Dear New York Yankees, (the team)

Yes all of you, listen up! You know I love you, all of you (OK so I have my favorites, doesn’t everybody?) And everyone tells me that Spring Training games don’t count, which is a good thing since the Twins not only shut you out they scored 11 runs in the process. But they do MATTER, they matter to me and I’m sure they matter to other fans too.

Then the next day in a split squad you did good, shut out the Pirates 6-0 and beat the Phillies 7-5. Yesterday’s wasn’t to bad, even though you lost to the Pirates 12-7 it wasn’t a curbstomping like before. But with a split squad you beat them! What’s the problem, are you having difficulties playing nice together?

Today you play the Tigers, Johnny Damon won’t be playing, he stubbed his toe (?) and I would like you to win. If you don’t I will just repeat my new mantra, Spring training games don’t count.

Love, your devoted fan ~ Foxx

~~and that’s all she wrote~~

Canyon of Heroes

That is what they call the route the parade goes. I was there, I was squished there were so many people. It was great!


This picture is from the NY Daily News website, we walked past this location trying to get where we were wanted to be, which we did not make it, too many people. (Note to self: Next year get to NYC earlier. What do you there might not be a parade next year? I refuse to believe it!) 

Of course this is what I saw from my vantage point.


Being only 5 feet tall means that when I held my camera up to get a shot I (a) couldn’t see what I was photographing and (b) since everyone else [who was already taller then me] who put their cameras up to get a shot got in my way. I did however manage to get this shot. 
That’s Robinson Cano in case you can’t recognize him and this lovely boy,


Johnny Damon, who just happens to be Sarah’s favorite, so she was happy to have it posted to her facebook wall.
I would have posted this sooner and had more to say about the parade, but I came down with the flu the weekend after so I have not been feeling up to posting. I am also depressed because . . . BASEBALL’s OVER!

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~ 

World Series Game 4

So I was wrong about Yankees in four, but it might end up being Yankees in five. 

The game got off to a good start with Jeter and Damon getting on base, then with Teixeira getting a hit and Derek scoring. Alex got hit by a ball (again!). Despite chants from the crowd, “Yankees suck!’ Posada hit a sacrifice fly and Damon scored, Yankees 2, Phillies 0. Phillies scored so at the ending of the inning, 2-1 Yankees.
Score stayed the same until the fourth inning, thanks in large part to Mark ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ Teixeira. Then the Phillies tied it up, but the runner never tagged home plate. Umpire called him safe though. In the fifth inning Swisher scores, then Cabrera scores, he missed home plate running in, turns around and stepped on the plate. End of the fifth, 4-2 Yankees.
Home runs in the 7th and 8th tied the score 4-4. Then the Yankees battled back, with two outs in the ninth inning Damon got on 1st base. Mark Teixeira was the next at bat, Damon stole second, with the player off the base and no one covering third, he kept running to third base. Then Mark got hit by a ball. So we had runners on 1st and 3rd. 
Alex Rodriguez came up to bat, through the TV screen I told him to hit the ball, and he delivered! Damon scored, Mark advanced to third, Alex on second. Then Posada came up and hit a line drive, Mark scored, Alex scored, Posada was tagged out at second. 7-4 Yankees. Mariano came in to close. Yankees 7, Phillies 4. Yankees one win away from World Champions!
World Series 2009
Phillies 1, Yankees 3

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~ 

World Series Game 3

I realize that my last Game post had some errors in it. So tonight I have attempted to take better notes.

After an hour and 20 minute delay, the game started at 9:15 p.m. Playing in the National League means no designated hitter so Pettitte was on the line-up or roster or whatever you call it. But he used to play in the National League so he does have some experience hitting. 
Second inning Andy seemed to lose it a little. Phillies player Werth got a home run, then with the bases loaded he walked a batter for a score of 2-0 Phillies. Then the Phillies pitcher bunted and for a sacrifice and the Phillies got another run, 3-0 Phillies. 
Inning number 4 was the turning point for the Yankees with a hit by Alex that was ruled a double, then after review by the umpires was ruled a home run. 2 runs scored. Then in the fifth was Pettitte’s second at bat and he hit a fly to center field that allowed Swisher to score. Johnny Damon also hit a line drive to center field and Pettitte and Jeter scored. 5-3 Yankees.
In the sixth inning both teams got home runs. Swisher got the homer for the Yankees. Kasey said she heard that before the game he told Girardi his slump was over. With the Phillies homer score was 6-4 Yankees. Seventh inning had a score by Damon off a single by Posada, Hideki Matsui pinch hit for Joba with a homer and then in the ninth Phillies got another homer. Mariano came in to finish the inning. Final score Yankees 8, Phillies 5.
World Series 2009
Phillies 1, Yankees 2

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~ 

ALCS Game 4

This game I watched and until about the 5th inning it was kind of boring, Yanks got on base, didn’t score. C.C. Sabathia pitched 8 innings with only a little over 100 pitches and only 1 run by the Angels in the 5th inning. He was hot tonight. Kasey and I were sending text messages to each other about the game. We talk about each others “men” and say certain people should be pummeled. Who I think should be pummeled are some of the people who leave comments on the articles. They are either plain mean or ignorant.

Anyway, Alex got a home run in the 4th, that was the first run. Then in the fifth, as I mentioned about the game really started hopping. Alex got another home run with Teixeira on base so two more runs. 5-0 Yankees. Then Kendry Morales got a home run, the only run Sabathia allowed. 
Then in the sixth was the first successful double play by the Yankees. It wasn’t the first time they tried. One inning Cano caught the ball, tossed it to Jeter who tagged second and threw it to Teixeira, not in time. Runner was too fast. But still no runs for the Angels. Yankees 5, Angels 1.
In the top of the eighth Johnny Damon hit a home run with a man on base, going into the ninth inning the Yankees had a six run lead. Alex hit a double, then made it home on a throwing error, I forget who was batting (Yankees 8, Angels 1). Cano and Gardner made it on base, then Melky hit a ground ball to right field and they ran home. Man, Gardner is fast! When Cano was crossing home plate he was coming around third, and Cano was on third base! Alex was cheering in the dugout, you could hear him on the T.V. Chad Gaudin pitched the ninth inning and the game ended with a score of Yankees 10, Angels 1.
There were a couple of pretty bad calls by the umpires in this game. You can look on the site to read the articles about them. National league didn’t play tonight.
Yankees lead series 3-1
Phillies lead series 3-1
~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~