Way Back Wednesday

BlueJaysVsYankeesSept2012Way Back Wednesday is a feature FanCred does, I’ve mentioned them here before, click the tag to see the post. The theme for today is “Your favorite sports moment at your favorite sports venue”. This picture only partially fits, O.K., not at all since these are from the old Yankee Stadium and I go to the new Stadium. I never liked the old Stadium and yes I know Yankee fans see that as heresy. Deal with it.

These are tickets from last year, the game was rained out and I couldn’t go to the make-up game. I traded them in for this Saturday’s game, Sylvia will be there and it looks to be a fun time. I was smart this time and scanned them before I traded them in.

Elston Howard was the first African American player on the Yankees. He made his debut on April 14, 1955 and played most of his career for the Yankees. In his last year he was traded to the Red Sox but then came back to the Yankees as a coach. His number (32) was retired in 1984. He won the MVP award in 1963, the Babe Ruth award in 1958, has two gold gloves, World Series Champion 4 times and played in 12 All-star games. No I never saw him play, how old do you think I am? I did watch a Yankeeography about him.

November 1, 2001 Scott Brosius hit a home run to tie game 5 of the World Series. It was a great moment, unfortunately the Yankees lost that World Series to the Diamondbacks, making them one of the teams that was able to take advantage of a human moment by Mariano Rivera. I didn’t see Scott Brosius play either, that was during my non-baseball years. I don’t know if there is a Yankeeography about him.

That’s it for my way-back Wednesday.


I am obsessed

as I am sure anybody who reads this blog knows by now. I also have obsessions inside my obsessions. For instance, I am obsessed with baseball, and every time something happens (Alex runs over a pitcher’s mound, Teixeira runs over a catcher) and people start talking about it, then I have to read everything I can find on it. I was even reading the California papers today. My whole thought on what happened with Teixeira and the catcher is if the manger (Angel’s) says it was a clean play and the catcher says Teixeira wouldn’t intentionally hurt him, since he knows Teixeira, being a former teammate and all what business does anybody else have passing judgement? Of course they do though, which is why I get obsessed.  Trying find out every little detail I can. 

In another example, I was telling my boss about the Yankee show I watched on Elston Howard, of course he wasn’t really interested in what I had to say (since he is a total sh*t) and then told me that Elston Howard was the only African American Yankee ever. Of course he was kidding, but I spent the rest of the afternoon racking my brain to come up with every African American Yankee player I could think of. 
By the way the show was very interesting, if you ever get the chance you should watch it. Yankeeography: Elston Howard