Shutout for Big Stoppa ~ Thursday, June 30, 2011

There’s this woman, I used to work with her in Westchester County. She is a Yankee fan like me. She has since retired from the job and every so often when Kasey sends me a cute or encouraging e-mail I will send it to her. A week or so ago I sent her one of these e-mails. In her reply to me, the last sentence was, “Maybe I’ll see you at Yankee stadium one day.”

Thursday after getting to the stadium, Kasey and I stopped in the bathroom, I thought I heard someone call my name, Kasey said, someone is talking to you, it was this friend from my old job. Someone I hadn’t seen in over a year, it was at the game where Alex hit #600, who had said, “Maybe I’ll see you at Yankee stadium.” That was a nice start to the game.

~~ Yankees 5, Brewers 0 ~~

The game itself started with a bang, with a 2-run double for Robinson Cano in the first inning. When CC walked the first batter in the second inning, D sent a text to Kasey, she told him, that’ll make it easier for him to get a double play. As soon as she sent it, double play: Pena to Cano to Teixeira.

When Frankie came to bat, Kasey asked me, “Should I tell the pitcher that the skinny little catcher guy can’t hit? So just throw the ball down the middle of the plate?” Sure I said, she turns back to the field and Frankie gets a hit. The next inning CC loads the bases. I was freaking, why did he load the bases with the only guy that can hit coming up? Then he struck him out. Just like that. CC was dealing.

It was time to take a little walk, I walked to where my friends were sitting. When I came up the stairs and into the stands, the crowd was cheering and Mark was running around the bases, home run #25 for the season, #300 for his career. My friends weren’t there, I looked up and couldn’t see them. So I got drinks and walked back to my seat. Kasey was grinning, and she lied to the pitcher again Frankie got another hit. This one scored a run.

The game went on this way. Yankees scoring a run or two, the Brewers not able to score any runs. CC shut them down and the batters said “Thank you.” by scoring enough runs to win the game for him.

Then the game was over, but we didn’t leave, next was ‘High Socks for Hope’ at Hard Rock Cafe in an hour. We wandered around until it was time to get in line, then had an amazing evening. More on that later.

I just almost fell out of my chair I am so tired. For play by play you can go to the website. Right now I have to go to bed.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›


Who sucks now? ~ Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~~ Yankees 5, Brewers 2 ~~

Not A.J. Burnett, and this time he managed to get the run support he needed. He also held the Brewers to 2 runs, like Freddy Garcia. Yankees only got 5 runs today, maybe this pitcher is better then Greinke. I think the boys are no longer anxious with A.J. on the mound and so are relaxing at bat and getting hits. That’s my theory anyway. David Robertson came in and did his thang, then Mo picked up his 21st save of the season.

Russell Martin hit a 3 run home run and Jorge hit a solo in the 6th. His ball bounced off the top of the wall, hit a fan and went back into the field. Stupid fans should back away from the wall when a home run ball is coming. After review, it was ruled a home run.

Tomorrow Kasey and I are going to the game. She gets two weekday game days in her package. After the game we are going to the fundraiser for “High Socks for Hope”. I am wearing my jersey, since I didn’t have a chance to get a ball, just in case I run into any of the guys.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Zack Greinke in New York ~ Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~~ Yankees 12, Brewers 2 ~~

Michael Kay said that Greinke doesn’t like performing in front of crowds and doesn’t like the media attention. From his performance I think Kay is right. After 2 innings and 56 pitches he was pulled. He also gave up 7 runs, of which 7 were earned. He also walked 3. If this is how he pitches in New York, it seems the Yankees were right to say no thanks to Greinke.

The Brewers actually got more hits then the Yankees. I guess Yankees defense is just better. Freddy one time said that he always pitches like its a one run game. He did so tonight holding the Brewers to two runs even with the Yankees having 7 runs on the board. Yankees then went on to get 5 more runs. Noesi and Wade also pitched scoreless innings.

Nick Swisher hit a 3 run home run. Mark Teixeira hit a 2 run home run, his 24th of the season, putting him in first place in the American League.

In my continuing discussion of Interleague play, I never thought of this but Interleague play is also hard on the National League teams. They have to pull a player to D.H. and that puts them at a disadvantage. Girardi says the 9 games of Interleague play in a row can cripple a team. Here’s a thought, forget about where they are playing, National League teams play with their rules and American League teams play with their rules. Neither team will be at a disadvantage since they will both be playing the way they are used to playing.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›