World Series Game 6


On my way into work I stopped at Modells and got this. Kind of says it all.

Last night was church so I didn’t get to watch the whole game. I was following it on my phone though. That is how I knew Hideki Matsui was having a good night, Andy Pettitte was also doing good.

But once again my favorite moment (or two) might be thought of as a little odd. During the ninth inning the camera was on Girardi, (I saw this in the clips after the game) and he actually looked relaxed, he was almost smiling, then he did smile and step back into the dugout and the other coaches and him grabbed each other, you just know it was the last out.

And my other moment was when Alex was up on the stage and the announcer asked him if he wanted to ‘take a minute and enjoy the feeling’, and he says ‘Yes.’ and puts his head back, smiles and says, “Feels good!”

Now for some more of my World Series haul.

This is my hoodie, it is like the shirts they were given after the game except its a hoodie.

I got this shirt for Kasey, she prefers the Navy blue. And lastly,

0161 WS27 MagnetBear.JPG

The magnet went on my cabinet at work, the bear came home with me and is going to the parade.

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~