The chants were there this year, I heard them them all the time, I even participated in them. Curtis Granderson for MVP, and he had an amazing season, batting .262 and setting new career highs, including hitting 16 home runs off left-handed pitching. He led the league in runs scored (136), gave Jose Bautista a run for his money in hitting home runs (41) and in the 156 games he played brought in 119 runs. He is also the only Major League player to record 40 home runs, 10 triples and 25 stolen bases in a single season. Sounds like an MVP to me.

But he didn’t get it, neither did Robinson Cano (the best 2nd baseman in baseball), instead the award went to Justin Verlander, who also won the Cy Young award. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve either award, after all he helped his team make it to the world series …… [snark]

That comment is because I am still sore at the person who didn’t vote for Cano last year because the Yankees finished in 3rd place at the end of their season. In fact in 2009 the AL MVP was Joe Mauer, of the Twins, the team the Yankees eliminated in the ALDS.

So now you know more about me. I am able to hold a grudge for years, I get it from my mom, I’m still mad at the Braves for hitting all those home runs off Andy Pettitte in 1996.


After a good start

~~Twins 5, Yankees 4~~

A three run home run by Mark Teixeira in the first inning, Andrew Jones hit a home run at his first at bat as a Yankee in the second inning. Up to the 8th inning the score was 4-0 Yankees. Then it all fell apart.

It started with Soriano walking batters, then walking in a run, then David Robertson came in, Delmon Young hit a pop-up (bloop they call it in the article) that Swisher dropped. My sweet Nicky dropped the ball. Now the game was tied. Twins won it in the 10th inning with this play by Joe Mauer after Boone Logan walked the first batter. What a disappointing game.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛