5/5 NY Yankees 7 vs Baltimore Orioles 5

Game Wrapup

Broom.gifAlmost lost this one, they were ahead 6-1 at one point, Andy Pettitte left the game after 5 innings (OK if I believed in curses, I would say it was the SI curse, but since I don’t, I won’t say: “Put Jeter in a bubble! NOW!”) with soreness in his arm. Dave Robertson gave up two home runs in the 8th, then they got 2 runs in the 9th. Fortunately the Yankees got another run in the 8th, Alfredo Aceves got the last outs of the game to save the win for Andy.

Some of those details may be wrong. If you want to know what happened you can go to the wrap up.

I missed the first part of the game, including the home runs by Nick Johnson and Nick Swisher. I didn’t miss Mark Teixeira’s two run double, very sweet, and most of Nicky’s GREAT catches.

Yesterday I saw a trivia contest to win tickets, I knew the answer, but then realized I couldn’t accept the tickets since they were for today’s game and I needed to be home today because D had his surgery yesterday. Then after that, one of my co-workers (who has season tickets) asked me if I would possibly be interested in going to the game (Tuesday) because his friends who get the tickets with him weren’t sure they were going, of course I couldn’t because of D and his surgery. I cried. Not on the outside, but inside I was crying and cursing D and his prostate.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote