Opening day a national holiday?

For a while now, since about February, there has been a petition to make opening a day a national holiday. An article on it says in part:

“Many Americans celebrate their favorite holiday at the beginning of spring — and it isn’t Easter.

Opening Day, the kick-off of Major League Baseball’s new season, is taking place today and fans are heading to ballparks around the country.

But some of the truly die-hard are arguing that the umpire’s inaugural shout to “Play ball!” should be a bona fide U.S. holiday — and they have the signatures to prove it.

The White House has shot it down and I can’t say I’m upset about it. As a diehard baseball fan, I love opening day and I was at the bar 2 hours before the game began last night. I bought my ticket for the home opener the first day they went on sale but I have a problem with making opening day a national holiday. What day would you pick for opening day?

This year, there were two games played in Australia which apparently are being considered part of the regular season. They are included in the regular season stats for the teams that played. Then on Sunday, March 30 the Padres had their opener, on Monday, March 31, 13 teams played, then on Tuesday, April 1 there were 4 more teams having their opener, my team’s opener was Tuesday. So which day would you pick? Someone said, the first day, my team didn’t play the first opening day, I wouldn’t want to celebrate ‘opening day’ on a day my team isn’t playing. I’m sure many baseball fans would agree with me. Someone else said, they would all have to start the same day. That’s feasible I suppose, but not very practical. So yes, I’m glad the White House said No.


Opening day, the reality

~~ Red Sox 8, Yankees 2 ~~

The reality is I didn’t get tickets. I kept looking, up until yesterday and the lowest they got was $75 and I just couldn’t swing it. So I made plans to meet with a couple friends to eat and drink and watch the game. So we had fun, the place was a sports bar/restaurant on the Westside called “Blondies”, which actually had a pretty good set up for watching games, a divided room, one side a bar with TV’s and the other side tables and chairs, also with TV’s on every wall. The food was pretty good too.

The game was pretty horrible, and I then had to read all the “Yankee fans are terrible! They leave before the end of the game, that never happens anywhere else!” The game and the downpour at the end of the game made me glad I wasn’t there to get cold and soaked. Next game is Wednedsay, I believe in Hiroki.

Game 1
Yankees 0-1

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Opening day in the Bronx

Pre-game is on, turning TV on and going to make lunch.

Thunderous applause for Mariano Rivera.

#2 Derek Jeter (and the crowd goes crazy!) ROB(Raw-ob)-INSON CANO! Nicky! (MY sweet Nicky) Hi Russell, (Prrrr)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2012 NEW YORK YANKEES!

Bottom 1: Alex with a stolen base, Mark walks, Bases loaded, 3 run double for MY SWEET NICKY!!

Bottom 2: Russell with a lead off single. Then he takes 2nd, then 3rd, I Russell Martin! (Prrrr) Jeter grounds out, Gardner was SAFE!

Top 3: Aybar is out, but its not called, UMPS SUCK!

Bottom 3: A BOMB FOR A-Rod, leads off the inning with a HR.

Yankees 4, Angels 0

Bottom 4: 6-4-3 double play! Robinson Cano is good at baseball. Cano is the BEST 2nd baseman in baseball.

Yankees lead 5-0. Their pitcher has ‘settled down’, but they are still scoreless!

Yankees 5 (Curtis hit a grand homerun), Angels 0

Kuroda has retired the last 7 hitters, he has settled down too.

New pitcher for the Angels. J. Isringhausen

8 innings pitched by Kuroda! And its a shut out!!

New pitcher for the Angels, D. Carpenter

Kuroda is out in the 9th inning, effing amazing outing!! Shut-out game so far.

And D-Rob shuts them down.

I’m so excited!

Today I went to StubHub and bought tickets for opening day. I don’t have them yet, the seller has to approve the purchase and then I have to download them, yadda yadda yadda, but still, I have the tickets! By Monday I should have them in my hot little hands. They are grandstand tickets between Kasey’s guy and my guy.

When I tweeted I was *happy dancing* she tweeted back, **happy dancing with you**


My First Opening Day

Was certainly a day to remember. Kasey and I planned to catch the 9:15 train to the city. Due to me, being me, we didn’t get there as early as she wanted, but we were still early enough. As she walked up after getting her ticket and the train was stopping I turned to her and said, “See? Plenty of time.” She hit me. Not the first time, won’t be the last. The conductor told us we would have to change trains twice, first in Croton-on-Hudson, then in Tarrytown. We would have to wait 17 minutes in Croton and 5 minutes in Tarrytown. He was wrong. We waited 35 minutes in Croton and the train was an express to Yankees-E. 153rd Street station getting us there at 11:04. Gates opened at 11:00 so that was perfect.

CIMG0008.jpgWe walked past what was left of old Yankee Stadium, I actually took this picture as we were leaving. As soon as we walked through the gate, I sent a text to my former boss, the one who said I was never going to get tickets for opening day, “Guess where I am.” When he sent a reply naming a restaurant he and I used to frequent I sent him a two word text. “Yankee Stadium”. His response to that was “Holy sh*t! How did you get tickets!”

Simply Smoov had invited us to stop by his section to say hello. We did that and I stood looking out at home plate thinking how great would it be to sit in these seats, then we went up to our seats to watch the ring ceremony. On the way we stopped for food. Kasey went on to another stand trying to find some food that was ball park food. I stayed in the non-moving line I was in. Yes it wasn’t slow moving, it wasn’t moving at all. I switched to another line. When I finally got to the counter and ordered my Italian sausage and package of peanut M&M’s (for Kasey) she thanked me for having a simple order.

a_rod--300x300.jpgThere was still plenty of time to get to the seats for the ring ceremony and it was moving. There is something truly special about seeing it in person. The last player to get his ring was Hideki Matsui, and he got a standing ovation and all the players ran up to give him a hug. He also got a trick played on him, Jeter switched his ring for a plastic ring that was given out the last day of spring training. Mariano Rivera did the same thing to Swisher. I don’t know what Hideki’s response was, but Swisher peeked in the box, saw something that looked like it came from a bubblegum machine and said, “What the (heck) is that?” After he got his real ring, he didn’t let it out of his sight, wearing it until he went to bed that night. Now he is plotting a revenge prank. Alex Rodriguez says he is going to wear it everyday for a year. He would have worn it to 3rd Base if they had let him. 

CIMG0009.jpgAndy Pettitte pitched great, didn’t give up any runs, our boys played great too. A lot of hits, it was cold, I was cold I only had a sweat shirt, Kasey always likes the souvenir cups and things. So when a vendor came by with popcorn in a souvenir cup she had to buy it. The popcorn was pretty gross though. Almost forgot to say, I went to get a diet Pepsi, Nick Johnson was coming up to bat and I didn’t think anything would happen. As soon I got on the concourse where the vendors are, I heard the crowd I ran to the railing, it was too late, the home run was done. My man Derek also hit a home run. I got to see that, jump up and scream. There is a video of that on the MLB site.
Toward the end of the game, Kasey went to use the bathroom. My phone rings and its her, wanting to know if I want ice cream. I’m sitting there freezing the last thing I want is something frozen, so I say sure, I’ll take some ice cream. Another souvenir cup. I took mine to work and set it on top of my printer that doesn’t work. I also have this picture as my wallpaper on my phone. 

CIMG0010.jpgAfter the game we caught the subway to go to dinner. Kasey had coupons for this place on 2nd Avenue. They had $5 dollar Cosmos, since they didn’t have a dessert menu, we each had two. Then we walked back to Grand Central Terminal making a quick detour to the Yankee store, Kasey wanted a mouse pad, I didn’t know what I wanted but ended up getting some temporary tattoos and a case for my new phone.

That’s pretty much it. I need to write a blog post about classless, pathetic idiots that boo their own players, but it is late and I have work tomorrow. Till then.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote