Way Back Wednesday

BlueJaysVsYankeesSept2012Way Back Wednesday is a feature FanCred does, I’ve mentioned them here before, click the tag to see the post. The theme for today is “Your favorite sports moment at your favorite sports venue”. This picture only partially fits, O.K., not at all since these are from the old Yankee Stadium and I go to the new Stadium. I never liked the old Stadium and yes I know Yankee fans see that as heresy. Deal with it.

These are tickets from last year, the game was rained out and I couldn’t go to the make-up game. I traded them in for this Saturday’s game, Sylvia will be there and it looks to be a fun time. I was smart this time and scanned them before I traded them in.

Elston Howard was the first African American player on the Yankees. He made his debut on April 14, 1955 and played most of his career for the Yankees. In his last year he was traded to the Red Sox but then came back to the Yankees as a coach. His number (32) was retired in 1984. He won the MVP award in 1963, the Babe Ruth award in 1958, has two gold gloves, World Series Champion 4 times and played in 12 All-star games. No I never saw him play, how old do you think I am? I did watch a Yankeeography about him.

November 1, 2001 Scott Brosius hit a home run to tie game 5 of the World Series. It was a great moment, unfortunately the Yankees lost that World Series to the Diamondbacks, making them one of the teams that was able to take advantage of a human moment by Mariano Rivera. I didn’t see Scott Brosius play either, that was during my non-baseball years. I don’t know if there is a Yankeeography about him.

That’s it for my way-back Wednesday.

A social app for sports fans

Twitter is an obsession of mine. I am on it constantly, every day, checking it almost every hour and tweeting about sports is something I love to do. I also read about sports, people tweeting basketball and soccer is not really my thing, but it’s sports, football, hockey, baseball and cupcake wars, dancing with the stars ….. wait what?

It’s like going to the bar to watch the hockey game and having a guy try to pick you up, while you just want to watch the game.

fancred-logo-red-on-white-1Then I was introduced to a social network designed for sports fans. It’s call Fancred (Logo used with permission). It’s pretty neat, right now you have to sign in with your Facebook account. The reason is they just want real people signing in. As much as I love Twitter, there are ‘fake’ or ‘parody’ accounts, these annoy me and the makers of Fancred didn’t want that happening. A case in point, recently a college basketball player suffered a horrible injury, almost immediately a bunch of fake accounts in his name started, also an account “Kevin Ware Leg”. This is what Fancred designers don’t want.

When you start you can pick your favorite teams, you can also add or change these at any time. Then you can sort the comments by teams if you want or just look at everything.

20130401-214851.jpgThis is my account, actually this is from a while ago, I have more followers now and more teams. At the time I took this screenshot, all that was available was football, baseball, college football and basketball, and maybe pro basketball. I’m not sure since I don’t follow basketball. Now they have hockey and soccer so you can add them as your teams. The app also has tags for all the teams. If you tag your post then it shows up in that teams ‘feed’.

You see that red circle? That is my FanCred number. You get this depending on how much you participate, by making posts, commenting on other’s posts, liking their post and getting likes and comments on your posts.

If you are a serious sports fan, or a new sports fan (like I’m new to hockey) and want to talk with other like minded sports fans, check it out. Right now it’s only available for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can click on either of the pictures in this post or you can go to your App store on your iPhone and search for “FanCred”.