5/21 NY Yankees 2 @ NY Mets 1 (or Who Is Kevin Russo?)

I tweeted that, it was what my boss said when I told him Kevin Russo had been called down. I couldn’t answer him, I hadn’t heard the name before, or if I had, it was such a brief occurrence I didn’t remember.

After tonights game, everybody knows his name. Beside making some decent catches in the field, he also got his first major league hit. Oh and he also knocked in the winning run. 
Javier Vasquez pitch 6 shut out innings. He was doing great, I can imagine him in the dugout saying, hey guys, I’m doing my job, you want to hit the freakin’ ball and score some runs? Although I am sure he didn’t. He also ‘laid down 2 successful sacrifice bunts’. Then he left the game, on the second bunt he got hit in the hand. THE HAND! The most important part of a pitchers body! It was x-rayed and his finger is not broken. Hopefully he won’t miss his next start, since he appears to be getting his rhythm and control back.
Click on this link for a recap by MLB.com

Yankees finish what Vazquez starts

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