Ice Dreams

Buffalo is not the worst team in Hockey, they are not even the worst in the Eastern Conference. They are in the #12 spot, there are 15 teams in the Eastern Conference, so yes they are down there. Pittsburgh is in first place, Pittsburgh won 15 games in a row and was on their way to winning #16 tonight. I don’t know if they were overconfident or if Buffalo just decided ‘Hey we aren’t going away’, but Buffalo beat them. Of course, Buffalo is still in 12th place and Pittsburgh is still in 1st place so I don’t know if it actually means anything, maybe it means good things for the team that meets them next putting a little dent in their confidence, maybe it will cause Pittsburgh to gain focus, realize they can’t take wins for granted. Maybe athletes don’t think that way, going into play a team that is not doing well, do they bring their ‘A’ game anyway, thinking these players are professional athletes, they made it to the big leagues, they could beat us or do they just relax and think, we got this. Having never been on a professional nor even knowing any I can’t say. I think I know why Buffalo so often loses in the last minutes of the game though, their goalie gets tired! I have noticed that other teams often make tons more shots on goal than Buffalo does. Just my two cents.

Of this game Ott said they played well, consistently, even I could see that. I hope they can do more of the same.

Today was a big trade day for hockey, the Sabres traded Jason Pominville to the Minnesota Wild and in return they got Johan Larsson, Matt Hackett, and 2 draft selections. They need more better players, I guess this is a good move, even though Pominville is a pretty good player. There was speculation that Ryan Miller would get traded, that didn’t happen but this could be his last year with the Sabres anyway.

Enjoy the picture below and I’m off to write about the Yankees second loss to the Red Sox.

Source: via Bella on Pinterest