Idiots abound 

IMG_4097In the wake of Jonathan Papelbon choking Bryce Harper (see the LINK) some have said Papelbon should never play again, he has been suspended so he won’t be playing again this season, hopefully. Others have sided with Papelbon, saying he was right, as a veteran player such as the person who tweeted this tweet.

There are two problems with that. One is Bryce Harper is the best player on the Nationals, he leads the NL in batting average (.336), runs (117) and OPS (1.125), and is tied for the home run lead (41). You don’t get those numbers by being a ‘lazy shit’. He’s a candidate for National League Most Valuable Player Award, on a better team he would be heading to the post season, possibly the World Series. Papelbon has played 22 games for the Nationals, he has pitched a grand total of 23.2 innings, and a has proven himself a bit of a jerk. Of course I have a history of dislike for Puppybone.

The second thing is Puppybone didn’t stand up or call Harper out for being lazy, he attacked him, he tried to choke him. If it had happened anyplace else Puppybone could be facing criminal charges. But it didn’t and people are defending him. It proves the title of this post.

Notes from the baseball world (and some thoughts from me)

After two days, Ramos rescued in Venezuela

Starting with some good news.

Papelbon agrees to four-year deal with Phillies

And this means I don’t have to stop hating Papelbon

Yankees continue to rake in postseason awards

Outfielder Curtis Granderson named the AL’s Outstanding Player in the 2011 Players Choice Awards, as selected by Major League players.

Gardner was given a nod with his second consecutive Fielding Bible Award, indicative of the best fielder at a position in 2011, as announced in “The Bill James Handbook”.

Granderson was tabbed as the Bombers’ Player of the Year, closer Mariano Rivera took honors as the team’s Pitcher of the Year and right-hander Ivan Nova’s rookie campaign earned respect as the Yankees’ Breakout Player of the Year.

Granderson and second baseman Robinson Cano selected for AL Silver Slugger Awards at their respective positions, as announced by Louisville Slugger. (Curtis’ first and Robbie’s third)

Grandy, Cano among All-Stars headed to Taiwan

Pros and Cons of A Ball ~ Monday, June 20, 2011

No not a ball, “A” ball, as in minor league baseball. I like going its fun. What I like: since its minor league, I am more relaxed, the outcome isn’t as important to me. The stadium is small (a foul ball flew over my head) so you are closer to the action. Dutchess Stadium is less then a 15 minute drive from my house and it doesn’t matter what lane I am in when leaving, I can get home easily whether I turn right or left. There is entertainment between innings. There are funny sound effects. You don’t have to drink beer out of a plastic cup, you can keep the can (yes I know). They have blue Gatorade (I’m addicted). Fireworks viewed through 3-D glasses are freaking awesome!!

Things I don’t like: The stadium is small (a foul ball flew over my head) so you are closer to the action. I don’t feel like I am at a “real” baseball game. The Heineken Light is in a can. There is a teenage boy (maybe early 20’s) walking around wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a stuffed hobby horse encouraging people to do the Wave (Besides not liking the Wave, I think it is poor form to do it when your team is losing). 5 foot tall raccoon Mascots walking around the stadium.

It was the home opener, and the Renegades lost to the Baby Yankees. I was texting and tweeting all through the game, things like, “Why are there kids playing baseball?” “The umpire is 20 years old.” “Now batting for the Yankees, the short stop #2, not Derek Jeter.” “#52 is pitching. Not CC Sabathia” “Where is David Robertson? We need strikes!” At the end of the game, Kasey sent me a text message, “Grown-up Yankees win”. Sarah and I were rooting against the home team. It felt strange. Then I gave the rest of my money to the firemen collecting outside the gates. Well one of them was wearing a Derek Jeter shirt. Need I say more?

~~ Yankees 5, Reds 3 ~~

Nova was great, picking up his 7th win. He held the Reds to 1 run over 8 innings. He was at bat 3 times but no hits. The other two runs came in the ninth inning when Ayala let a batter get on base, and then Logan hit Joey Votto with his first pitch. So Mariano came in and got his 18th save of the season.

Speaking of Mo. Does everyone in baseball think Mariano is a god? I was reading comments by Puppybone about him. He was saying how much respect he has for Mariano, how he is a mentor to him and defined the role of closer in baseball. And anther closer, whose name I don’t remember, can’t even remember what team it was, saying how good Mariano is and how he’s been that good for years.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Boston versus New York ~ Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~~ Red Sox 6, Yankees 4 ~~

Words cannot describe how much I despise Jon Lester, I know since he is a Red Sox pitcher it goes without saying that I don’t like him, but my feelings go beyond that, I hate, loathe and despise him. Jon Lester is a thug, a bully, a jerk and ugly. Now that I’ve unburdened myself, he hit Mark on the knee (could have broken his kneecap!) in the first inning, putting him out of the game. In the same inning he hit Russell Martin. His ninth hit batter of the season, his career total is 38 hit batters. I don’t know why he wasn’t taken out of the game. He blamed it on his ‘cut fastball’, batters don’t know its going to cut in so they don’t get out of the way. Here’s a thought, don’t throw the ball at their knees!

On another note, my streak is intact, what streak is that you ask? Every game I’ve gone to that was Yankees vs. Boston, Boston has won. **hangs head** 😦

Garcia got hit hard first inning, Ellsbury hit a home run, and Garcia was pulled in the second inning. He was disappointed that he was pulled so early. Ayala came in for 1 and a third inning. Then Noesi the hero of the extra innings Baltimore game came in for the last 6 innings. He also got hit, this time by Ortiz with one man on. I don’t really hate Ortiz, like I hate some other Red Sox, I would just like to reach out and slap that fat, ugly, smug, bastard in his fat face. Just for being smug.

Jorge came in for Mark, pitch ran then played first. He did alright, got 3 hits (breaking his hitless streak against lefties {take that Jon Lester}), he must hate Jon Lester too.

Yankees came back, but not enough. I stayed to the end, watched Puppybone strike out Alex and do his fist pump. BOO! Red Sox may have won, but they are still ugly. Sorry that’s all I got.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛