And the winners are ….

not the teams I picked. Well not all of them.

The Detroit Tigers were my pick and the Orioles swept them. I also picked the Dodgers and the Cardinals beat them, 3-1. On the other and, the Royals swept the Angels. Giants and Nationals, who I didn’t really care about, went 3-1, with the Giants advancing.

Next up the championship series. And the teams in it are, Kansas City Royals versus the Baltimore Orioles (Series starts 10-10). In the national league it’s the San Francisco Giants vs the Saint Louis Cardinals (Series starts 10-11).

My picks are as follows, Royals over Orioles. I don’t want the Royals to win as much as I want the Orioles to lose. Giants over Cardinals. Again I want the Cardinals to lose more than I want the Giants to win, the Cardinals were supposed to beat the Red Sox last year and failed. So they need to suffer defeat again.

After this series it will be the World Series. If things go the way I want, it’ll be a Royals vs Giants competition. I’m looking forward to it.

The Post-season begins now

The ALDS starts tonight with games between the Tigers vs Orioles (at Oriole Park, Baltimore MD) and the Royals vs Angels (at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA). My picks are Tigers for reasons already stated and Royals. I picked Royals for the Wild Card and am sticking with them.

The NLDS starts Friday, October 3 with the Giants vs Nationals ( at Nationals Park, Washington DC) and Cardinals vs Dodgers (at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles CA). I had already picked the Dodgers and for the NL wild card I picked the Pirates who just happened to get shut out by Bumgarner. A rather amazing feat when you consider he also batted (NL = no DH). I am once again conflicted with my pick. The thing is I don’t follow the NL and have no particular likes or dislikes concerning either of these teams. The Nationals also have an amazing pitcher who in the very last game of the regular season pitched a no-hitter. Even though I said I would pick, I think for this game I will lean back, put my feet up, pop open a cold one and just enjoy watching baseball.

This series is a best of 5. I’ll be back when one team wins 3 if not before.

Yankees are out but baseball is still alive

The regular season is over and the post season is about to begin. Even though the Yankees are out of it, I am still baseball obsessed and will be posting my thoughts about the games ahead, including who I have decided to root for this post-season.

Most years, I root against the team that kept the Yankees out of the post-season, or beat them in the post-season, for instance if they didn’t make it past the ALDS or ALCS. Or the Red Sox. It’s always good to root against the Red Sox. This year however, the team that kept the Yankees out of the post-season was the Yankees. They just didn’t win enough games. There are some teams that I absolutely won’t root for, like the Braves, who aren’t in it, and the Orioles who are, but don’t have the most wins in the American League. An important fact that I had to bring out.

The final teams haven’t been decided, since they now have this stupid 1 game Wild Card playoff. The fourth team is YTBD. The teams competing are: Kansas City Royals and Oakland A’s (9/30) in the AL and Pittsburgh Pirates vs. San Francisco Giants (10/1) in the NL. I like the Oakland A’s, they were Hunter’s first team but they have Lester, which makes me want to hate them, but the Royals have Shields, which makes me want to root against them. I have the opposite problem with the NL teams. Pirates have Russell Martin, who is adorable, I mean a really good catcher and longtime favorite player of mine. The Giants have Buster Posey, who is also a really good catcher and fun to watch. The minuses here are the Giants are ORANGE and the Pirates are YELLOW. Also Russell has gone from being clean-shaven to a scruffy little thing. Since I promised to pick one I am going with the Royals (can’t get past the Lester dislike) and the Pirates (Russell is my boo!).

For the ALDS series between the Tigers and Orioles (starts 10/2), I am going with the Detroit Tigers, because, well Baltimore. The NLDS between the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers (begins 10/3) is also hard, normally I would go with the Dodgers because they are the blue team, and the Cardinals failed to beat the Red Sox last year (the rivalry is alive!) and they have Don Mattingly. But they are LA soooo, all right, I talked myself into it, my pick is the Dodgers.

So there you have it. After the Wild Card is done, I’ll be back to pick my teams for the rest of the Division Series.

Sad day for Yankees and baseball ~ July 13, 2010

Unlike many that have posted about George M. Steinbrenner I am not from New York. I was born in California. As a young person, with my parents having no particular team affiliation, I felt being from California meant I was a Dodgers fan. This feeling continued even with moving to Seattle and then on to Florida. At that time, there were no teams named Seattle Mariners or Tampa Bay Rays. It was while growing up in Florida that I discovered the Yankees, mainly due to a pitcher with the interesting name (nickname) of Catfish Hunter. I think he got the nickname because of his mustache. My father’s response to my question of what team that was gave me the impression I wasn’t supposed to be rooting for them. That was another reason to root for them. But I was a good girl, so I wasn’t open about it.

Moving to New York changed that. I bought a Yankees hat, one of several, I currently have 5, 2 that just have NY on the front, 2 that say 2009 World Series Champions (one I got free at a Yankee game) and 1 that has #2 Derek Jeter, or maybe just Jeter, and when I left one at my mother’s house and asked her to mail it to me, she joked that she might send me a Mariner’s hat instead, I threatened her with bodily harm. I wasn’t entirely joking.

At the time I was what most would call a casual fan, in the past year I have become a very involved fan, going to games, watching games on T.V., reading about the teams and players and keeping track of the numbers. Almost(completely) obsessed with the Yankees and baseball.

Somewhere along the way, I missed the importance of George Steinbrenner.

Oh, I’m not saying I didn’t know who he was, I would have had to been living in a cave not to know about George and Billy. With commercials like this and watching Yankeeography about Yogi Berra and Billy Martin, I knew a lot about George. I’m saying I missed how important he was, what he meant to the Yankees and how he changed baseball. Call me clueless. For example, I thought he always owned the Yankees.

Now, as I read tributes and blog post and see how affected people are by his death, I feel like an outsider, someone who can only offer their hand and say, I’m here for you, lean on me. So that is what I am doing, to all my fellow Yankee fans and friends who have lost someone important to them, I offer my condolences, friendship and support.

Well, yeah, I had to include this commercial, whats a Steinbrenner post without Jeter?

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

6/25 NY Yankees 2 @ L.A. Dodgers 1 ~ Opening of the Series

An emotional game, with a shout out at the end, coming from Grumpy Joe Torre and Donny Baseball, but a win for the Yankees, CC pitched 8 innings, then Mo comes in and strikes out, one, two, three, game over. With that the last batter tossed his bat and helmet down, which the umpire didn’t like.

Alex hit another home run and I have updated my counter. He also scored the other run of the game. Since I am tired and can’t think of anything to say, I am just going to post the standings for now and hopefully my brain will back in gear tomorrow.

New York           46- 27           .630           –
Boston                 44- 30           .595         2.5
Tampa Bay         43- 30           .589         3.0
Toronto               39- 35           .527         7.5
Baltimore            21- 52           .288       25.0

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

Yankees 2-0 in the ALCS

I watched the game on T.V. I am not going to say that it is better on T.V. as my father used to always say, I say there are advantages to watching it on T.V. I would have much rather been at the game but there was no way I could make it. It was an exciting game, even watching it on T.V.,  I can only imagine how exciting it would have been to see it at the stadium. Considering it takes me an hour and a half to get home from the Bronx, I am glad I was watching it at home, since it went 13 innings.

**Breaking news alert** Just checked my text alerts on my phone Phillies 11, Dodgers 0. That’s makes it Phillies 2, Dodgers 1 in the NLCS **

alex-rod.jpgScore was 2-2 at the end of the 9th inning. Then the Angels scored in the 11th inning, then Alex evened up the score with a home run. Now when he hit the ball, it looked to me like the ball bounced off the wall and the Angels player caught it, so I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t throwing the ball to get Alex out. On the replay, you could see the ball went over the wall, then bounced on the top of the wall and went back into the field. Alex also had a little hesitation when he saw a player with the ball, but then saw the umpire signaling a home run. So he ran home, and they all punched hands and did all that ballplayer stuff they do. (Like how technical I am?) I really wanted them to get another run so I could go to bed but they didn’t so it was tied up again, 3-3. (Wow, his teeth are really white.)

Then in the bottom of the thirteenth inning with one out, there was a man on first and second, Melky (I think) hit a base hit and the Angels player made a bad throw which made it possible for Jerry Hairston Jr to run home and score the winning run!

He jumped about 4 feet in the air, when the others came out he was still jumping and high fiving and got knocked down, then the others players started slapping him! Must not have been hard, he was laughing when he got up. (That must be how ball players show their love)

Of course A.J. came out with the pie and (to me) it looked like Jerry was backing up and saying no, and A.J. had this smile on his face like, you gotta get the pie!

There was a questionable call against Jeter in the fifth inning, he was called out but looking at the video he was at the plate before the ball was in the baseman’s glove. It was one of those split second things and Jeter didn’t argue.

Then in the 10th Cabrera was called safe at 2nd. Angels were going for a double play, the coach and the 2nd baseman started arguing, the umpire wouldn’t budge and on the video, his foot was not on the plate or bag before he threw the ball to first. As it turned out, it didn’t make a difference, no one scored in that inning.

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~