Today’s game was a wash

Or I should say Saturday’s game. First off, even though it was televised, I missed it. I was sleeping. Yep, sleepy girl is back. I even woke up around 1:00 looked at the time, thought about the game, and went back to sleep. I can sleep now, when the regular season begins …..

Anyway, back to the game. First up, “Sabathia has now served up exactly five runs in each of his second spring starts for New York. The Tigers got to him for that total on March 11, 2009, in Lakeland, Fla., and the Pirates did the same last March 9 at George M. Steinbrenner Field.” CC’s second start fits developing pattern Ouch CC. When I came upstairs, after I went and got Sarah from her job, Kasey tell’s me that CC gave up 5 runs. She followed that with “Yankees would have won if he hadn’t.”

With the Nationals up 7 runs by the fourth, the Yankees scored 8 runs in the bottom of the fourth inning. Gardner helps Yanks forget CC’s struggles. Gardner hit a triple and a double, Jorge Vazquez hit a two run double then was brought home by Gardner. But in the seventh inning the Nationals scored two runs, then one in the eighth. Final score was 10-8.

Montero continues to impress me with his bat and defensively. Although every time I saw that I feel a twinge of guilt about Frankie. He was in the same form he was beginning of last year and said he was feeling stronger. But still ….. Montero’s progress not only with bat Not only that, but from what he says in interviews, he has a good attitude.

“I want to be behind the plate every single time,” Montero said. “I don’t want to lose all four years I’ve been catching with the Yankees. I want to be behind the plate. I want to catch and help them win.”


“I haven’t played in the big leagues yet, so if I’m staying with the team, I’m going to know a lot with the veteran guys that are here, like Jorge and everybody else,” Montero said. “They’re going to teach me, and I’m going to learn real quick. That’ll be awesome for me.”

It has been said, as near as I can remember, that the Yankees are big on helping new players, leading by example, instructing etc. I have also heard it hasn’t always been that way. Progress.

Baseball is back

So it just spring training. It’s baseball, so the games don’t count, who cares? Yankees are playing ball and I am happy.

The first game of spring training was yesterday, Philadelphia at NY Yankees, George M. Steinbrenner Field. Which the Phillies won. Bah, I got to see Mark Teixeira hit an RBI triple his 3rd at bat and a new Yankee, Jorge Vazquez crush one, and I do mean crush one over the center field wall, over 408 feet.

Today’s game was played in the Phillies stadium, Bright House Networks Field in Clearwater Florida. Ivan Nova started and was almost perfect. Curtis Granderson hit a home run over the left field wall, Jorge Vazquez hit a home run. Jesus Montero was so cute! I mean he hit an RBI single in the sixth-inning, his third at bat.

It’s good to see baseball back, I like seeing the old favorites and the new players working together and getting it done. We are going to have a great year.