Double header

Monday originally was a day off for the Yankees. The weather had other ideas and rained out two games in April, therefore on Monday the Yankees played a double-header to make up the games. It was a single admission double header which means the fans in Cleveland got to see two games for the price of one.

First game

~~ Indians 1, Yankees 0 ~~

Second game

~~ Yankees 7, Indians 0 ~~

It’s not unusual for teams to split a double header. What I’m going to talk about is the pitching. David Phelps came up to the big leagues April 2012 as a reliever, as the season wore on he showed he had durability, lasting 4 or 5 innings in long relief and made a few starts. This year, in April he was also pitching in relief until our pitchers started dropping like flies. Then he was put in the rotation, he had a rocky first start, his start on this Monday was not rocky at all. The only run was a home run and if the Yankees HAD GOTTEN THEIR STUFF TOGETHER and actually scored some runs, he would have gotten the win since the bullpen didn’t give up any runs either. Phelps line: 6.2IP, 4H, 1R, 5BB, 7SO, 4.33ERA

March 20 the Yankees played the Red Sox in Spring Training. I looked at the line-up and said, “Who the hell is Vidal Nuno?” He pitched 5 scoreless innings that game. But I didn’t really expect to see him in the regular season. Absolutely he would not be starting any REAL games. So far he’s pitched 8 scoreless innings in the regular season. Monday he was the starting pitcher in the second game, a game that counts. Now I know who Vidal Nuno is. Nuno’s line: 5.0IP, 3H, 0R, 3BB, 3SO, 0.00ERA.

Adam Warren came into finish the game, his line: 4.0IP, 2H, 0R, 4SO, 1.45ERA. Nuno got his first big league win, and Warren got his first save of the season.

Between the two games the Indians gave Mariano Rivera a framed gold record of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.

~~ Yankees 4, Mariners 3 ~~

Today’s game I really thought the Mariners were going to win, they were ahead the whole game and Felix was pitching and he usually shuts down the bats. Which he did today until he left the game after 6 innings. CC also left after 6 but the Yankee bullpen is better than the Mariners. Also our pitchers know to NOT stand in front of first base when there is a base runner so your infield can get him out properly. In another example of a groan worthy headline, Robinson Cano tied the game and the MLB headline reads: “After aces exit, Yanks Rob a win.”

In other baseball news: Shane Victorino now knows where the visitors bullpen wall at Fenway is, and Bryce Harper knows where the right-field wall at Dodger stadium is. Guys, the outfield does not go on forever, the wall is hard and you may be super ball players but you are not superheroes.

photoAnd one last thing before I go, Yankees still in first place.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Game 39
Yankees 25-14 (0.641)


Game 2 in Cleveland

Rather sad in a way, how the Indians kind of didn’t show up for this game. Indian fever only lasts for 24 hours.

~~ Yankees 14, Indians 1 ~~

Andy Pettitte was dominant again and this game the bats really woke up. Everyone who said Cashman was making desperate purchases or was either taking too many pain pills or fell on his head can go eat their words.

First lets talk about Pettitte, his line: 7IP, 5H, 1ER, 3BB, 3K’s and 1HR. His ERA is still pretty minuscule, 1.20. He gave up the only run in the game a home run to Cabrera.

On the offense side, Cano was back at it hitting 2 for 4 with 5 RBI. 2 of those RBI were the result of a home run in the 4th off Carrasco. Ichiro also hit a home run off Carrasco who only lasted 3 2/3 inning, being thrown out in the 4th after Youkilis got hit by pitch. It was rather weird, the umpire tossed the ball back and threw the pitcher out, the pitcher who came in, Brett Myers, is a starting pitcher and was scheduled to start tomorrow. His next at bat Youkilis hit a 2-run home run, he has also hit safely in every game this season. Also hitting home runs were Overbay and Boesch. Home runs accounted for 8 of the 14 runs.

The three new guys, Hafner, Wells and Youkilis have so far this season hit 6 home runs, got 16 RBI and have a combined batting average of .360, yes that is a ‘small sample size’, still it shows what I have been saying all along, the Yankees can turn it around. They are now a .500 team and in second place. They win tomorrow they will have won the series and then can relax a bit. Except I don’t want them too. Let’s face it. Winning is fun.

In other news the Yankees have re-signed Clay Rapada, part of me says “WHY?” Yankees want another lefty in the pen. Ugh, O.K.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Game 8
Yankees 4-4 (0.500)

Robinson Cano and his sweet swing

The Indians home opener ended pretty much the same way as the Yankees home opener. With a loss for the home team. It was also a reunion of Nick Swisher, former Yankee with his old team, and Travis Hafner with his old team and fan base, Kevin Youkilis with Terry Francona.

~~ Yankees 11, Indians 6 ~~

Travis Hafner got some welcome home chants, then he hit a homerun, then the boos rained down. He said he kind of expected it because the fans in Cleveland are passionate. You could see that by how packed the stadium was. Both pitchers gave up 3 runs in the first inning. Kuroda however settled down and didn’t let anybody else score. Ubaldo Jimenez did not do so well. Of course Kuroda didn’t have to pitch to Robinson Cano.

Robinson Cano was hitting to the left and right, both ways, over the wall. Bringing awareness to the Indians and the people of Cleveland.

The game almost came apart in the 8th and 9th innings. Shawn Kelley gave up 3 runs and in the ninth, Joba came in and walked two. I was freaking, I told Kasey to talk to Joba, walks are going to be the death of me!

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Game 7
Yankees 3-4 (0.429)

Another Solo Game

This was another game that I got tickets to at the start of the season on a special deal. I got just one ticket because normally Kasey can’t make it to night games during the week. I don’t feel guilty about going with out since on occasion she goes to games without me. However the last game I went to alone I was bothered by the guy next to me. I had originally said harassed, but thinking back on it, bothered is a better word. This game was a different experience.

First my seats, I was sitting in the last row in the Grandstand. This is kind of my favorite row, I like looking out over the stadium and having no one higher than me (can you say “Princess”?). Then the man to the right of me was there with his daughter, not that he didn’t say a work to me, but he was in total Dad mode and his attention was focused on her. The guy on the other side of me was with his significant other (wife, girlfriend, date) and was an Indians fan (BOO), but he wasn’t obnoxious, I actually couldn’t tell for sure until about halfway through the game, and then they left about the 7th inning or so.

Weather. It was nice, no rain by the time the game started. It was very windy and I was worried about the temperature, but while a little on the cool side, I never got cold enough that I felt like leaving.

Promotion: I got a cool Yankee t-shirt free! Well, it’s a night shirt now. And it’s HOPE week. I kind of like HOPE week. I think it’s cool.

Game: Phil was pitching and he was back on his game. 8 shut-out innings and he got run support! This brings his record to 8-6. He was assisted by a catch that wasn’t. Another umpire error. A-Rod hit a home run. Ever since someone mentioned to me the Yankees wins and home runs, whenever a player hits a home run I think, “There’s the ballgame. Yankees are going to win.” In this game. like in other games, the team seemed to come alive in the 9th, I’m talking about the Indians. All four runs were scored in the 4th inning. Cory Wade was kind of off his game. No reason to boo him, well anyway, Sori came in and saved the game.

Since this game: Yankees swept the Indians. Wednesday CC was put on the DL with an adductor strain and will probably miss his next two starts, then in the fifth inning of the game Andy Pettitte got hit in the ankle. Diagnosis: fractured ankle, he’ll be out about 8 weeks. Now for our starting pitching we have to rely on Freddy Garcia and Adam Warren (Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre). I’m not expecting miracles, but unlike some other commenters, I also don’t think the Yankees will crash and burn. Garcia has been pitching well lately. I don’t know Warren, but the reports are he has been pitching well. Russell got run over by the Indians first baseman and now is out with back stiffness, he says the collision didn’t aggravate it but hmmmmm I wonder.

On a personal note, Wednesday I tried for a second time to go to a Brooklyn Cyclones game. This time I made it through the ceremonial first pitches. Then Sarah had to leave her mood had plummeted and the panic attack was heading toward major meltdown. Which happened in the Coney Island subway station. Horrible day. Then today was a horrible game and a tough loss. Some times it seems like the media is trying to start trouble between the players and managers with their questions. Then everyone gets on twitter and starts tweeting what they thought about this and that and what he said. It drives me crazy.

Last thing. Some people keep track of their ‘records’ attending games, so I went through and counted wins and loses for me. I have have stats through 2010. !0 wins, 4 losses. In 2011, 10 wins, 5 losses. So far this year, 8 wins, 3 losses.

And that’s all, going to bed now.

It would have been nice ~ Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~~ Indians 5, Yankees 3 ~~

Today was Phil’s first game after being on the D.L. for, oh I can’t remember how long, and it would have been nice if the Yankees had SCORED some runs for him. Considering we now have Mitre in the pen, we need runs, lots and lots of them. If it hadn’t been for Mitre, it would have been a tie game in the 9th and the Yankees would have had a chance to come back in extra innings. No Hughes command was not good and his ERA is huge, but in 5 innings only gave up 2 runs. I read some comment that Logan should be shipped out. Well excuse me but the one run Logan gave up was a home run, not only did Mitre walk 3 batters, in an inning and a third, one of the runs the Indians scored against him was walked in.

Excuse me for ranting about Sergio, but right now I have to be mad at someone and he is the one pitcher I feel is most to blame for tonight’s loss. Not only that, but this loss hurts because we lost the series and the Red Sox won tonight.

Tomorrow I should be in a better mood. But just in case, proceed with caution.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Are you ready? ~ Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~~ Yankees 9, Indians 2 ~~

As I am sitting here trying to come up with a title for this blog post, something other than, “CC gets run support again!” the song for the Lotto commercial keeps running through my head, “Are you ready? Are you ready? Get set, Ready get set lets go!” Or something like that. I hate the commercials, I think they are totally ignorant, but the song is catchy.

No one was really worried about this game, even with Cervelli catching and Jorge playing first base, since CC was pitching. The general consensus was, oh the Yankees will throw up about a million runs with Big Stoppa on the mound, and they did. Win #12 for the big guy. I don’t have the average number of runs the Yankees have scored with CC pitching, but I know its high. Like I said, the more confidence the guys have in the pitcher, the better they play. I just hope Phil Hughes gets support his first game back.

The last time the Yankees faced Carrasco was on June 13th, it was the day Jeter got injured and ended up on the D.L. He held the Yankees to 5 hits and no runs. This was a completely different story as the Yankees got 10 hits and 6 runs in 4 innings. Two of those hits were home run number 24 and 25 for Curtis Granderson.

Derek Jeter got two hits and two RBI’s, the second hit went all the way to the wall. So he is now 4 hits away from 3,000.

The line from today’s game was: Yankees, 17 hits, 9 runs. Indians: 7 hits, 2 runs. The two runs were off Lance (Pants) Pendleton, everyone on twitter was freaking out, how he ‘ruined’ CC’s shut-out. Do you think CC really cares? He pitched great, he got the win, everybody knows he’s an All Star even though he didn’t get picked for the team, but instead he gets to go to the Bahamas with his beautiful wife and oh so freaking cute kids. For this game he got to sit in the dugout and watch his team mates run circles around the Indians. So Lance loaded the bases, Posada came over to talk to him, gave him time to take a breath and calm down. I don’t like to speculate on what Jorge said, Probably wasn’t, Dude if you mess this up for CC I will freaking kill you, cause he settled down, two runs, two outs and then a strike out. So I had to tell him, ‘Baby don’t worry, you got this, you can do it’ before the last strike. I really don’t mind. I love all my Yankees, even the brand new ones.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s not my fault, I think ~ Monday, July 4, 2011

Today I walked across the Hudson River, yes really, check it out: Walkway across the Hudson which left me with a monster headache. So I can’t really blame my headache on this lose. The title is rather tongue in cheek since as expected, whenever the Yankees lose, it HAS to be someone’s fault.

A.J. of course put the blame on him, even when reminded about the missed pop-up, he said, “No, it’s all on me.” And he pitched well, just not well enough. And Girardi was trying to save the bullpen, with some pitchers not available after the series with the Mets, and Mo has a sore elbow, so he pushed A.J. for a seventh inning. He was planning to use Dave Robertson in the ninth, but he ended up not being needed.

But why does it have to be anyone’s fault? Why can’t we say that on this particular day, this one game, the Indians played better baseball then the Yankees. So we just pick up and carry on from here. We are still in first place, the Jays trounced (sort of) the Red Sox and the Twins demolished the Rays. So there was some good news in baseball today.

~~ Indians 6, Yankees 3 ~~

Burnett’s numbers for the game were 7 innings pitched, 4 hits, 4 runs, 4 walks and 6 K’s. Wade pitched one inning and was responsible for the other 2 runs. Austin Kearns hit the 3 run home run off A.J. Yes that Austin Kearns, that played for the Yankees. This was his first home run of this season. I guess he’s been saving up for us. At least Santana, who hit the home run against Wade has 13 home runs for this season.

Granderson hit his 23rd home run, right after Em told him he needed to catch up. It was a solo shot, so not much help. The boys will be back in form tomorrow, CC takes the mound.

Mark Teixeira is not going to the All-Star game, nor is he participating in the Home Run Derby. And yes, him not being in the All-Star is part of the reason for declining the Home Run Derby. Not because he feels snubbed and now has hurt feelings. It’s a long trip and how often does he get 3 days with his family? Even when the team is playing at home, he has to go to the ball park every day. So he’s getting a mini vacation with his beautiful wife, who he’s stupid in love with, and his kids. Judging from his Facebook status, he likes playing with his kids. This paragraph is written in response to a stupid twitterer who was calling Teixeira a baby, way to be classy engaging in name calling someone who is definitely better then you.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

No evil Home Runs! ~ Sunday, June 12, 2011

~~ Yankees 9, Indians 1 ~~

Much has been said that the Yankees are relying too much on home runs. It doesn’t make any sense to me, why does it matter how the runs were scored? Does it matter if the game was won playing small ball or long ball? My take on it is, the home runs aren’t all solo shots, which means the Yankees are getting on base, they are just being brought home by way of the home run.

This game however, no Yankees hit a home run, it was small ball all the way. Know what? It doesn’t matter, a win is a win is a win.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Someday I’ll Learn ~ Saturday, June 11, 2011

At Tuesday’s game against the Red Sox, I was wearing my jacket, and I was sweating even when I took it off. As I was coming home I was thinking I wanted to go to bed but I couldn’t because I was so sweaty I had to shower first. At this game I wore a t-shirt and shorts, (long shorts, past my knees) and I was freezing! I was so cold I bought a sweat jacket. The only one I could find had rhinestones on it. At least the jacket is not covered with rhinestones and the jacket is not pink.

Someday I will come to a game dressed appropriately, but for pities sake it’s almost the middle of June! It shouldn’t feel like October! It wouldn’t have been so bad, but besides being on the chilly side, there was also this mist, so everything was damp which added to the cold feeling. Kasey had a jacket, and I had my new one, but our legs were freezing, so Kasey went out to find a solution. So now I have another Yankees piece of clothing, I also have another Yankee hat, that was the giveaway that day and Kasey has a Yankee beach towel. The towel worked great to keep our legs warm. 65ยฐF and cloudy.

~~ Yankees 4, Indians 0 ~~

Colon was dominant as is his way, keeping the Indians shut out. Alex, Curtis and Teixeira all hit home runs. There was this Indian fan behind us, when Alex struck out his first at bat, he said, “Feel that breeze!” When Alex hit the home run, I almost turned around and said, “Did you feel that breeze? As the ball sailed over the wall?” But I was nice. That home run was in the 4th inning, and in the 6th, after Granderson hit a home run, Alex got hit by Talbot. He was thrown out immediately, as I was watching Alex get up and walk to first base, I noticed he was walking off the field. Then Alex walked off but on Twitter everyone was saying his batting helmet was still on, and he did come back until the 8th inning. Then Nunez came in for him.

Then in the seventh inning Colon ran to first to get the out, Kasey looked down and when she looked back up everyone had crowded around Colon, she asked why, “Oh” I said, “He was limping.” Ach oh. So he was out, later found out a pulled hamstring muscle, 15 day DL for him. Robertson came in got a couple hits, with two men on base the umpire called a balk and the runners advanced. Now the runners were in scoring position. I though Dave was done for, but he got out of it.

Then when Boone came in Kasey was all in my face, “Why? Why is Joe bringing in Boone?” At the time I had just noticed an umbrella discarded behind the trash container and was trying to take a picture of it for the Better of Soaked blog, I really couldn’t be bothered. No way would Joe let the game get away from Boone. Like the other day, the game was over by the time I got down to the great hall and Frank was singing.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

This is more like it ~ Friday, June 10, 2011

~~ Yankees 11, Indians 7 ~~

This past week I had a terrible nightmare, I dreamed the Sox swept the Yankees, wait …. The Red Sox are now ahead of the Yankees, in first place. Do I need any other reason to hate them? Oh yes, their pitchers like using our hitters for TARGET PRACTICE!!

Apparently, some other teams (cough cough) seem to think they can get in on the fun. Granderson hits a home run in the 2nd inning and the next pitch hits Mark in the upper back. He jumps up and yells at the pitcher, Joe runs out and then everyone runs on the field. No pitches were swung, but things were tense.

The box score says Orlando Cabrera got ejected in the 8th, I don’t know why, but it was by the home plate umpire, so probably arguing strikes and balls.

Mark, Brett, Derek and Curtis all stole bases this game. Things got a little away from the Yankees after Ivan left the game. He only gave up 2 runs. The rest were by the bullpen. Rivera came in to close the game out.

Yankees win.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›