It would have been nice ~ Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~~ Indians 5, Yankees 3 ~~

Today was Phil’s first game after being on the D.L. for, oh I can’t remember how long, and it would have been nice if the Yankees had SCORED some runs for him. Considering we now have Mitre in the pen, we need runs, lots and lots of them. If it hadn’t been for Mitre, it would have been a tie game in the 9th and the Yankees would have had a chance to come back in extra innings. No Hughes command was not good and his ERA is huge, but in 5 innings only gave up 2 runs. I read some comment that Logan should be shipped out. Well excuse me but the one run Logan gave up was a home run, not only did Mitre walk 3 batters, in an inning and a third, one of the runs the Indians scored against him was walked in.

Excuse me for ranting about Sergio, but right now I have to be mad at someone and he is the one pitcher I feel is most to blame for tonight’s loss. Not only that, but this loss hurts because we lost the series and the Red Sox won tonight.

Tomorrow I should be in a better mood. But just in case, proceed with caution.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛