Get Well Soon Joba Chamberlain

Since I am a girl who loves her Yankees, I of course follow all the Yankee players and the Yankee Beat Writer and YES Network, and Yankee PR twitter accounts. I have some sent to my phone. Today I received the following tweet:

YIKES! My first thought was, “Surgery on a dislocated ankle? That’s gotta be a bad injury.” I then proceeded to click on the link for further details. This article on YES says its an “open dislocation of his right ankle while playing with his son at a local kids’ center.” I had no idea what an open dislocation was, and before I read this article I also didn’t know his son was with him. All I knew was he had dislocated his ankle, he had surgery, and it happened on a trampoline. I don’t know if that last part is true. Even so, I knew from the very first tweet it was serious, just not how serious. Even Brian Cashman appeared ‘shaken’ when informing the media.

However, some people decided it was open season on Joba, calling him stupid for ‘jumping on a trampoline’, ‘what were you thinking fatty?’ Some of these may be paraphrasing, I put them in quotes because they are not my thoughts. Even if it was a stupid thing to do, it is certainly not the most stupid thing a person has done. Now that we know he was playing with his son, we should be even more sympathetic because a little boy saw his dad get hurt, a five year old has been traumatized and people are calling his dad stupid. We don’t even know how the accident happened and people are judging. It leads me to say irrational things like, “I hate people. I hope they DIAF.” Not everyone of course. Some people are tweeting good thoughts and well wishes to Joba, some are expressing their anger at people, one even tweeted:

Now that we know that this was a life threatening injury, he could still lose a limb because of the nature of the injury, his season is probably over and possibly his career, I hope everyone that was ridiculing and judging feels really good about themselves.