Dear New York Yankees, (the team)

Yes all of you, listen up! You know I love you, all of you (OK so I have my favorites, doesn’t everybody?) And everyone tells me that Spring Training games don’t count, which is a good thing since the Twins not only shut you out they scored 11 runs in the process. But they do MATTER, they matter to me and I’m sure they matter to other fans too.

Then the next day in a split squad you did good, shut out the Pirates 6-0 and beat the Phillies 7-5. Yesterday’s wasn’t to bad, even though you lost to the Pirates 12-7 it wasn’t a curbstomping like before. But with a split squad you beat them! What’s the problem, are you having difficulties playing nice together?

Today you play the Tigers, Johnny Damon won’t be playing, he stubbed his toe (?) and I would like you to win. If you don’t I will just repeat my new mantra, Spring training games don’t count.

Love, your devoted fan ~ Foxx

~~and that’s all she wrote~~