The next opening day

The season opener was in Tampa on Good Friday, April 6. The home opener was the next Friday, April 13 against the Angels, NY Yankees 5, Angels 0. As I have mentioned, to anyone that will listen, I was not at the game and I desperately wanted to go, I wanted to go so bad that up to the last possible minute I kept checking StubHub™ hoping a ticket would magically appear for under $100. Every time I looked up tickets, I noticed that tickets for Sunday, which was also Jackie Robinson Day were really cheap, probably because the game was at 8:00pm on Sunday. I bought two tickets, it was cheaper to get two then one, go figure. Jackie Robinson Day was going to be my opening day.

Now I had two tickets and had to think of who did I want to go with me? I put a post on this blog, I casually mentioned it on Twitter, then I saw a tweep that I’ve met a few time, that has a few times tweeted me to “Come on Down to _____ for some drinks”, so I just asked her want to go to the game Sunday? I have an extra ticket. She was thrilled, it was her birthday weekend and she loves the Yankees. In particular Phil Hughes, she wore his shirt, she squealed when his picture came up on the Jumb-o-tron.

It was also calendar night so we got this nice calendar. It has coupons from subway and the Yankees in it are: April: Derek Jeter; May: Mariano Rivera (taken the day he got his 602nd save); June: Alex Rodriguez (he looks like he just hit a home run, he’s got that happy look on his face and relaxed); July: CC Sabathia; August: Robinson Cano; September: Mark Teixeira (I probably should tear September off and send it to Kasey); October: Nick Swisher (not Mr. October but hey, my sweet Nicky! Who two years in a row hit a walk off home run on my birthday. The next year and this year, no home game on my birthday, so no walk-off); November: Curtis Granderson; December: Russell Martin (without his face mask. Very important); January: Ivan Nova; February: David Robertson (who so coolly in this game got the last out with the bases loaded {thank you Rafe you bum}); March: Brett Gardner.

~~ Yankees 11, Angels 5 ~~

Everyone was wearing 42 today, before the game when C and I were eating pizza and drinking beer at the pizza place around the corner from the stadium, I wondered why they were showing an old Yankee game, I mean #42 was pitching, but the uniforms were the wrong color …… Then during the game she showed me a tweet, “I just turned on the Yankee game and couldn’t figure out why Mariano was pitching in the 5th inning.” So I wasn’t the only one confused.

The #42 that was pitching was Ivan Nova, despite having a cold he maintained his winning streak. 6 IP, 4 ER, 8 Ks and his ERA is now down to 4.15 (He ended spring training with an ERA over 8. I guess he needs the adrenalin of regular season). Derek Jeter and Raul Ibanez hit home runs. Then in the 7th inning Rafael comes in, gets two out and then walks two, the bases are loaded, I was screaming at him “You are not David Robertson! You cannot load the bases! If you lose this game for Ivan Nova I will kick your ass!” Since Joe didn’t want to see me get in trouble he called in D-Rob. When Boone came in for the 9th inning C pouted, she wanted to see Mo, but since it wasn’t a save situation no Mo, Boone pitched a scoreless 9th. Good game.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Which is worse?

Losses hurt, there is no way around it. Even when there is a whole lot of baseball left to play no one wants to see their team lose. So it hurts, but what loss hurts the worse? A total blow out? Or the barely lost game, the game decided by 1 or 2 runs?

For me I have to say it not really a matter of better or worse, or maybe I should say bad or worse, it is different. While I have never been to a game where the Yankees were totally decimated, the closest I came was last year at old-timers day, when the Rays beat us 10-5. They took the lead early and never let it go, they were hitting every pitcher we put in. I remember being angry, I remember being disgusted, I remember getting a whole glass of bear spilled on me.

On a game like today’s where there is only a two run difference, I am more sad and disappointed that the boys couldn’t score more runs.

More on today’s game.

~~Rangers 5, Yankees 3~~

Today was Jackie Robinson Day all across baseball everyone wore #42, of course the Yankees have the last remaining player whose regular number is #42 and that is Mo, the greatest closer of all time. I really wanted to go today, I like going to the special days. So I got tickets, Kasey gave her regular tickets to D and he is going with Andy on Saturday.

I appear to have developed a talent for picking the shittiest days to go to the stadium. Once again it was freezing and once again we couldn’t make it for the whole game. Kasey went to buy a blanket and came back with a Yankee Snuggie. She threatened me if I put this picture on Facebook, she didn’t say anything about putting it here. She says it is a symbol of how stupid she was to not dress warmly enough for the game. Last year we sat in the bleachers and it was a nice sunny day. We have both decided that Bud Selig is an idiot.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

If you click on this picture, it will take you to the new website honoring Jackie Robinson with video of players and managers saying what Jackie means to them.