World Series Game 4

So I was wrong about Yankees in four, but it might end up being Yankees in five. 

The game got off to a good start with Jeter and Damon getting on base, then with Teixeira getting a hit and Derek scoring. Alex got hit by a ball (again!). Despite chants from the crowd, “Yankees suck!’ Posada hit a sacrifice fly and Damon scored, Yankees 2, Phillies 0. Phillies scored so at the ending of the inning, 2-1 Yankees.
Score stayed the same until the fourth inning, thanks in large part to Mark ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ Teixeira. Then the Phillies tied it up, but the runner never tagged home plate. Umpire called him safe though. In the fifth inning Swisher scores, then Cabrera scores, he missed home plate running in, turns around and stepped on the plate. End of the fifth, 4-2 Yankees.
Home runs in the 7th and 8th tied the score 4-4. Then the Yankees battled back, with two outs in the ninth inning Damon got on 1st base. Mark Teixeira was the next at bat, Damon stole second, with the player off the base and no one covering third, he kept running to third base. Then Mark got hit by a ball. So we had runners on 1st and 3rd. 
Alex Rodriguez came up to bat, through the TV screen I told him to hit the ball, and he delivered! Damon scored, Mark advanced to third, Alex on second. Then Posada came up and hit a line drive, Mark scored, Alex scored, Posada was tagged out at second. 7-4 Yankees. Mariano came in to close. Yankees 7, Phillies 4. Yankees one win away from World Champions!
World Series 2009
Phillies 1, Yankees 3

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~