Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

Another rain delay, this time I was not in the Audi club, I was walking around the stadium with Sarah and not finding any place to sit. I don’t know how Andy and P. dwelt with it. Our seats were also in the bleachers which meant they were wet. We had these beach mats (promotional) and the kids put one down to sit on. However, they did not dry the seats first so we got wet butts. I would have preferred to go to Tuesday’s game, the almost no-hitter, but didn’t have tickets.

~~ Yankees 3, Rangers 2 ~~

The Yankees scored all three runs in the 3rd inning, no home runs, not that I’m counting or anything. When Josh Hamilton hit his home run in the 4th inning the guys behind me complained about Freddy. Oh excuse me, a solo shot by Josh Hamilton, who has hit 30 home runs this season and you are blaming Freddy? Then when Hamilton hit his second home run in the 6th inning, they cursed out Freddy. I almost punched them. He hits home runs, those two runs were the only runs Texas got that night, and you’re calling Freddy names? How about the fact that he didn’t let anyone get on base before the home run? How about the fact that the Yankees WERE NOT HITTING THE BALL? Idiots like that make me rage.

As it turned out, the Yankees didn’t need anymore than 3 runs thanks to Boone, David and Rafael not giving up any runs. And now Josh can say, “Hey, I finally hit a home run in Yankee Stadium! Two in fact.” The kids left early, they had to catch a train home before midnight. I stayed until the last out, with my wet butt and got to take a wet beach thingy home.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

And the winner for AL MVP is ….

not Robinson Cano. I’m not really surprised. Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers won.

Someone stated that you couldn’t expect a player whose team finished 3rd in the league to win the MVP. I would like to point that person’s attention to last year’s MVP winner, who played for the Twins, who were not in the World Series, therefore, they had to finish at least third.

Not that I think Josh Hamilton is undeserving. Even though he didn’t play in September, so just how could he be ‘the most valuable player’? Someone also said it wasn’t Yankee hate, HA. It’s like people are saying, “You’re a Yankee, that’s enough for you.” By the way I would like to point out here that I HATE the Texas Rangers.

Back to the subject of the most valuable player couldn’t be on a third place team, Cano was on the third place team, and the player in second place in MVP voting was Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. A team that didn’t even make it to the post-season. Let me say that again, the fucking Tigers!

These awards and their voting systems totally baffle me.

Cano places third in AL MVP balloting