Sunday, September 26, 2010 ~ A win is a win is a win

~~Yankees 4, Red Sox 3~~

Bottom of the tenth inning of a tied game with the bases loaded. And he walked him, so the last run was walked in. I for one do not care, it’s a win for us and a loss for them no matter how the winning runner was able to cross the plate.

The best way to watch the games when they are on ESPN is muted. So that’s what I did. Actually I was watching video’s on my laptop with the game on my T.V. I was paying attention to what was going on. In the 7th inning I glanced up and saw Alex coming up to the play and thought, he looks like he’s ready to hit a home run. The next time I looked up, 2 run home run by Alex Rodriguez. #612 to go ahead of the Red Sox. By the 9th they were up a run and Robinson brought in the tying run. Then with the bases loaded, Red Sox shut us down. In the 10th when the bases got loaded, Juan Miranda came up to bat and … walked.

Phil Hughes pitched instead of Moseley, I mean, when you definitely want a win who would you go with? Unfortunately he didn’t get credit for the win, but he knows he pitched well and so does everyone else. The other thing that helped was I went to take a shower in the 10th inning. Those boys (for as much as i love my boys, they like to do great things when I’m not watching) scored the winning run before I got back. I also posted my little pep talk earlier in the day. While I know they probably (definitely) don’t read it, it is therapeutic to write it.

In other news, the Tampa Bay Rays lost to the Seattle Mariners. For the Red Sox to get the Wild Card instead of the Yankees, they would have to win every game and the Yankees would have to lose every game. I like those odds.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa😛

7/21 NY Yankees 10 vs LA Angels 6 ~ A wild ride and a melt down

Day game today and I was busy so I couldn’t sneak away to watch it like I did on a previous day game. I was moaning about this on Twitter and a nice tweep offered to keep me updated if I didn’t have access to a radio or the internet. Such nice people on Twitter (maybe because I block all the meanies?). I had my phone and my charger so I was good to go. And the game started out great. Jeter getting on base, Teixeria getting him in, Swisher doing his part. End of the 4th inning Yankees had 6 runs. Included in that total was a two run home run by Robinson Cano. Once the Angels pitcher was aware he started walking Cano. Pussy.

Then it fell apart, or Javy fell apart (however you want to look at it), giving up 5 runs in the next two innings. We had 6 runs though, would it be enough?

If Yankees had stuck to the 6 runs, who knows, but in the 7th inning Juan Miranda hit a home run, then Gardner got tossed, {I hope Yankees never have to play with this umpire crew again, GRRR} Colin Curtis comes in and hits a home run, 10-5.

Then Joba replaced Boone in the 7th inning, gave up a run in the 8th, all the time I was praying, {Do not fuck this up Joba} and that was all the damage he did, which was nothing, since we were 5 runs ahead. Mo came in, 1,2,3. Game over, Yankees win. Time of game: 3:07; Attendance: 47,521

Now on to something else that happened to me. On Twitter there are a lot of Yankee fans, I kind of searched them out, and this is my Yankee blog where I can ramble on and on, but on another site I frequent, I sometimes feel like I’m the only Yankee fan there. Today I felt like I was being ganged up on by the self-admitted Yankee haters. Not just the Yankees but the A.L. and the D.H. rule and I got a little snarky, ‘Yeah the N.L. is better, look how many more World Series they’ve won, wait …. ‘. Then he replied how in the last decade the Yankees have lost 2 World Series to N.L. teams, I called him a jerk, of course the Yankees lost to N.L. teams, the World Series is played between A.L. and N.L., and I also mentioned that when N.L. teams come to the A.L., they bring a D.H. His reply was it’s all fun bantering! No its not fun when one you ends up crying. Not that I will tell him that. But I don’t know if I was crying because of what he said or crying because I let what he said get to me.

Someone should tell Javy he’s not the only one with a melt down today.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

Opportunistic Yanks hold off Angels
Injured Yogi won’t attend Hall induction

5/31 NY Yankees 11 vs Cleveland Indians 2 ~ A-Rod hit a Grand Slam for Andy

2 months into the season and this is the 5th game I have been to. This was a great game to be at. It was D, Kasey and Andy. It was Andy’s first ever. I was walking around trying to find Monument Park, which I did find, after it was closed. I was following the signs and ended up in the bleachers, so I walked back to the other side of the bleachers and walked down some stairs and saw another sign for Monument Park. So followed the arrow and walked down this corridor, past the Monument Park Store, and ended up in another seating section, turned around and came back down the hallway where I finally saw the sign for Monument Park and the door with a sign saying it was closed. So I went to the store and got a blue Yankee monkey puppet for Andy. Nick pointed out today that it was made in China which means that Andy now has a Chinese Blue Monkey puppet, all this time he was really a Yankee fan. 

YankeeGame 100531.JPGWhen I got back to the seats I attached the monkey to Andy’s neck, he was not thrilled.

Yankees took the lead early, then the Indians tied it up in the second, then in the 4th Yankees got one more run. 
It stayed that way until the 7th inning, then the bats woke up. Derek Jeter hit a single, then Curtis, Ramiro Pena came in for Derek (he got hit by a pitch in the 2nd inning) and then Mark Teixeira was intentionally walked. This is one of the reasons I like coming to games, there was a hush over the crowd, like everyone was thinking, Oh no he didn’t, and wondering if A-Rod would hit a grand slam this time. Then when he did, the crowd went absolutely nuts. Robbie was up and he hit a home run too. And we still weren’t done. Nick hit a double, Juan Miranda hit a single, Nick went to 3rd base. Frankie hit a sacrifice fly and Nicky scored. 
Yankees weren’t done. They went on to score 3 more runs in the 8th inning. Meanwhile, Andy Pettitte held the Indians to one run. Chan Ho Park pitched the 8th and 9th innings. In the 9th the Indians got one more run then Frankie got the last batter out with a throw to first.
I love going to games, no announcers, outside in the Grandstand there is shade, and the breezes never quits. And there is the energy of the crowd, the ohs and ahs and boos, (umpire made a bad call)

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

5/30 NY Yankees 7 vs Cleveland Indians 3 ~ Came back to win

A.J. Burnett was not good A.J. today, he was not bad A.J. today, he was WOW A.J. today. Pitched 8 innings only giving up 3 runs. Then in the 7th inning the bats woke up, with Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner on base Derek hit a double, 2 runs scored. Then Granderson gets on base and Mark Teixeira hits a home run, 5 runs scored for the inning making the score 5-3 NYY. In the eight innning Juan Miranda got Cano in and Cervelli hit a sacrifice fly to get Nick Swisher to score. Then Mariano in for the save. Finale score NYY 7, CLE 3.

So I was just kind of watching, Indians were up 3 runs, so I wasn’t worried, the only thing I was worried about was the silly thing about them not hitting home runs when I’m watching, then I saw Tex hit a sweet shot to the crowd. Yay I’m not a jinx (not that I ever believed in them, jinxes that is). It was fun watching Swish run into home plate with Brett ‘chasing’ him. Swish slid across home plate and didn’t even have time to get up just turned and lifted his arms up in the ‘hes safe!’ gesture.

But he got hurt, hit the wall going for a long fly ball, that he missed, Curtis snagged it and threw it in, didn’t hurt us in the end, and he is saying his fine. But then he said that about his bicep earlier.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote