My plans changed about a dozen times

Well maybe not that many, certainly not as often as the content of this post changed. I always ‘write’ my post ahead of time in my head and the title and content kept changing. Maybe because this is the third game I was planning to write about in my effort to ‘get blogging again’. This is a good one since I actually went to this game. But that’s not the whole story.

First it was going to be me and some friends, who just happen to be Red Sox fans going to the game. Unfortunately we were unable to get tickets, so then we thought, maybe we will all get together at a bar to watch, (Professor Thom’s? I think not) but then Kasey was planning to come to the city that day. So I was thinking, depending on when she went home would determine what I did, since she is pretty hard core and gives a look whenever I mention Red Sox fans. Then her husband was going to come, so I told my friends I was available that day if they wanted. They were nice enough to consider an ‘agnostic’ bar. As I was waiting to hear where they were thinking of going, I got an e-mail from a friend (who I had told I was going to the game) asking me if he would see me there. “No couldn’t get tickets.” He sent me an e-mail saying he might have an extra ticket, so then I was going to the game. And that is how I ended up waiting out a 2 hour rain delay in the Audi Club drinking beer and eating Jalapeño poppers and chicken fingers.

~~ Red Sox 8, Yankees 6 ~~

After taking a beating the night before, the Sox came out strong with a 3 run first inning, in the 5th inning they added 3 more runs and were now ahead by 2 runs. They held that lead until the 8th inning when Mark Teixeira tied the score with a 2 run home run. Rafael Soriano came in to close and proceeded to give up 2 runs. Alfredo Aceves (would it be sour grapes for me to call him a traitor? Ah who cares!) [TRAITOR!] and closed the game out, ballgame over, Red Sox win, which makes my record for win vs losses when attending Yankees vs Red Sox 1-4.

Before anyone gets too hyper, Yankees are still in first place, Red Sox are still in last place, and it’s now time to PLAY BALL!

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛