Monday, August 30, 2010 ~ Someone please explain this to me

~~Yankees 11, Athletics 5~~

My co-worker manages a softball team. He had a game this night so he offered me his tickets. Kasey, D and I met there, I came from work and they came from home. I got there at about 5:30 or so. I took the subway, normally I take the MetroNorth train and I will never take the subway again, at least not if I am coming from Grand Central. Maybe from another part of the city. Ugh

While waiting for Kasey and D, I did some shopping. I was really looking for a Cervelli shirt for Kasey(which I found and bought), but then I saw some things I liked. I got the Alex Rodriguez pin because I was at the game when he hit #600 and the Retired Number pin because I like pins and this was the only number they had. I have never seen Munson play. at least I don’t remember ever seeing him. I have seen him on Yankee Classics and I hear he was a great Yankee and a good guy.

Here are my other pins, World Series, Derek Jeter Jersey Pin and a Red Dress for Go Red for Women’s Heart Health. This hat is my Rob Thomas hat.

So we were in our seats when the game started, Moseley had a pretty rough first inning, walked a few batters and had 3 earned runs. Between innings the people next to us showed up and right away started annoying me. First the man was asking me, “How did they score 3 runs?” Well maybe if you had been here . . . And they had brought their baby with them, probably about 2 years old and we were sitting at the top of the stadium, Kasey and I were looking at this little girl and expecting her to tumble down the stairs and any moment, since the man and woman were more interested in talking to their friends and drinking their beer then watching her. And every time something happened they were asking me, “What happened? Why was that a home run?”

Why would you bring a child that age to a game, not get a seat for said child, and sit in the grandstand? She did not understand what was going on, was not interested in what was happening and just wanted to run around. Not a safe thing to do where we were sitting.

As for the game, it was a blowout, Teixeira, Cano and Thames hit home runs, Swisher hit a couple of doubles, and there is a cool picture of him that goes up on the view screen, he’s in a tux with cool shades with “Swish-a-licous!” In 4-⅓ innings Dustin gave up 4 runs, then Javier came in and pitched the rest of the 4-⅔ innings giving up one home run in the 8th inning. Since the Yankees were up by 7 runs, the crowd was kind of like “Eh”. Interestingly, Javier and Dustin ended the game with identical ERA’s. The crowd was quiet, it wasn’t a hushed, edge of your seat quiet, more like a “this game is over and we’re bored hush”. Not surprising, considering the A’s were playing like the season is already over.

In rout of A’s, Yanks mar Cahill’s surge

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛