The longest game

Not the longest game ever, but —->

The last game I had tickets for was to be played on Tuesday, September 18, however it was rained out. Kasey was coming up to go with me but fortunately the game was called before she left, early the next day she got on the train, we had big plans for the day. Unfortunately I was sick and we ended up watching the game in my apartment.

Part of the reason I was so upset was this was Andy Pettitte’s first day back from the D.L. I really wanted to see him pitch, instead I had to settle for watching him on the little screen. At least the Yankees beat the Blue Jays.

Later in the week Tom sent me a message asking if I wanted to go to the game Saturday, I said that since I had missed the game Wednesday, of course we all know I would have gone regardless. Kasey was in the city and made her request for me to text her game highlights. I took my phone but didn’t bother with my charger since, I was just going to a game, wouldn’t need my charger.

~~ Yankees 10, Athletics 9 ~~

As the saying goes, famous last words. We get to our seats, which actually weren’t our seats. For a Saturday day game the stadium was rather empty. Tom and Mike were in the right section, but not in the right row, well all right, I can be flexible. Tom is busy scouting out new seats for next season’s tickets. He still wants the Audi Club and Mohegan Sun Sports Bar, and I think he is staying in the Grandstand, but he wants seats closer to home plate. We sat in those seats for a while. It didn’t seem like long, but longer then Nova stayed in the game. Stephen Drew hit a home run in the third inning and Nova’s day was done. It didn’t seem too bad, after all the Yankees were still a run ahead, but the A’s were continuing to hit and the Yankees were not, by the 4th inning the game was tied. Then the Yankees broke the tie, then the A’s tied it again. After testing out the seats in section 419, which Tom liked the section but not the row he picked, we went to the Audi club. Because the game had gone on so long they had stopped serving beer in the concession stands, I was still texting Kasey, my text read, “Tied game, again.” Kasey’s reply was, “I hate Oakland!” We get to the 9th inning, still tied. Then the 10th, the 11th, Tom and Mike left for Yonkers. I stayed. I was looking out from the windows across to the bleachers and the right field seats, it looked like a steady exodus of people from the stadium.

Top of the 13th, Freddy was in his 3rd inning and boom, boom, boom, 3 home runs by Oakland scoring 4 runs. Some Oakland fans started cheering, Michael Kay and Tino and Ken started talking about what this loss would mean to the Yankees during the middle of the inning. Then the Yankees came up to bat.

Ichiro starts off with a single, then Alex hits a single, then Robbie takes his turn and also hits a single. A’s bring in a new pitcher, who promptly throws the ball to the wall behind home plate and home comes Ichiro. Nunez brings Alex home with a sacrifice fly, that’s two runs and 1 out. Raul comes up to bat, the same Raul that has been slumping, that some people are saying is too old to play everyday, the same Raul that broke the tie in the 5th with a home run and I thought they were were showing a replay of that home run, I thought they were continuously showing it, but the Audi club was getting loud, and the A’s fans were rather quiet. Home run #17 for Raul Ibanez to tie the game again. Cory Wade comes in and pitched a 1-2-3 top of the 14th.

Chavez get on first and is replaced by Pinch-runner Melky Mesa, he was brought up for his speed so this makes sense. It is his major league debut. Jeter bunts, and then Ichiro is walked. I hit the table and snarled, “Cowards!” The girls next to me just laughed. Oh and by this time my phone was dead as the Red Sox’s chance of going to the post season, so much for not needing my charger. The summary from says

Alex Rodriguez singles on a line drive to center fielder Yoenis Cespedes. Melky Mesa to 3rd. Ichiro Suzuki to 2nd.

What this rather dry sentence does not tell you is the reason Melky Mesa went to third and didn’t score was because he missed the base. He ran right over it and never touched it. Someone said, ‘Rookie mistake’, uh duh! He is a rookie, but a worse mistake would have been for him to go home and been called out. So he went back to third, looking very dejected, and the next play he was out at home. I felt really bad for him, as they showed him dragging his feet across to the dugout. No high fives for him, he might get a base in his locker and he will always be remembered as the runner who missed 3rd base.

And then, Eduardo Nunez reaches on a fielding error by first baseman Brandon Moss. Ichiro Suzuki scores. An error, the first baseman dropped the ball and Ichiro ran in and scored the winning run. He was very happy, had a big grin and hugged, whoever was at the base when he ran in. Probably Nick. Nick likes to be in the middle of everything. Make an error against the Yankees and you will pay, in this case it was with the game. Yankees win, everybody is happy.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛


It’s a split ~ Monday, August 29, 2011

~~ Yankees 3, Orioles 2 ~~

Not exactly what I was hoping from a series with the Orioles, but after two games lost it was either a split or a loss, I’ll take the split. So what can I say about this game that you don’t already know? That I was impressed with Freddy’s pitching, except for the ball that whats-his-name hit out of the park. I can’t really say that Michael and Ken jinxed Robertson, they didn’t say how many innings it had been seen he had given up a run, but it was a long time until tonight. So he give up the home run, he walks a batter, the batter steals second, the pressure is on, Dave will be fine. I called that one.

Then Mo comes in and one, two, three, Yankees win. Of course the whole time he is pitching, Michael and Ken are talking about how many saves IN A ROW Mariano has blown at Camden Yards. They were totally pissing me off, then I thought, maybe they will reverse jinx him. Of course I don’t really believe in jinxes.

During the game I was texting little bits of it to a friend who couldn’t watch it because she had lost power during the hurricane. I didn’t text a lot because I wasn’t sure how much she would want me too, but she never told me to stop so I kept going. I don’t know if Kasey was watching or still working on her basement. They didn’t lose power but the basement got flooded, there was approximately 10″ of water and everything had to be tossed, now the drywall and everything has to be torn out. I am kind of bummed because I had left a couple boxes of books I was planning to take to the Strand and sell. Ah well, these things happen when you live in a hurricane zone. Wait.

Swisher hit home run #21. A 2 run shot and Mark got his 100 RBI for the season. Next up, Boston.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

I love me a little Canadian catcher

Russell Martin that is just in case you were wondering. The Canadian is rakin’, 2 home runs in this game and 6 for the season so far. He said he did a little more work in the off season and is feeling healthy. I think it is the ‘batter whisperer Kevin Long’ that is doing it.

Phil Hughes is rehabbing and may start a minor league game in the next week. He said his arm is feeling better and the pitching coach likes what he sees.

~~Yankees 15, Orioles 3~~

Despite having flu-like symptoms, CC pitched a full 8 innings, he threw 103 pitches, 76 of them were strikes and picked up his first win of the season. I hope he hasn’t blown his chance for a Cy Young. Ha Ha

Yankees struck early with Derek hitting a single, Mark a double and Alex doubling to bring in Derek and Mark. Then Robbie brought in Alex with a single. This makes the 12th game in a row he has got a hit. Go Robbie! So the Yankees got 3 runs without hitting a home run, shocking!

Then the O’s pitcher seemed to settle down, until the 6th inning. With Robbie and Nick on base, Russell hit his first home run of the night. That was the last inning for that pitcher. Then Adam Jones did that in the 7th inning for the Orioles. D immediately said, ‘CC needs to come out now!’ He’s an idiot. So they scored 3 runs, we had 6, and then in the next inning, Jorge hit a two run home run (yes I tweeted Hip-Hip Jorge) and Russell hit his second home run of the night. I love back-to-back home runs, so much fun.

With 2 outs in inning Derek walked, Curtis singled and Mark walked. Alex was next up. D started saying Alex is going to hit a home run now. Em started saying, Oh he was doing that at the beginning of last year, he got bored with it. Meanwhile Showalter was replacing the pitcher and Alex was on-deck, swinging the bat around, over his right shoulder and then over his left shoulder, smooth fluid moves, without a break in rhythm, I don’t know if he was showing off, or trying to psych out the other players, maybe that is just what he does when he is waiting. Then he hit a grand slam. So D isn’t a total idiot.

For Russell’s next at bat he got hit by a pitch. Of course the big question is, was it intentional? Of course the pitcher claims it wasn’t, “There’s no way that I would do that and intentionally go at somebody’s head or go way up there,” Rupe said. “I know how to hit a guy when the situation calls for it, and that wasn’t it.” Which is the same thing Ken Singleton says, around the waist, not at the head or shoulders. But when Russell turned to look at the pitcher, he was mad. Brett got him back though, he hit a home run. His first of the season. Yay Brett! Now it is my sweet Nicky’s turn.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛