Get Well Soon Joba Chamberlain

Since I am a girl who loves her Yankees, I of course follow all the Yankee players and the Yankee Beat Writer and YES Network, and Yankee PR twitter accounts. I have some sent to my phone. Today I received the following tweet:

YIKES! My first thought was, “Surgery on a dislocated ankle? That’s gotta be a bad injury.” I then proceeded to click on the link for further details. This article on YES says its an “open dislocation of his right ankle while playing with his son at a local kids’ center.” I had no idea what an open dislocation was, and before I read this article I also didn’t know his son was with him. All I knew was he had dislocated his ankle, he had surgery, and it happened on a trampoline. I don’t know if that last part is true. Even so, I knew from the very first tweet it was serious, just not how serious. Even Brian Cashman appeared ‘shaken’ when informing the media.

However, some people decided it was open season on Joba, calling him stupid for ‘jumping on a trampoline’, ‘what were you thinking fatty?’ Some of these may be paraphrasing, I put them in quotes because they are not my thoughts. Even if it was a stupid thing to do, it is certainly not the most stupid thing a person has done. Now that we know he was playing with his son, we should be even more sympathetic because a little boy saw his dad get hurt, a five year old has been traumatized and people are calling his dad stupid. We don’t even know how the accident happened and people are judging. It leads me to say irrational things like, “I hate people. I hope they DIAF.” Not everyone of course. Some people are tweeting good thoughts and well wishes to Joba, some are expressing their anger at people, one even tweeted:

Now that we know that this was a life threatening injury, he could still lose a limb because of the nature of the injury, his season is probably over and possibly his career, I hope everyone that was ridiculing and judging feels really good about themselves.

2011 GIBBYs Greatness in Baseball Yearly Awards

The categories are listed below. Of course I voted for the Yankee players, maybe I’m prejudiced, but if I didn’t believe the players were the best, ….

Anyway if you click on this link, you can vote for the players you think are great!
Starting Pitcher
Setup Man
Defensive Player
Breakout Player
Comeback Player
Wow Factor
Postseason MVP

A rain soaked fan

~~ Orioles 5, Yankees 4 ~~

Since I didn’t have to work this Wednesday I decided to go to the game. First off I spent way to much money. Not on the tickets, tickets were cheap, I bought a shirt from Bald Vinny (@baldvinny “My heroes aren’t frozen”), I told him I have a collection of anti-Boston shirts. He says you can never have too many. Then after going in the stadium I got suckered talked into having my picture taken. Not a great shot, but consider the model. Then I bought a pin (#4) and a watch. I am wearing the watch now. I also ate too much, hot Italian sausage, cheesy garlic fries, potato chips and drank some beer.

It was cold and raining off and on. I should have worn my rain coat, I ended up buying a rain poncho. I was also glad I had bought that shirt from Bald Vinny, I put it on over the shirt I wore to the game so I wouldn’t freeze. It worked.

All afternoon the weather was icky, sometimes raining, sometimes just a mist. I ended up soaked and cold and late for my nail appointment. I also almost stabbed this loudmouth in my section. Every mistake a player made was a reason for him to be shipped out, he also hated Girardi and Cashman.

Since I had a nail appointment I had to leave after the ninth inning, so I missed out on the free baseball. As I was making my way through GCT, still wearing the poncho, a policeman stopped me and asked me if they won. It was tied when I left I replied. Rats! was his response. I wonder what his response was to the fact that they lost.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Wednesday, September 7, 2011 😛

Rivera and Jeets

are coming back to the Yankees. I’m not surprised, I never thought either of them would go anywhere else. I don’t know if Jeter got any other offers, but I know Rivera was offered a contract by the Red Sox. Excuse me for a minute while I choke, gag and laugh. Did the Red Sox seriously think Mo would play for any team but the Yankees? Really?

Mo is getting $15 million a year for the next two year. I took the number of innings he pitched in 2010. If he pitches the same amount in 2011, he will be getting paid $250,000 an inning. I’m not really clear on Jeter’s contract, but it looks to me like between $17 and $18 million a year for the next 4 years. Do not slam me if I’m wrong. In all the blogs I read about how much Jeter is ‘worth’, that is the number that was being kicked around. I wonder if Jeter reads blogs. Maybe Cashman does?

Of course it’s not a done deal, they both have to pass physicals. Now we have to get Andy back. There is rumor he is retiring, I think that rumor goes around every year. I’m not as sure of Andy coming back. I know he won’t be playing for any other team. And for those of you who say that statement is hubris on the part of the Yankees, Andy is the one that said, “Yankees or retirement.” Cashman is still waiting to hear from him. I think we need to talk to Mrs. Pettitte, anybody got her number?

And the push for Lee begins. Meh, I don’t care one way or the other about Lee. I mean it would be nice to get him, but I don’t think Yankees really need him.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~😛