Oh Colon ~ Thursday, July 14, 2011

~~ Blue Jays 16, Yankees 7 ~~

It is one of those sentences that can have two meanings, depending on how its said. It can mean you did good, or it can mean the total opposite. This was not a good oh Colon, this was more of a Oh Colon wtf is wrong with you? Although in his defense, of the eight runs he gave up in the first inning, only two were earned, which means the defense sucked. Kasey blamed the astroturf, our boys are used to playing on real grass and dirt. Whatever the reason, Colon was not sharp and the boys seemed to be sleeping. 3 errors in the game by the Yankees.

Colon didn’t even last the first inning, Ayala came in, then Noesi, both gave up runs, but in the 3rd inning the Yankees started a rally with a home run from Andruw Jones. By inning 6 the Yankees were within 2 runs of the Blue Jays. Then it all fell apart.

You know I love the Yankees and will defend the players, most of the time. Mitre is awful, I don’t know why the Yankees got him back. I almost agree with the people who say Sergio in, GAME OVER. 5 hits, 4 runs in less then two innings.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛