Making a start

~~ Yankees 9, Royals 7 ~~

Ivan Nova was not his sharp self tonight. You can see that by the fact the Royals got 7 runs, the game went up and down. KC got 2 runs in the first inning, then in the top of the 3rd Yankees scored 3 runs pulling 1 run ahead. Then in the bottom of the ย 3rd the Royals got the runs back. Then the next turn up for the Yankees, they got their two runs back, they had two men on base, the announcer’s mentioned the KC pitcher had that look, he was afraid he was going to cough up the lead. Robinson Cano came up to bat, 12 pitches later, he sent one over the fence. That was if for Duffy. But not for Ivan, he was in till the bottom of the 6th when he gave up 2 runs, so Joe pulled him and put in Boone Logan. {{No hate allowed, you support a team, you support all the players, (I will forgive you if you dislike Mitre)}}. Boone made quick work of the last two batters.

That was it for the Royals, Yankees got one more in the seventh and won the game.

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The Mariners have King Felix ~ Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~~ Mariners 9, Yankees 2 ~~

Tonight the Yankees had Phil Hughes. Unfortunately, things didn’t go the Yankees way tonight. I have read some things on Twitter about how “Hughesssss-less” he is, but is you look at his line, he was effective just had no run support and the bull pen, “coughed up the lead”. Phil had two runs charged to him in 6 innings. Noesi gave up 2 runs in one inning, yet all I hear is how bad Phil is and how good everyone else is (except of course Mitre). Even if they had been held to 2 runs, the game would have been tied since our bats were just sticks of wood tonight.

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A better game? ~ Friday, July 15, 2011

~~ Blue Jays 7, Yankees 1 ~~

After all Yankees only lost by 6 runs. Oh give me a break, I know its unacceptable. Kind of like waxing your beard or head. I just saw that on TruTV. Defense was a little better this game, but the offense stank and Garcia was not his usual self. I still maintain the boys need fresh air, real grass and dirt.

Wade came in for the 6th and 7th innings, the Sergio (again! Hopefully Joe is doing this to wear out his arm so he can’t pitch.

CC pitches Saturday. That will stop the bleeding.

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Oh Colon ~ Thursday, July 14, 2011

~~ Blue Jays 16, Yankees 7 ~~

It is one of those sentences that can have two meanings, depending on how its said. It can mean you did good, or it can mean the total opposite. This was not a good oh Colon, this was more of a Oh Colon wtf is wrong with you? Although in his defense, of the eight runs he gave up in the first inning, only two were earned, which means the defense sucked. Kasey blamed the astroturf, our boys are used to playing on real grass and dirt. Whatever the reason, Colon was not sharp and the boys seemed to be sleeping. 3 errors in the game by the Yankees.

Colon didn’t even last the first inning, Ayala came in, then Noesi, both gave up runs, but in the 3rd inning the Yankees started a rally with a home run from Andruw Jones. By inning 6 the Yankees were within 2 runs of the Blue Jays. Then it all fell apart.

You know I love the Yankees and will defend the players, most of the time. Mitre is awful, I don’t know why the Yankees got him back. I almost agree with the people who say Sergio in, GAME OVER. 5 hits, 4 runs in less then two innings.

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It would have been nice ~ Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~~ Indians 5, Yankees 3 ~~

Today was Phil’s first game after being on the D.L. for, oh I can’t remember how long, and it would have been nice if the Yankees had SCORED some runs for him. Considering we now have Mitre in the pen, we need runs, lots and lots of them. If it hadn’t been for Mitre, it would have been a tie game in the 9th and the Yankees would have had a chance to come back in extra innings. No Hughes command was not good and his ERA is huge, but in 5 innings only gave up 2 runs. I read some comment that Logan should be shipped out. Well excuse me but the one run Logan gave up was a home run, not only did Mitre walk 3 batters, in an inning and a third, one of the runs the Indians scored against him was walked in.

Excuse me for ranting about Sergio, but right now I have to be mad at someone and he is the one pitcher I feel is most to blame for tonight’s loss. Not only that, but this loss hurts because we lost the series and the Red Sox won tonight.

Tomorrow I should be in a better mood. But just in case, proceed with caution.

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Welcome back Mr. Colon ~ Saturday, July 2, 2011

~~ Yankees 5, Mets 2 ~~

There are two maybe three stories about this game. It was the first game for Colon off the D.L. What is significant is he didn’t have any rehab starts, even so he pitched like he had never been gone. His numbers are 5 innings pitched, 5 hits, no runs, no errors, no walks and 6 strikeouts, 2.88 ERA and 1.06 WHIP. Welcome back Mr Colon, we missed you. Cory Wade pitched 2 scoreless innings. Sergio Mitre, who had been traded and was with the Brewers is back, amazingly the Yankees acquired him during the series with the Brewers. He did not pitch amazingly.

The Yankees were scoreless until the 6th inning. And then in the big ball park, the one stupid Mets fans say is a real ballpark, the one with the court order against it for violating State law, the one that NO ONE can hit a home run in, Granderson hit a home run. Yes the Grandyman can, then Mark got on base, then Alex, then Cano hit a two-run RBI triple. Then Cano scores on a sacrifice fly by Nick Swisher. Because that ball park is so huge, if you hit it to the warning track, they can’t throw it in. And just like that, the score was 4-0 Yankees. And stayed that way until the 9th when, Eduardo Nunez hits a home run. Now the score is 5-0 top of the ninth and Mitre comes into pitch. SIGH

Good thing we had a 5 run lead.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010 ~ Hope Week and other thoughts

~~Yankees 11, Tigers 5~~

This morning I told my boss I expected a fight in the Bronx. I wasn’t necessarily referring to a ‘hard fought’ ball game. I was thinking of a literal fight. Considering this is “Hope Week“, it is probably a good thing that the ‘beat down’ came in the form of 9 runs in one inning. Every Yankee except Pena got a run in that inning. Cano got two, one from a single off Posada and the 2nd run a home run, hit by him to Monument Park.

Mitre came in to pitch after Hughes came out. I think they may have taken him out because the Yankees were so far ahead (11-2) and the Yankees are concerned about his innings limit. In the 3 innings Mitre pitched, he gave up more runs then Hughes gave up in 6. But Joe only used the two pitchers, which is good for the bullpen.

This isn’t a sweep so no broom, but Yankees did win this series. Pulling them a half game ahead of Tampa Bay, and with Tampa Bay’s lose to the Athletics, now a full game ahead. The Red Sox lost to the Los Angeles Angels. That calls for a little celebration.

Today’s game was a day game and I didn’t have any score sheets. I usually print them up before the game. So I drew boxes on a piece of paper, as I was doing this my boss came by. “What are you doing?” “Nothing” I said as I attempted to hide the paper, he came closer and looked and smiled, “Oh you’re doing your score sheet.” He then mentioned buying a score book, which I had thought about but didn’t know where to find one. He knows because he played on the company softball team and they keep score. Interestingly, he doesn’t know how to keep score himself. He says he wants to learn so he can teach his son when he gets older.

By the 8th inning I had to leave, I walked over to the subway station and into the sports bar next to it so I could watch the end of the game. Then I went to Modells to get a score book. I saw these last two items on Twitter. I have to agree with the second one. With Andy out and having to rely on Moseley means having to rely on the bullpen, a lot. That worries me a little.

YESNetwork: The Yankees bullpen has quietly rounded into a shape befitting a viable contender, writes @jay_jaffe :

YESNetwork: With Pettitte out until September, the Yankees have the makings of a pitching problem, writes @riveraveblues —

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Monday, August 16, 2010 ~ Yankees, its time to WAKE UP!

~~Tigers 3, Yankees 1~~

This was sad, truly sad. Javier was not pitching great, giving up a base hit then a home run in the second inning, by the fourth inning his pitch count was up to 106 and he was out of there, but the offense was horrible. The only run was a gift, a bases loaded walk.

Sergio Mitre and Kerry Wood pitched (together) 4 scoreless innings. Then Joba came in for the ninth and gave up a home run, he then proceeded to strike out the next two batters. You can’t really put all the blame on Joba, after all, Miguel Cabrera is a home run hitter, (28 for the season? Yeah I guess so) and it really didn’t affect the outcome of the game. But I still hate him.

This was Johnny Damon’s first game in the Bronx as a Tiger, he got a nice ovation, people had signs and were wearing his jersey. It amuses me, Javier was booed because he gave up a run in 2004, and the player who hit the home run, gets a warm welcome from these same fans.

And I discovered another use for scoring. When you don’t want to watch the game, cause your team is suckinglosing, you can color in the boxes on the score-sheet and therefore not look at the T.V.

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