World Series Game 5

Yes I know this is a late entry about game 5. The series is over and Yankees are champions for the 27th time. 

I really wanted the Yankees to win this. But A.J. just wasn’t on his game tonight. I just had to post though, because of all the nonsense about bad calls.
The first was when Victorino (?) got hit by a ball, and everyone kept saying A.J. hit him with the ball. Well, I saw the pitch over and over again and when he went to bunt the ball he moved his hand in front of the ball. So I don’t think it was A.J. fault, but he still got blamed for it. 
Second was a double play and Yankee runner at second (I don’t remember who) was called out, but the baseman was straddling the bag, he never tagged it. 
So I hope no one faults me for being late but I was upset after the game and just didn’t feel like posting. I will be back for the Game 6 post, but I have pictures to include.

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~