7/21 NY Yankees 10 vs LA Angels 6 ~ A wild ride and a melt down

Day game today and I was busy so I couldn’t sneak away to watch it like I did on a previous day game. I was moaning about this on Twitter and a nice tweep offered to keep me updated if I didn’t have access to a radio or the internet. Such nice people on Twitter (maybe because I block all the meanies?). I had my phone and my charger so I was good to go. And the game started out great. Jeter getting on base, Teixeria getting him in, Swisher doing his part. End of the 4th inning Yankees had 6 runs. Included in that total was a two run home run by Robinson Cano. Once the Angels pitcher was aware he started walking Cano. Pussy.

Then it fell apart, or Javy fell apart (however you want to look at it), giving up 5 runs in the next two innings. We had 6 runs though, would it be enough?

If Yankees had stuck to the 6 runs, who knows, but in the 7th inning Juan Miranda hit a home run, then Gardner got tossed, {I hope Yankees never have to play with this umpire crew again, GRRR} Colin Curtis comes in and hits a home run, 10-5.

Then Joba replaced Boone in the 7th inning, gave up a run in the 8th, all the time I was praying, {Do not fuck this up Joba} and that was all the damage he did, which was nothing, since we were 5 runs ahead. Mo came in, 1,2,3. Game over, Yankees win. Time of game: 3:07; Attendance: 47,521

Now on to something else that happened to me. On Twitter there are a lot of Yankee fans, I kind of searched them out, and this is my Yankee blog where I can ramble on and on, but on another site I frequent, I sometimes feel like I’m the only Yankee fan there. Today I felt like I was being ganged up on by the self-admitted Yankee haters. Not just the Yankees but the A.L. and the D.H. rule and I got a little snarky, ‘Yeah the N.L. is better, look how many more World Series they’ve won, wait …. ‘. Then he replied how in the last decade the Yankees have lost 2 World Series to N.L. teams, I called him a jerk, of course the Yankees lost to N.L. teams, the World Series is played between A.L. and N.L., and I also mentioned that when N.L. teams come to the A.L., they bring a D.H. His reply was it’s all fun bantering! No its not fun when one you ends up crying. Not that I will tell him that. But I don’t know if I was crying because of what he said or crying because I let what he said get to me.

Someone should tell Javy he’s not the only one with a melt down today.

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Opportunistic Yanks hold off Angels
Injured Yogi won’t attend Hall induction

7/20 NY Yankees 2 vs LA Angels 10 ~ An Ugly Game

Dear Yankees,

Why do you keep losing to the Angels? They are not as good a team as you. Just look at the numbers.

Is it the red uniforms? Do the Halos disturb you (f.y.i.: they are not real halos)? Are you afraid of the Rally Monkey? He can’t bite you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at you, I know you are sad about George and upset at A.J. and worried about Andy, but you really need to pull yourselves together. All I’m asking is we don’t get swept by them. And for a little bit of run support for Javy. For pity’s sake, they are a California team!

Yes I know I have a special dislike for California teams, but could you please just humor me on this? Thanks boys.

Love, Prinsessa

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4/25 NY Yankees 4 @ Los Angeles Angels 8

Enough with the Javy Haters! Even my best friends husband was talking him down, I asked him, would you rather have Joba as starter? That shut him up, he hates Joba. 

So I appreciate the paper’s that wrote the Angels beat up on Javier, I don’t like the one that wrote, he had a stinker of a game or something like that. Here are some headlines for you.
OK, so this isn’t about the game, but it’s Mo!!
The Understated Elegance of Mariano Rivera

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4/24 NY Yankees 7 @ Los Angeles Angels 1

Andy Pettitte has done it again. Pitched 8 great innings, only letting up 1 run. I had a nice post typed up and then had to go to the laundry mat and lost everything. Now I cannot remember anything I wrote. I was upstairs while the game was on and so I didn’t blog during the game like I prefer, but I was tweeting during the game. Game was almost a shut out, it was a win anyway and the Yankees have a chance to win this series and that will mean they have won the first 6 series of the season.

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4/23 NY Yankees 4 @ Los Angeles Angels 6

Blogging during the game again, right now it is 4-4, been kind of an exciting ball game. Mark Teixeira got hit by a pitch, then running into home ran over the catcher. He’s out with a concussion and injured ankle. Then Hunter ran into Mark at first base. A.J. has not been pitching his best. But my sweet Nicky hit a home run. Then his next at bat he got hit by a pitch. Not nice, but then A.J. has hit some too. Bottom of the sixth right now. 1, 2, 3 inning, Yankees up.

New pitcher up for the Angels. A.J. seems to have settled down, Jorge Posada is catching, they are working well together. Joba Chamberlain lets Matsui get on base, then the next batter hits a home run. Swish did his best, he climbed up the wall, but it was gone. Angels are up by 2 now.

Last inning and the Yankees need to score 3 runs or it is a lose for us. 2 runs will tie it up, but I really want to go to bed. So I am hoping for 3 runs. Instead I get 3 outs. See you tomorrow.

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4/15 New York Yankees 6 vs Los Angeles Angels 2

I was not able to watch the Yankees play the Angels on April 14 because it was day game and I have to work, I was following the tweets on Twitter and was upset that the crowd was booing Javier Vasquez. My personal opinion is you never boo your own team and your own team players. I looked at how he did that game, and he gave up 4 runs in 5-⅓ innings. Which is not bad, so it seems the crowd is booing because of what happened in 2004 when he threw the pitch that the Ortne player hit for a grand slam. So some blame him for losing the series. But he didn’t, the Yankees were up by three and then lost four, he didn’t pitch for all four games. It just makes me mad. Oh, they lost that game too, 3-5

Well on to Thursday’s game, Kasey and I had tickets. She came from home and I came from work and we met at the stadium. We were bleacher creatures for the game! It was hat night and we each got our hats when we came in. Got food and headed up to our seats. Saw someone come with with an Angels shirt with #55, Matsui on it. After he sat down he pulled out a Yankee jersey with, yes #55 on it.

Two things confused me, one was all the players were wearing #42, every single one! It was Jackie Robinson day besides being hat day. The other thing was I thought the crowd was booing Phil Hughes, you already know how I feel about that, then I realized they weren’t booing they were “Hughing”.

Something I forgot to mention when I was writing about the home opener. When Dave Robertson gave up the grand slam (which was really my fault, when the bases were loaded I turned to Kasey and said, “Even if they hit a home run it won’t kill us, we’re up by 6.”) and everyone went to the mound, normally Jeter is right up there with them, he wasn’t there, he was standing in his spot, smoothing out the base path with his cleats. It was kind of weird, when Alex came back to 3rd base he looked at Derek, like what are you doing man? Thursday he was doing the same thing, whenever he was in the field and not playing, he was smoothing out the dirt. That and sticking his hand in his pocket like he lost a penny or something. Now why would you say I am obsessed with Derek Jeter? Have you seen my desk?

Robinson Cano hit two home runs, very appropriate since he was named after Jackie Robinson and he wears #24 in his honor. Derek Jeter also hit a home run and had an RBI double. Curtis Granderson hit a triple with Marcus Thames on base so he got an RBI also and scored a run on a double by Derek.

I know I am not very good at summarizing games, I forget to write things down and then can’t remember them when I type up my posts. I tend to write up defense and forget offense. Anyway Hughes and the offense kept the Angels to 2 runs. One was a home run by Matsui in the 2nd inning.

Hughes was credited with the win, but if you want to know the truth, Kasey and I should get the credit since the Yankees win every time we are at a game. We decided that the Yankee fans should pay for us to go to all the home game since we are good luck for the Yankees. My pay pal e-mail is …

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My First Opening Day

Was certainly a day to remember. Kasey and I planned to catch the 9:15 train to the city. Due to me, being me, we didn’t get there as early as she wanted, but we were still early enough. As she walked up after getting her ticket and the train was stopping I turned to her and said, “See? Plenty of time.” She hit me. Not the first time, won’t be the last. The conductor told us we would have to change trains twice, first in Croton-on-Hudson, then in Tarrytown. We would have to wait 17 minutes in Croton and 5 minutes in Tarrytown. He was wrong. We waited 35 minutes in Croton and the train was an express to Yankees-E. 153rd Street station getting us there at 11:04. Gates opened at 11:00 so that was perfect.

CIMG0008.jpgWe walked past what was left of old Yankee Stadium, I actually took this picture as we were leaving. As soon as we walked through the gate, I sent a text to my former boss, the one who said I was never going to get tickets for opening day, “Guess where I am.” When he sent a reply naming a restaurant he and I used to frequent I sent him a two word text. “Yankee Stadium”. His response to that was “Holy sh*t! How did you get tickets!”

Simply Smoov had invited us to stop by his section to say hello. We did that and I stood looking out at home plate thinking how great would it be to sit in these seats, then we went up to our seats to watch the ring ceremony. On the way we stopped for food. Kasey went on to another stand trying to find some food that was ball park food. I stayed in the non-moving line I was in. Yes it wasn’t slow moving, it wasn’t moving at all. I switched to another line. When I finally got to the counter and ordered my Italian sausage and package of peanut M&M’s (for Kasey) she thanked me for having a simple order.

a_rod--300x300.jpgThere was still plenty of time to get to the seats for the ring ceremony and it was moving. There is something truly special about seeing it in person. The last player to get his ring was Hideki Matsui, and he got a standing ovation and all the players ran up to give him a hug. He also got a trick played on him, Jeter switched his ring for a plastic ring that was given out the last day of spring training. Mariano Rivera did the same thing to Swisher. I don’t know what Hideki’s response was, but Swisher peeked in the box, saw something that looked like it came from a bubblegum machine and said, “What the (heck) is that?” After he got his real ring, he didn’t let it out of his sight, wearing it until he went to bed that night. Now he is plotting a revenge prank. Alex Rodriguez says he is going to wear it everyday for a year. He would have worn it to 3rd Base if they had let him. 

CIMG0009.jpgAndy Pettitte pitched great, didn’t give up any runs, our boys played great too. A lot of hits, it was cold, I was cold I only had a sweat shirt, Kasey always likes the souvenir cups and things. So when a vendor came by with popcorn in a souvenir cup she had to buy it. The popcorn was pretty gross though. Almost forgot to say, I went to get a diet Pepsi, Nick Johnson was coming up to bat and I didn’t think anything would happen. As soon I got on the concourse where the vendors are, I heard the crowd I ran to the railing, it was too late, the home run was done. My man Derek also hit a home run. I got to see that, jump up and scream. There is a video of that on the MLB site.
Toward the end of the game, Kasey went to use the bathroom. My phone rings and its her, wanting to know if I want ice cream. I’m sitting there freezing the last thing I want is something frozen, so I say sure, I’ll take some ice cream. Another souvenir cup. I took mine to work and set it on top of my printer that doesn’t work. I also have this picture as my wallpaper on my phone. 

CIMG0010.jpgAfter the game we caught the subway to go to dinner. Kasey had coupons for this place on 2nd Avenue. They had $5 dollar Cosmos, since they didn’t have a dessert menu, we each had two. Then we walked back to Grand Central Terminal making a quick detour to the Yankee store, Kasey wanted a mouse pad, I didn’t know what I wanted but ended up getting some temporary tattoos and a case for my new phone.

That’s pretty much it. I need to write a blog post about classless, pathetic idiots that boo their own players, but it is late and I have work tomorrow. Till then.

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4/13 New York Yankees 7 vs Los Angeles Angels 5

I was at the game. It was a pretty special occasion. I saw the ring ceremony and wondered why they didn’t call Matsui up, I looked at the table and there was a box still on the table, then the announcer said there was one more ring to hand out. Matsui came out to a standing ovation and chants of ‘MVP, MVP’. Yes I was one of the ones shouting that. His first at bat there were cheers from the crowd and more chanting. Then Andy struck him out. His next at bat there was cheering but no chanting, and no booing for any of his at bats.

There is more I had to say, including a comment Kasey wanted me to make, it will have to wait. I have to go get some sleep now. In the meantime, check out the headlines from Yankees.com.

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Looking at the schedule

The Yankees are currently in Tampa, they play a game today. Then they fly to Boston to play ‘Our Rival Team in New England’ (from now on will be referred to as ORTNE), they play Sunday (opening day), then Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is a travel day and Friday they play in Tampa Florida. They play Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Tampa. Then fly back up north to play the home opener on April 13th. That’s a lot of back and forth flying!

I think I want their frequent flyer miles.

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Our tickets are here

Marcia and I are going to see the Yankees play the Angels on April 15, 2010. I just got the e-mail with the tickets. We are sitting: Bleachers 204; Row: 18; AISLE Seats: 1,2

This year we are planning on going to a lot more games then last year.

In other news, Teixeira got drilled with a fastball by the Orioles’ Jeremy Guthrie on Monday. He made some comment about the Yankees being “aggressive” and they attack and that makes it hard to “get out of the way”. Get out of the way, so it was intentional, you were trying to hit him, otherwise why else would he need to ‘get out of the way’ (all comments in the blog are my OPINION).

Later in the game he hit Francisco Cervelli. He better be careful, that’s all I’m gonna say.

Results from the last three days are as follows.

Sunday March 28, 2010 ~ Tigers vs. Yankees ~ Cancelled ~ Rain 

Monday March 29, 2010 ~ Yankees 11, Orioles 7 
Tuesday March 30, 2010 ~ Yankees (ss) 6, Braves 9 ~ Blue Jays 3, Yankees (ss) 5

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