What I forgot

Whenever I put off posting, I always forgot the highlights I was going to write. I’m just a fan and I concentrate on how I feel and view the game, but I like people to know that I am watching.

I was going to mention how Granderson crushed the ball in the first game, Alex in the second. OH well.

Today the Yankees played the Phillies. I didn’t watch, I was working and this time the Phillies won. The final score was 9-3. Most notable was the 6 run sixth inning. Bottom of the 6th started with the Yankees ahead 2-1, it started with the regular outfielders being replaced and Adam Miller came into pitch. It started off all right, Molina threw out Juan Pierre trying to steal second, one out. And then Miller started walking batters. He walked the next three batters. Then a single, then he hit the next batter. OUCH, and the Phillies take the lead. Juan Cedeno came in to replace Miller and the Phillies scored 4 more runs. The next inning with Cedeno still pitching the Phillies got 2 more runs. Not a good outing for the two. I don’t know anything about them, I didn’t even get to see them pitch so I have no idea how they looked. The numbers are terrible. But then again this is spring training, this is when you find out how everybody looks. I was actually laughing at the score, just spring training, time to get back in the swing. If it had been a regular season game however …..

Two pitchers that I wanted to see debut and didn’t were Michael Pineda and David Robertson. Pineda because I heard so much about him, then when I read he got Hunter Pence out, I tweeted “I think I love Pineda”. Although I think it is a little early to be calling Hunter Pence a “Yankee killer”. I wanted to see David’s debut because, well, just because. Of course he walked a batter. It happened to be Rollins and it cost him, and the Yankees a run. I’d like to say he’s getting it out of his system, but we all know how David is.

So that’s it for today. See you later.