Subway Series

For the first time ever I went to a subway series at Citifield. The reason I was able to was my friend wasn’t able to use her tickets. Then that morning I woke up with pink eye. Argh! or Ugh. So I went to the Urgent Care for some medicine. I asked if I could go to the game anyway. He gave me a really funny look, like he couldn’t believe I would ask about a baseball game.

Picture of Judge for the sheer adorableness.

Friday was T-shirt give away night. My friend and I got there kind of late, what with the urgent care visit and having to go to the pharmacy (two actually) and having to do laundry. There were a lot of shirts left. If they hadn’t been orange I would have gotten one.

Tanaka gave up a home run in the first inning. There were no more runs until Tanaka’s second at bat when he got on base. It was an error on the Met’s fielders part so his batting average still sucks, but he came around to score. Then Gardner hits a 2-run home run, followed by Stanton. Color me happy.

Em wanted a souvenir from the game. I reminded her that anything I got at Citifield would have a Mets logo on it. Forgot it was a subways series. I think she’ll like this.

Selfish Curtis Granderson

The Yankees swept the Mets. On June 8th the Yankees won 9-1, they hit 3 home runs in this game. It was the first game Johan had pitched after his no-hitter and the three home runs came one after the other against him. The next game was on June 9 and I wrote about it in my last blog post, they hit 2 home runs winning the game by 2 runs. In the game on June 10, the Mets were up 3 runs until the 7th inning then Russell hit a 2 run home run, then two more runs in the 8th put them ahead. Sori gave up a run in the top of the 9th to tie the score. In the bottom of the 9th Russell hit another home run, this was for the win, a walk off home run. Yankees hit home runs in each game.

The series against the Braves was a sweep also, and the Yankees hit home runs in each of those games. June 11, 3-0 and 1 home run; June 12, 6-4 with 2 home runs; June 13, 3-2 with 1 home run.

In some of these games, you could say they wouldn’t have won without the home runs. The game on June 10th, the winning run was a home run. On June 9th the Yankees won by 2 runs and scored 3 of their runs by way of home runs. The home run hit by Mark Teixeira was with Curtis Granderson on base, the one Curtis hit was a solo shot. Phil also pitched very well, only giving up 2 runs to the Mets, so that helped. In the game against the Braves on June 12, going into the 8th the score was 4-0 Atlanta, then with the bases loaded Alex Rodriguez hit a home run. It was his 23rd Grand Slam, tying him with Lou Gehrig (this made Lindsey sad, I was sad too, but then someone pointed out even though he tied the record, that doesn’t make Alex as great a player as Lou. I don’t know if that made Lindsey feel better, but it helped me). After Robbie got on base, Swisher hit a home run to put the Yankees up 6-4 and then on June 13, Curtis hit a two run homer in the 6th which put the Yankees ahead.

However there were other games that would have been run without the home run. Such as the game on June 11 against the Braves. First of all, Ivan pitched a shut out, and he got a hit, his first. The Yankees scored three runs, one was a home run, so without that home run the Yankees would have won 2-0 instead of 3-0.

Then there was today’s game, which the Yankees were winning going into the 9th inning with a score of 6-1, all without a home run. We were all excited, thinking “Will this be it? Will the Yankees finally win a game without hitting a home run?” Yes the Yankees have hit at least one home run in all of their winning games. Then Curtis Granderson just had to hit one out of the park. His 20th this year and the Yankees are still without a winning game without a home run. Will it never end? Curtis is just so selfish.

I managed to type that without laughing. The Yankees are getting men on base, not all their home runs are single shots, and what better way to bring your teammates home than with a home run? The Yankees have power hitters in their line ups and Curtis wasn’t going to swing for a single with a 3-1 count. Not when he got a 4-seam fastball. Joe keeps telling people, a home run is a hit. Someday they’ll believe it.

While I don’t know yet if the Yankees are going to sweep, they are off to a good start. And for the last two sweeps, fireworks are in order I think.

Philthy Phil

Most of the time I don’t go to Mets vs. Yankees games. Mainly because as a general rule Mets fans are obnoxious. There are of course exceptions, I do know some nice Mets fans, like I know some nice Red Sox fans etc. When a friend called asking me if I wanted to go to the game, I said Yes, of course. I don’t usually turn down invitations to the game, especially from this guy since his tickets include the Audi club and Mohegan Sun Sports Bar Access. At this point I should probably say, my win lose ratio going with this friend is more losses then wins so I was a little apprehensive since Phil was pitching. I know he pitched a complete game shut out in Detroit, but I was wearing my lucky #52 Ravens shirt during that game.

However, I really like going to games so at 4:30 I headed up to the Bronx to meet my friend. We went in around 6 and walked to the Mohegan Sun Sports bar. It was Military Appreciation night and the Golden Knights were parachuting in, from Mohegan Sun you can see right out into center field so we got a good view of them landing. It was thrilling as always. Then on to our seats for the game.

Yankees scored first, then when a Mets player hit a home run the Mets fans went crazy. Like no one has ever hit a home run off Phil Hughes before? Been there, seen that, next page please. Phil gives up a home run almost every game. The game was now tied and in the 6th another home run by the Mets put them ahead 2-1. The Met crowd went crazy again. It didn’t last long, Mark Teixeira hit a two run blast in the bottom of the 6th to put the Yankees ahead. Then a home run by Curtis in the 8th put the score to 4-2 Yankees. I was happy about this, so often when a team loses the pitcher is blamed even when he pitched well. Even when Phil pitches well, but gets no run support and I hear, “He’s no good.” Even my date said, “Would you trust Phil on the mound?” Yes I would (followed by a punch). He only got a little run support this time, but it was enough to win, because he only gave up 2 runs. The fact that the two homers were single shots means he wasn’t letting anyone on base. He was doing his job, the bats need to pick it up and do their jobs! I can say this and not be blamed for throwing anyone under the bus because I am a fan and entitled to my opinion. However biased it may be.

We ended up the game in the Audi club, it was humid in the seats. I wanted ice cream but they don’t serve sweets in the Audi club. The bartender is a friend of my date’s so she gave me Girl Scout Thin Mints and a little mini cupcake. I tried the Sangria which was supposed to be really good, alas it tasted to much like wine. My date was annoyed that they let ‘fans of other teams’ in the Audi club, I guess he’s a little more hard core than I am. Overall I had a good time and it was a good game, if a little nerve wracking at times. However in close games I kind of like it when the Yankees take the lead in the last half of the game, less time to lose it. There was one other thing I didn’t like, before the game I saw this tank top outside a store on River St., it was grey and cut away in the back so my tattoos will show. I didn’t pick it up because I wanted to make sure I had enough money for the game, then after the game, it wasn’t out there anymore so I couldn’t get it. Hopefully it will still be there next game I go to.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

6/20 NY Yankees 4 vs NY Mets 0 ~ The Third Inning is Mark’s Inning

Yesterday Kasey and I went to the city. Not together but we did meet up later. Wearing my old hat worked, the Yankees won. Most of the game I was keeping track by tweeting one of my Twitter followers. We stopped at a bar and were able to watch the 9th inning. So we got to see Mo. Nice.

Phil Hughes was pitching, gave up 3 runs. Mark Teixeira hit a 2 run home run, tying them with the Mets. Then in the 4th Curtis hit a 2 run home run, putting the Yankees up by 2 and that was all they needed. Yankees won, 5-3

Today, once again in the 3rd inning, Mark Teixeira hit a home run, this was the only one of the game, and it was also all the Yankees needed, since it was a grand slam. This was Mark’s 12th home run of the year and he has 44 RBIs. Someone said, the batting average can go up and down, and Mark’s has, but you can’t take away a batters, HR and RBI’s.

So all those people who think Tex should be moving in the line up, or benched, I would like to ask if they still feel that way, and if they do, they can STFU.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

6/18 NY Yankees 0 vs NY Mets 4 ~ My Heart ♡ Bleeds

for Javier Vazquez more so then for Andy Pettitte. Andy Pettitte pitched last night against the Philadelphia Phillies, score was 1-7. Which is a bigger loss you could argue, but Andy didn’t start the season to boos. Andy’s record is 8-2, and has an E.R.A. of 2.47 while Javy is at 6-5 with an E.R.A. of 5.43, on April 25th (if I’m reading the website correctly) his E.R.A. was 9.00. He has worked hard to bring it down, tonight he goes out and pitches his heart out, 7 innings and gives up 1 run. And what happens? No run support, bullpen gives up 3 runs in 2 innings and he gets the loss. If I was Javy, I would be saying F.M.L. right about now. I don’t think he would though, I think he would say, “Yeah sure, I’m disappointed, but that’s how it goes sometimes. You just put it behind you and go out the next time and try to win.”

He is a professional, when the defense makes an out he pats his glove like he’s clapping, runs to cover first base when Mark has to go to the side to catch a ground ball. And that is why, I’m not so sad at the Yankees losing tonight (still tied for first place) as much as I am sad that Javy got the loss.

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5/23 NY Yankees 4 @ NY Mets 6 (Why I'm Afraid to Look at my Twitter News Feed)

I left my phone downstairs while I was upstairs watching the game. When I came downstairs I looked at the number of tweets. 52 tweets. That is not even everybody on Twitter that I follow. So now I am afraid to open my Twitter account. Does anyone think I am stupid for believing that with that many unread tweets my computer will explode? How about my head?

Yankees were down 6 runs by the 7th inning, 7th inning they scored 1 run, 9th inning 3 runs. So they rallied, too little too late again. Kasey says she figured it out, they are afraid of getting hit by pitches. I think they are just a little worn out, not used to playing everyday and have to play 17 or 18 days in a row. One might argue that they had a day off in there, but the next day they had to pitch a double header!

I sincerely believe that when they get their second wind, they will be fine.

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5/22 NY Yankees 3 @ NY Mets 5 (NYY are breaking my ♥)

I still love the Yankees, but lately I feel let down. I know this is just May and not time to panic, but guys, the Mets? You lost to the Mets! I certainly hope tomorrow everyone has stopped sleepwalking and remembered how to play.

Feeling the Urgency to Win, the Mets Go Out and Do It

It’s All Shown in the Core

Yankees can’t go to bat for Hughes

Mets still stands for My Entire Team Suxks

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5/21 NY Yankees 2 @ NY Mets 1 (or Who Is Kevin Russo?)

I tweeted that, it was what my boss said when I told him Kevin Russo had been called down. I couldn’t answer him, I hadn’t heard the name before, or if I had, it was such a brief occurrence I didn’t remember.

After tonights game, everybody knows his name. Beside making some decent catches in the field, he also got his first major league hit. Oh and he also knocked in the winning run. 
Javier Vasquez pitch 6 shut out innings. He was doing great, I can imagine him in the dugout saying, hey guys, I’m doing my job, you want to hit the freakin’ ball and score some runs? Although I am sure he didn’t. He also ‘laid down 2 successful sacrifice bunts’. Then he left the game, on the second bunt he got hit in the hand. THE HAND! The most important part of a pitchers body! It was x-rayed and his finger is not broken. Hopefully he won’t miss his next start, since he appears to be getting his rhythm and control back.
Click on this link for a recap by

Yankees finish what Vazquez starts

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