King Felix versus David Phelps

A discussion on the last game in Seattle, King Felix and his court, turkey legs, bases loaded jams and strike-outs.

~~ Yankees 2, Mariners 1 ~~

About the turkey legs, first I have to tell you about the court. There is a section in the ball park where all the King Felix fans sit and they have these yellow squares of paper with “K” on them. Whenever Felix pitches a chef comes out to that section with a turkey leg and people take bites out of it. Yes I’m serious.

First inning with the bases loaded, Ichiro strikes out and makes the 3rd out.

My notes: Gardner on fire, 7 game hitting streak, always a threat to run, he steals second.
Hafner walks.
Wells walks. Bases loaded ~ two outs, Ichiro up. King Felix struggling with his control. Felix strikes out Ichiro. Yankees leave bases loaded.

David Phelps picks off Bay at first.

Jayson Nix on first (5 game hitting streak), Nix steals second (Shoppach is worse than Stewart? Who would have thunk it?)
Stewart with a bunt base hit, Jayson Nix on third.
Gardner with a single to center field, Nix scores.
Robinson Cano GIDP.

Sorry I got distracted, it is now 1-1 and the top of the third. Teixeira is up. Now he’s out.

David Phelps has walked three batters so far. That’s a batter per inning.
Double play ends the inning.

NYY 1, SEA 1

4th Inning:
1-2-3 inning for Hernandez and David Phelps

5th Inning
Gardner with a double (8th hit in this series, 8-15), left on base.

Bottom of the 5th:
Broken bat ~ Nix to Teixeira, 1 out
Hard hit to Cano, 2 outs
Strike out. David’s fourth of the game.

Sixth inning:
Vernon Wells reaches on a throwing error by shortstop Brendan Ryan. And he is left there.

Bottom of the sixth:
Boone Logan warming in the pen, Phelps at 93 pitches, Strike-out, 1 out
Lines out to Ichiro, 2 outs
Strike-out. 3 outs. Six strike outs for David Phelps.

Seventh inning:
Felix with 7 strikeouts.

Side-note: O’s 10, TB 7

Boone Logan in for David Phelps
Ichiro drops it, in foul territory. (Love you, Raul, now be a good boy and swing and miss)
Shoppach grounds into a 5-3 out at first.
Yowzer, 2 strike-outs for Logan.

Charlie Furbush in for Felix Hernandez
Eighth inning:
Cano hit by pitch. Advances to second on a wild pitch.
3rd strikeout for Mark Teixeira. Good job swinging at a ball Mark. 😦
Hafner pops out in foul territory.
Wells in now, come on baby! Just put it in play no out, just put it in play no out, just put it in play no out, just put it in play no out, just put it in play no out, just put it in play no out, just put it in play outs.

David Robertson in for Logan
Ken (or AL) jinxed them. Lead-off double for Mariners.
Sacrifice bunt. Runner on 3rd. 1 out
Strike-out Jason Bay. Hat trick for Bay? Huh? 2 outs.
Swing and a miss, freakin’ LOVE D-Rob. David “H” Robertson. The H is for Houdini or Heart-attack, whichever you prefer.

Ninth inning:
Yoervis Medina in for Seattle.
Ichiro walks. And he takes great care with his bat.
Nix sacrifice bunt, Ichiro to second.
Chris Stewart with a big 2-out hit, throw is not in time, Ichiro scores, Stewart fist pumps when he gets to second. Yankees in the lead.
Oliver Perez in for Seattle, Gardner up at bat. He has had a great afternoon, 3 for 4. Hit a home run Gardy! I guess I have to settle for a base hit. Runners on the corners, Robbie is up. Home run Robbie! And he walks. Mark is up now. Strikes out, golden sombrero for Tex. 3 outs.

Bottom of the ninth:
Mariano Rivera in for the Yankees
Lead off walk
Double play (Mark is soooo good, can you say ‘Gold Glove’?
Walk to Raul (Mo has seen his late game power)
Base hit. Who do these Mariners think they are? Getting hits against Mo.
Pop-out to left field. Yankees win 2-1.

Since the game was tied until the ninth inning, neither starting pitcher gets the win.
Pitching Decisions
Winning Pitcher
David Robertson

Losing Pitcher
Yoervis Medina

Mariano Rivera – 23 SV

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Game 63
Yankees 37-26 (0.587)

Double header

Monday originally was a day off for the Yankees. The weather had other ideas and rained out two games in April, therefore on Monday the Yankees played a double-header to make up the games. It was a single admission double header which means the fans in Cleveland got to see two games for the price of one.

First game

~~ Indians 1, Yankees 0 ~~

Second game

~~ Yankees 7, Indians 0 ~~

It’s not unusual for teams to split a double header. What I’m going to talk about is the pitching. David Phelps came up to the big leagues April 2012 as a reliever, as the season wore on he showed he had durability, lasting 4 or 5 innings in long relief and made a few starts. This year, in April he was also pitching in relief until our pitchers started dropping like flies. Then he was put in the rotation, he had a rocky first start, his start on this Monday was not rocky at all. The only run was a home run and if the Yankees HAD GOTTEN THEIR STUFF TOGETHER and actually scored some runs, he would have gotten the win since the bullpen didn’t give up any runs either. Phelps line: 6.2IP, 4H, 1R, 5BB, 7SO, 4.33ERA

March 20 the Yankees played the Red Sox in Spring Training. I looked at the line-up and said, “Who the hell is Vidal Nuno?” He pitched 5 scoreless innings that game. But I didn’t really expect to see him in the regular season. Absolutely he would not be starting any REAL games. So far he’s pitched 8 scoreless innings in the regular season. Monday he was the starting pitcher in the second game, a game that counts. Now I know who Vidal Nuno is. Nuno’s line: 5.0IP, 3H, 0R, 3BB, 3SO, 0.00ERA.

Adam Warren came into finish the game, his line: 4.0IP, 2H, 0R, 4SO, 1.45ERA. Nuno got his first big league win, and Warren got his first save of the season.

Between the two games the Indians gave Mariano Rivera a framed gold record of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.

~~ Yankees 4, Mariners 3 ~~

Today’s game I really thought the Mariners were going to win, they were ahead the whole game and Felix was pitching and he usually shuts down the bats. Which he did today until he left the game after 6 innings. CC also left after 6 but the Yankee bullpen is better than the Mariners. Also our pitchers know to NOT stand in front of first base when there is a base runner so your infield can get him out properly. In another example of a groan worthy headline, Robinson Cano tied the game and the MLB headline reads: “After aces exit, Yanks Rob a win.”

In other baseball news: Shane Victorino now knows where the visitors bullpen wall at Fenway is, and Bryce Harper knows where the right-field wall at Dodger stadium is. Guys, the outfield does not go on forever, the wall is hard and you may be super ball players but you are not superheroes.

photoAnd one last thing before I go, Yankees still in first place.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Game 39
Yankees 25-14 (0.641)

The Mariners have King Felix ~ Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~~ Mariners 9, Yankees 2 ~~

Tonight the Yankees had Phil Hughes. Unfortunately, things didn’t go the Yankees way tonight. I have read some things on Twitter about how “Hughesssss-less” he is, but is you look at his line, he was effective just had no run support and the bull pen, “coughed up the lead”. Phil had two runs charged to him in 6 innings. Noesi gave up 2 runs in one inning, yet all I hear is how bad Phil is and how good everyone else is (except of course Mitre). Even if they had been held to 2 runs, the game would have been tied since our bats were just sticks of wood tonight.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Felix is King of AL pitchers, taking Cy Young

“Voters side with Hernandez’s dominant stats despite 13 wins”

Yeah, I stole the title. Somebody will probably sue me.

As a Yankee fan I wanted C.C. to win the Cy Young, of course I didn’t really expect him to. I was a little surprised that he was in 3rd place though (he was third right?). The big story here was people wondering why Little Man Felix should when his win total was so low. His pitching stats are phenomenal however. It just that he pitches for a sucky team.

People were also saying how, the only reason CC won 21 games was because he was pitching for the Yankees, that he’s not that good of a pitcher. They point to the run support. The Yankees scored more than four runs in 23 of Sabathia’s 34 starts. So of course he won all those games. However if he had given up more then 4 runs in those games, like another pitcher we know and love (well maybe not all of us love him) … I’m sure you get the point. Cy Young winner or not, C.C. is the Yankee’s ace pitcher.

In other news:
Rothschild named Yankees pitching coach

A Loss ~ A Last Minute Win ~ That’s Why He’s Big Stoppa

~~Friday, August 20, 2010
Mariners 6, Yankees 0~~

He’s called “King Felix” I don’t know why, but he dominates the Yankees. This game was disappointing. A.J. was pitching and gave up the 6 runs. But as someone said, can you hold A.J. completely responsible when the offense didn’t score any runs? Don’t worry, someone said, King Felix is all they have.

Felix’s domination of Yanks has no comp

~~Saturday, August 21, 2010
Yankees 9, Mariners 5~~

It appears that person knows what she is talking about considering that Javier didn’t have his best stuff. Actually he didn’t have very good stuff at all, giving up 4 runs in 3 innings. Then Chad Gaudin came in for 3, then Boone for 1 (he got the win for this game, (that’s what happens when you pitch the right inning) his first for this season. Mariano actually gave up a run, not that it mattered. He still got the save. Which is something I don’t understand, why he gets a save in a non save situation.

I didn’t watch this game, I was in the city doing totally girl things. Getting a manicure, getting my left ear re-pierced (it was pierced too close to the other ear and wasn’t healing, so I took the earring out and now that the hole has healed got it pierced in the right spot) and going to Sephora. I kept track on my phone, and with the game tied in the 6th inning I was beginning to get a little nervous. I was planning on attending a tweet-up after the game and was thinking extra innings.

The Yankees seemed to wake up in the seventh inning and scored 3 runs, then 2 in the 8th. Ball game over, Yankees win. Then I get home to find out the Alex is on the D.L.!

Nunez’s first MLB hit propels Yanks’ win

~~Sunday, August 22, 2010
Yankees 10, Mariners 0~~

This game I was watching, C.C. dealing as they say, and I was keeping score and if I look at my score sheet I can tell you that he struck out 8 batters. He had 3 hits over 6 innings. Then the rain started and I went to do laundry, and so missed part of the game.

When French walked Teixeira, I remember thinking that wasn’t a very bright thing to do, I mean Alex is on the D.L., but Robbie can hit home runs. That is exactly what he did. So today was another multiple home run game for the Yankees. The right teams getting the home runs this time.

Yesterday Branyan hit the ball in the fourth deck, the first player to have done that. Today he was facing Big Stoppa: 2 strike outs, a single and a ground out.

Cano’s six RBIs lead support for CC in rout

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛