Someday I’ll Learn ~ Saturday, June 11, 2011

At Tuesday’s game against the Red Sox, I was wearing my jacket, and I was sweating even when I took it off. As I was coming home I was thinking I wanted to go to bed but I couldn’t because I was so sweaty I had to shower first. At this game I wore a t-shirt and shorts, (long shorts, past my knees) and I was freezing! I was so cold I bought a sweat jacket. The only one I could find had rhinestones on it. At least the jacket is not covered with rhinestones and the jacket is not pink.

Someday I will come to a game dressed appropriately, but for pities sake it’s almost the middle of June! It shouldn’t feel like October! It wouldn’t have been so bad, but besides being on the chilly side, there was also this mist, so everything was damp which added to the cold feeling. Kasey had a jacket, and I had my new one, but our legs were freezing, so Kasey went out to find a solution. So now I have another Yankees piece of clothing, I also have another Yankee hat, that was the giveaway that day and Kasey has a Yankee beach towel. The towel worked great to keep our legs warm. 65°F and cloudy.

~~ Yankees 4, Indians 0 ~~

Colon was dominant as is his way, keeping the Indians shut out. Alex, Curtis and Teixeira all hit home runs. There was this Indian fan behind us, when Alex struck out his first at bat, he said, “Feel that breeze!” When Alex hit the home run, I almost turned around and said, “Did you feel that breeze? As the ball sailed over the wall?” But I was nice. That home run was in the 4th inning, and in the 6th, after Granderson hit a home run, Alex got hit by Talbot. He was thrown out immediately, as I was watching Alex get up and walk to first base, I noticed he was walking off the field. Then Alex walked off but on Twitter everyone was saying his batting helmet was still on, and he did come back until the 8th inning. Then Nunez came in for him.

Then in the seventh inning Colon ran to first to get the out, Kasey looked down and when she looked back up everyone had crowded around Colon, she asked why, “Oh” I said, “He was limping.” Ach oh. So he was out, later found out a pulled hamstring muscle, 15 day DL for him. Robertson came in got a couple hits, with two men on base the umpire called a balk and the runners advanced. Now the runners were in scoring position. I though Dave was done for, but he got out of it.

Then when Boone came in Kasey was all in my face, “Why? Why is Joe bringing in Boone?” At the time I had just noticed an umbrella discarded behind the trash container and was trying to take a picture of it for the Better of Soaked blog, I really couldn’t be bothered. No way would Joe let the game get away from Boone. Like the other day, the game was over by the time I got down to the great hall and Frank was singing.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛