David Cone pitched a perfect game

On July 18, 1999, which was also Yogi Berra Day, who caught the only perfect game in post-season history, with Don Larson in attendance, who pitched the game, David Cone pitched a perfect game. 27 up, 27 down. It was historic. What does that have to do with today’s game? Well, ……… nothing I guess.

~~Rays 6, Yankees 5~~

Yankees had the lead, up to the 6th inning, then A.J. gave up 5 runs. I guess you could blame A.J., but I prefer to look at the fact that, even though they lost, the Yankees seem to be coming around. They seem to be coming awake, after all they scored 5 runs. The Rays aren’t #1 in the A.L. East because they are lucky, they have good pitchers and good hitters. Tonight they outhit and outpitched the Yankees.

Granderson hit his 14th home run of the season. His success is a testament to Kevin Long’s coaching ability. Half of his home runs (like the one tonight) have been off lefties. Now the rest really need to step things up.

The Yankees are a good team, I believe that with all my heart. Even with this losing streak they are a hair above (.513) Boston and Toronto (.512). All three teams are 3 games behind Tampa Bay, there are 123 more games to go. Some say it is no longer ‘early’, but we still have the rest of the season to go.


~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Sad day for Yankees and baseball ~ July 13, 2010

Unlike many that have posted about George M. Steinbrenner I am not from New York. I was born in California. As a young person, with my parents having no particular team affiliation, I felt being from California meant I was a Dodgers fan. This feeling continued even with moving to Seattle and then on to Florida. At that time, there were no teams named Seattle Mariners or Tampa Bay Rays. It was while growing up in Florida that I discovered the Yankees, mainly due to a pitcher with the interesting name (nickname) of Catfish Hunter. I think he got the nickname because of his mustache. My father’s response to my question of what team that was gave me the impression I wasn’t supposed to be rooting for them. That was another reason to root for them. But I was a good girl, so I wasn’t open about it.

Moving to New York changed that. I bought a Yankees hat, one of several, I currently have 5, 2 that just have NY on the front, 2 that say 2009 World Series Champions (one I got free at a Yankee game) and 1 that has #2 Derek Jeter, or maybe just Jeter, and when I left one at my mother’s house and asked her to mail it to me, she joked that she might send me a Mariner’s hat instead, I threatened her with bodily harm. I wasn’t entirely joking.

At the time I was what most would call a casual fan, in the past year I have become a very involved fan, going to games, watching games on T.V., reading about the teams and players and keeping track of the numbers. Almost(completely) obsessed with the Yankees and baseball.

Somewhere along the way, I missed the importance of George Steinbrenner.

Oh, I’m not saying I didn’t know who he was, I would have had to been living in a cave not to know about George and Billy. With commercials like this and watching Yankeeography about Yogi Berra and Billy Martin, I knew a lot about George. I’m saying I missed how important he was, what he meant to the Yankees and how he changed baseball. Call me clueless. For example, I thought he always owned the Yankees.

Now, as I read tributes and blog post and see how affected people are by his death, I feel like an outsider, someone who can only offer their hand and say, I’m here for you, lean on me. So that is what I am doing, to all my fellow Yankee fans and friends who have lost someone important to them, I offer my condolences, friendship and support.

Well, yeah, I had to include this commercial, whats a Steinbrenner post without Jeter?

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

5/8 NY Yankees 14 @ Boston Red Sox 3

Hear that wailing and moaning coming from the east? No its not Rachel mourning for her children, it’s Red Sox fans after the second day of loss to the Yankees. 

It’s like that Avis commercial “Total Domination”. And still they chant, “Yankees suck.” Kind of lame when their team is under .500 and our team is over .700.
Kasey and I were in the city, and when the game started and I was keeping track on my phone then Kasey said Yankees are ahead we have to find a bar to watch the game, well we found a place but it wasn’t the type of place we could just sit and watch the game. Kasey did get to see Mark hit his first home run of the game. It was funny, I told here, home run, she asked who, and my reply was, I don’t know, but he’s wearing the right color. When he stopped to tag at home plate I recognized his stance. It was his first of 3 which puts him in good company, first Yankee to hit 3 home runs in one game at Fenway Park since Lou Gehrig, of course, on June 23, 1927.
Cervelli became the first Yankees catcher to log at least five RBIs in a game against the Red Sox since Yogi Berra on July 3, 1957. So now we are looking for a Cervelli shirt for Kasey.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote