial empire, they know how to market. And no, I did not buy these shampoo. I need shampoo for colored hair.

Tomorrow night the Yankees will be playing the Royals. My regular posting will resume then.

Yankee Universe and Dream Team 25

This is my new Yankee Universe card. This is the third year I have been a member. I really like this card. It’s much prettier then the previous one.

On another random baseball matter, on twitter I follow a person, J-Boogie who also writes a blog Baseball & The Boogie Down check them out. Anyway, he gave me this great idea, he (and some others, you can see on his blog) is donating $15 to Curtis Granderson’s charity for each home run Curtis hits.

So I decided to make my donations to Dream Team 25, Mark Teixeira’s charity for each home run he hits. The only problem is his website it set up to accept donations in $25 dollar increments and I was planning on $15 per home run. So I will have to figure something out.

Tickets are here

Kasey got hers and I got mine, this is what mine look like, since I got them online from StubHub. Kasey’s look like regular tickets and have different Yankees on them. They have: Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Alex Rodriguez, A.J. Burnett, Robinson Cano, Jorge Posada, Phil Hughes, Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher, CC Sabathia, Joe Girardi and Mark Teixeira. That’s a lot of Yankees. But then she got a lot of tickets. She has already gotten rid of the ones we can’t use, all that left is fighting over who gets to go to what game.

But what me so excited right now is OPENING DAY! I know I said I wasn’t going to buy a new shirt, but Kasey kept saying she wanted a new sweatshirt, which I kept saying I would buy for her, so we went to the Yankee store. She didn’t find anything she wanted but I saw a sign that said ‘50%’ hanging on the hanger for this darling jersey. Of course, opening day is not going to be nice enough to wear it, or my Swisher jersery, but I’ll have it for later in the year.

And then, since Kasey doesn’t want me to buy her a shirt, yesterday I bought myself some sapphire earrings. That’s close to Yankee Blue isn’t it?

4/9 New York Yankees 3 @ Tampa Bay Rays 9

My new Yankee stuff came today, I ordered a World Series Shirt, a headband and earrings. I wore the headband and earrings during the game. Second series of the season and not a very good start for the Yankees. I get a laugh out of people who act like its the end of the world when the Yankees lose. This is April, 158 games to go. Everyone is finding their rhythm, it is not time to panic or start cutting players lose.

Had a minute of hope, the bases were loaded and Nick was up. I was hoping he would hit that ball, just smack it over the wall, it didn’t happen.

The big story right now, kind of a controversy, are the statements of an umpire about the length of the Red Sox vs. New York games, in part he said: “They’re the two clubs that don’t try to pick up the pace,” said West, chief of the umpiring crew that worked the three-game series in Boston. He was the home plate umpire Sunday. “They’re two of the best teams in baseball. Why are they playing the slowest?

“It’s pathetic and embarrassing. They take too long to play.”

It was a topic on twitter most of the day, it was being joked about by some of the reporters I follow, the announcers were also talking about it. Most couldn’t believe he actually said something publicly about it. The Yankees and the Red Sox both had pretty much the same thing to say about it, neither team could understand why he said it, and that they don’t intentionally drag out the game. Part of the problem is the commercial breaks are two minutes and 25 seconds for national television games, which is 20 seconds longer than a game that is only on local television outlets. Something both teams mentioned.

Kasey said she thinks the fans should decide if the games are too long. If you are watching it at home you can turn off the TV. If you are at a game you can leave.

Next game is tomorrow afternoon also in Tampa Bay.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

Tomorrow Night! Can’t wait!


I am almost ready for opening day. I just have to fix my earrings. Then I will be glued here in front of my TV, with my laptop open waiting for great things to happen. And they will happen.

CC is starting against … Josh Beckett ace for ORTNE, they gave the first three game match ups during the game today but I don’t remember. I looked them up, A.J. Burnett faces Jon Lester on Tuesday and Andy Pettitte faces John Lackey Wednesday. I don’t know why they put it that way, its not like the pitchers actually pitch against each other. Well I guess they do.

I printed our tickets off and gave Kasey’s hers. I also ordered another pair of earrings, a headband and a World Series t-shirt. I have a sweat shirt hoodie, but not a t-shirt. I really can’t wait! 

~~and that’s all ~ she wrote ~~

Still waiting

Kasey and I really want to go to the home opener. So we are waiting for Spring Training to start and waiting for tickets to go on sale. 

While waiting for spring training and the tickets. I have a few things I have to do. Last Saturday I put a deposit on a blue diamond. In two weeks I am going to get my right ear pierced at the top in the cartilage and the blue diamond earring will be worn there. Blue for the Yankees. Then I will have 10 piercings. One for each player on the field and the manager. Or the closer, however you want to spin it. 
Also I have to fix my Yankee earrings. One broke during last years playoffs. I don’t remember which series, I just remember they won that day, that is why I haven’t fixed them before now.

~~and that’s all she wrote~~

So much for …

my thought that I wouldn’t be blogging here until baseball started again. I mean I have another blog for non-baseball things so I don’t need to blog them here. But things keep happening.

I ordered a 2009 World Series Patch. Actually I ordered 2, one for Kasey and one for me. She said she is going to put hers on her bulletin board at work, I decided to put mine on my denim jacket instead of my Yankee jacket. Right now it is just stuck on there with the sticky stuff that was on the back, I was going to sew it on, but I don’t have any blue thread. I think the sticky stuff will hold it until I get some thread since I am not going to be wearing it right now, too cold for a thin denim jacket.

~~and that’s all she wrote~~