My first game of 2015

And it was a doozy! 19 innings, 6:49 time. Rather brutal for the time and the temp, it was hella cold. Also my phone died and I got a little crazy on twitter which means I have to reinstall my ‘no twitter during baseball games’ policy. That means more blog posts.

~~ Red Sox 6, Yankees 5 ~~

Every April, as I am freezing in stands I say, I am never going to an April game again. In fact this year I didn’t even look at the prices of opening day tickets, but then I downloaded this app “Seat Geek” and noticed Yankees vs Boston, tickets available! So I bought a ticket. Then I told my boss and he bought a ticket too, (DAMMIT) so then I bought a ticket for Saturday so I would have a game without him. Turned out to be unnecessary since he decided the weather was too crummy and he was getting a cold so he didn’t go.

So there I was feeling like a jerk after getting scolded and my phone dying and the Red Sox up by a run. The rest of this post is compiled from my notes, scribbled on my ticket and my memories. I was not happy the Sox were winning, but I was so cold and I wanted to go home, and Headley hits a home run. I was elated “Headley hits a home run! Yay oh wait its the ninth inning and he just tied it up. Extra innings on a cold Friday night” then I wasn’t. I tied my blanket around my neck and wore it like a cape.

The score was now 3-3, I had already moved and where I was now sitting I could hear someone cheering the Red Sox vigorously and booing the Yankees, in particular Alex “STEROIDS STEROIDS”, I eventually looked at him, older man wearing a Mets hat. Huh. And say all you want about apathetic Yankee fans, the boos for David Ortiz never diminished no matter how many at bats he had. The score stayed tied until the 16th inning.

By this time I was walking around, I was standing behind the seats so I saw David Ortiz -steroids- hit a go ahead home run. I left the seats and went into the great hall. “It’s over now.” I watched the bottom of the 16th on the big screen in great hall, that’s where I saw Mark Teixeira hit a home run to tie the game, again.

This whole time I kept saying I’m going to leave … first it was, midnight, then … at the end of this inning. The 18th inning the Red Sox scored another run, and the Yankees tied again. Finally in the 19th the Red Sox scored and the Yankees didn’t tie it up. I saw a tweet that Pedroia threatened to fine anyone that talked to the media.

Next year, no April games. Promise. Maybe.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

This is how we want it to end ~ Thursday, June 16, 2011

~~ Yankees 3, Rangers 2 ~~

Yankees have won another series. This time with a bunch of home runs. Well not in this game. But we did get another corny headline: “Broom for three: Gardner, Yanks sweep Rangers”. We also got a look at a new pitcher, Brian Gordon, who despite not getting the win made a good first impression, holding the Rangers to 2 runs. Unfortunately, the Yankees were not getting the hits. C.J. Wilson was doing his job for the Rangers.

So there was free baseball in the Bronx, this was definitely a hard won win with the game going to 12 innings.

6 up, 6 down for Cory Wade

Bottom of the 12th: Granderson up, Base hit to right field
Mark Teixeira, fly out to left field, out #1
Robinson Cano, hit by pitch, takes first base, Granderson to second base
Brett Gardner, (and Sarah, listening to the radio, said, “Brett just hit the ball” and he always listens)
base hit, Granderson scores.

Yankees win. Time for pie. ๐Ÿ™‚ On to the Cubs for Interleague road trip!

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›

Free baseball at Safeco field ~ May 28

~~Mariners 5, Yankees 4~~

As I type this the Yankees and Mariners just finished the 10th inning and the score is tied 4-4. I’m not going into the details of the game, I know I don’t do very well with play by play so I will just skip it. This week has been a very shitty week for me, I broke my phone on Monday and the insurance company sent me the wrong one as a replacement. I have it all packed up to return because I haven’t been able to get a hold anyone at the insurance company that can help me. I am fully expecting them to completely fuck things up and charge me all kinds of money for restocking etc. My next phone is not going to be an iPhone. I definitely don’t deserve nice things. On to the game, which is making me doubly sad since I was already in a pissy mood when it started.

Teixeira hit home run number 15, that’s $225 total for his charity.

Chris Dickerson takes over for Nick Swisher at first plate (running).

Dickerson was trying to steal second when Gardner hit the ball, so he was able to get to second, no double play. 2 outs, Jeter is up. 3 outs, Dickerson is stranded.

Seattle catcher dove into first base and totally cut up his face. Not smart, they are playing hard, want to end this game.

Ayala struck out batter number 2. Fielded the next hit, throw to Cano was in time. Jeter throws to Mark for the last out.

Top of the 12th: 2:12 a.m.: Granderson up at bat, Mariners have a new catcher. Granderson flies out, this field is too big, bring in the center field wall so Yankees can win and I can go to bed. Nope, Yankees go 1-2-3. I might have to go to bed and post an update tomorrow.

heh, Ichiro is 0-6

Mariano is in, I’m going to bed.

~~ Questo รจ tutto, dice la principessa ~~ ๐Ÿ˜›